Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

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Several characteristic nuances:

Scandinavian style balcony

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

  • The style assumes a restrained color scheme, which is dominated by white and gray shades.
  • The design looks very simple. There are no complex shapes, patterns and intricate designs.
  • The interior uses natural materials.
  • There is plenty of natural light and atmospheric artificial lighting.
  • They choose practical and functional pieces of furniture that do not have unnecessary decor.
  • Green plants and other floristic solutions are welcome as accessories.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

A little about the Scandinavian style

Conciseness, simplicity combined with functionality are the defining words for Scandi. The birthplace of the Scandinavian design trend is Northern Europe. The lack of natural sunlight is compensated by light colors in the interior design. You can also read other articles: Scandinavian Balcony Ideas

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Semi-transparent textiles on the windows, simple but comfortable furniture. You can dilute the white color with bright accessories (souvenirs, vases, figurines), posters or paintings. You can also read other articles: Types of risks in construction projects.

And most importantly, a true Scandinavian style implies the use of only natural materials.

Four elements filled with Scandinavian motives on the balcony and loggia

Since the Scandinavian style reflects comfort and unity with nature, it is worth excluding synthetic and plastic elements of furniture, coatings or decor. It is important to make the most of natural and natural materials. This applies to everything that fills the interior:

  • wall, floor and ceiling decoration;
  • furniture;
  • textile;
  • accessories.

Considering the design rules for each area, the atmosphere of Scandinavia will forever conquer with its cozy simplicity and northern motives. You can also read other articles: Interior design trends.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Getting started on creating a Scandinavian interior

In order to think over the design of a balcony in a Scandinavian-style apartment, it is necessary to combine all parts of the mosaic as harmoniously as possible from the base to the decor.

It is important to consider the type of balcony. It can be open or covered, starting from this it is necessary to select materials for decoration and furniture. On the glazed balcony, you can embody any ideas that will delight the owner all year round and, at the same time, will not be negatively influenced by the environment.

On an open balcony, it is important to take care of the safety of surfaces and finishes. Most often, the following options are used to create an outdoor interior: wall decoration is done in any way suitable for exterior work, and a practical floor material is a tile that can perfectly emphasize the design and serve as a durable coating from year to year.

After the features of the room have been taken into account, you can begin to decorate its interior. You can also read other articles: intricacies of building structures.

Scandinavian style balcony decoration

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

If you only plan to glaze the balcony, then leave the side walls blank. Yes, there will be less light, but it will be possible to place hanging shelves, racks for storing small things.

Tip: for wall cladding, a narrow lining is suitable, which visually “expand” the room. Color – matt, white. To emphasize the texture of the wood, you can paint the boards in one layer.

It will not work to arrange ordinary furniture in a small area. You can forget about a coffee table and a cozy armchair. But it is quite possible to equip low shelves, which at the same time will be convenient benches and storage places.

Advice: do not close the niche with blind doors. It is better to put a couple of baskets of a suitable shape (plastic ones with imitation of weaving from a vine are suitable) or wooden boxes.

If you close the window sill with a suitable wooden countertop, you get a small table. It is enough to put a cup of coffee.

Flower pots can be placed in hanging planters on the walls.

For lighting, it is better to use ceiling or wall lights. You can also read other articles: Small Garden Inspirations.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

As for carpets, it is better to refuse them altogether. Small ones will look ridiculous, and large ones will completely cover the flooring.

Instead of curtains, it is better to use roller blinds or blinds. There will be more light. In addition, there will be no problems with opening and closing the doors.

Lots of greenery

As a color accent, you can use living greens: pots on the wall or large outdoor flowerpots. Simple wooden crates or low wicker baskets that can hold several small flower pots look good. In the summer, you can take plants for a “walk” from home windowsills.

Tip: if there are climbing plants in the house, you can make a base support out of thick wire. Growing up, the flowers will braid the wire – you get a real green wall.


White or all shades of gray are distinctive features of the Scandinavian style. Natural wood furniture, soft textiles or colorful posters and photographs will help to dilute the cold palette. Frames of different shapes, but of the same color, can be fixed on the wall in the form of a panel. You can also read other articles: Indoor ornamental plants.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Tip: do not combine many shades in your design. It is enough to use 2-3 contrasting colors. The main thing is no colorful details. If the cover is for a pillow, then a solid color or with a laconic print. If the rug – then with a geometric ornament that combines basic shades that resonate with other interior items.

Basic principles

A balcony is a place where a city person can breathe fresh air. When designing it, you need to try to make sure that this main function is not lost. You can glaze a small ledge, insulate it, attach it to the main living space. But it is important to do this so that there is access to fresh air, so that the small space continues to be bright and spacious. To do this, you need to choose the right finish and furniture.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Repairs can be done with little effort

If the walls of the balcony and the ceiling are covered with wooden clapboard, creating a beautiful interior will be as easy as shelling pears. All that is needed for this is to paint the surfaces with light paint and cover them with a matte varnish. You can also paint brick in a light color. Concrete bases are simply renewed with whitewash. You can also read other articles: Shelving ideas DIY.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Painted brick gives lightness to the room

When the balcony is insulated, you have to create the finish from scratch. As a rule, in such situations, a multilayer cake is formed from heat-absorbing material and outer skin. It is made using moisture resistant drywall. It is allowed to decorate its surface with anything: wood panels, tiles, wallpaper. The main thing is to choose materials of a light palette for this, corresponding to the operating conditions of the heel. You can also read other articles:  How to Soundproof Your House.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Insulated balcony decorated in light colors

We leave the non-glazed balconies as they are, the only thing that needs to be done is to clean the grill from rust and paint it white or light gray. To create a similarity to the original, the floor is covered with a coating that skillfully imitates the texture of light natural wood. It is most practical to use porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles. You can also read other articles: soundproof room.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Beautiful and very graceful balcony

Decoration Materials

When selecting materials, one should be guided not only by their naturalness, but also by their laconic appearance. The main structural elements are made of bricks and wood. The use of rough metal and exposed concrete is allowed in limited quantities. The reason is quite clear – it does not correspond to the softening notes of the Scandinavian approach. But you can add fabrics with a rough texture.

A loft-inspired corner can be created with unfinished red bricks and crisp white walls. Moderate use of glass allows the interior to be slightly modernized. It will also fit into the Scandinavian part of the composition. You can also read other articles: l shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens.

For greater harmony, it is recommended to use more fur and ceramic elements. The North European approach is also “friendly” with natural stone.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration


If the wall is initially white or gray, you don’t need to change anything. It is only possible to update the surface without much modification and cost.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

And when you have a wall, for example, made of red brick, it is better to repaint it. Light colors look the most organically in the Scandinavian style, but if you cannot choose whether it will be milk color or coffee foam, choose just white – you will not go wrong. You can also read other articles: homebase fence plants.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

A natural surface is the main requirement. Plastic is sometimes used, but as an imitation, for example, of the same lining. Concise and simple – this is the impression that wall decoration should create. There is no need to try to come up with complex prints, include interior stickers in changing the surface of the walls, if you have just a beautiful, strict light wall in front of you. Let it remain so beautiful in its simplicity, and the light decor will manifest itself as the balcony is arranged. You can also read other articles: 


Natural materials are also preferred in flooring. But on the balcony, the owners often decide to save money. Well, if you have linoleum on your floor, choose a quality material that mimics a parquet board, for example. terrace board for a balcony in the Scandi style will be an excellent finish.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

If there is a covering on the floor that you do not want to change, rugs will help out. The variegated patchwork, which are now sold everywhere, is fine.

But also cotton carpets with a popular now geometric pattern, ornaments, decorated with pom-poms, will look great on the balcony.

But how the playground will look in general, how to decorate it, what kind of furniture to put, photo examples will tell more eloquently about this. You can also read other articles: 

Below are pictures of the beautiful Scandinavian-style balconies. Finishing

In the Scandinavian style, wooden walls and flooring in light and warm colors will look harmonious. For an open loggia or balcony with an openwork fence, you can use a minimum of finishing materials. It is appropriate to update the color of the walls with white paint, and paint the metal elements in black or silver shades.

For wall cladding, clapboard, brickwork, tiles, plaster or decorative stone are also preferred. Such materials are used both individually and combined with each other. You can also read other articles: 

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

In the photo there is a Scandinavian-style balcony with walls trimmed with wooden clapboard.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

The floor on the balcony is covered with high-quality linoleum with imitation of parquet boards or tiled. An excellent solution is the use of a floor terrace board.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

For the ceiling on a Scandinavian-style loggia, ordinary whitewashing, painting or wood paneling is suitable.

In the design of the balcony in the interior of the house, they also adhere to naturalism and simplicity. White paint is selected for the walls or the surface is revetted with wood. The ceiling is completed with natural wood beams covered with clear lacquer. You can also read other articles: 

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

In the photo, the floor on the loggia is in the Scandinavian style, tiled with light-colored tiles.

Scandinavian style balcony decoration

The Scandinavian-style balcony or loggia features warm-colored wooden walls and floors. Very often a lining made of wood is used. The other most common ways to make walls fit a given style are:

  • Acrylic paint in light warm colors;
  • Gray concrete;
  • Plaster;
  • White painted brick.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Scandinavian balcony and its decoration

A combination of several types of finishes looks great if it serves for zoning individual areas – for example, a reading corner in an armchair or a small office with a writing desk.

The floor is usually tiled or wood paneling. These materials keep the feeling of lightness and provide durability for the external “room”. You can also read other articles: 

Finishing materials and colors

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a balcony or a Scandinavian-style loggia, the rules for filling the interior will differ only in their scale.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

The following materials are perfect for wall decoration:

  • brickwork;
  • decorative natural stone;
  • wood or wood panels;
  • tile;
  • plaster.

These finishes look great both on their own and in combination with each other. You can try creating a corner decorated with brickwork or decorative stone, while the base will be made of simple plain plaster. The tree will also beautifully decorate the walls and create additional comfort.

For flooring, tiles, laminate, parquet boards will be an excellent solution. When making decisions, one has only to take into account the practical side of this issue.

Ceiling decoration can also serve as a real highlight in the interior. For example, a Scandinavian-style ceiling with beams will become a very significant decorative element in combination with lush vegetation, furs and natural wall decoration.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

The main color of the walls of the room should be made in a solid and cold color scheme. All other elements of decoration or interior filling create a contrast, filling the room with warmth against the northern background. You can also read other articles: 

Materials for wall and floor decoration

As the main wall decoration, you can use wooden lining. You can protect the wood from moisture by using varnish (it will emphasize the pattern and texture of the wood) or paint it with paint.

The flooring is made of natural materials. If the loggia is heated, then you can use an ordinary floor or parquet board. For cold rooms that are used only in summer, it is better to choose a decking – a material that is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. You can also read other articles: 

Tip: a laminate is also suitable for arranging a loggia. Such a solution, of course, does not correspond to the real Scandinavian style, but you can save money. The main thing is to choose a laminate with an emphasized natural wood texture.

Finishing materials and colors

A Scandinavian-style balcony or loggia looks stylish and functional regardless of the area of ​​the room. For arranging the space for these reasons, a lot of space is not required, so this option is suitable for a limited area. The main rule is the use of natural materials.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

To get a good result, you need to carefully consider the combination of tones and textures of materials. After all, they should complement each other without causing dissonance in the general style. You can also read other articles: 

Preference should be given to neutral and cold tones:

  • white;
  • the black;
  • grey;
  • blue;
  • beige.

To create an original interior, you can combine their shades. For wall and floor decoration, you need to choose natural materials:

  • lining or euro lining;
  • MDF panels;
  • light wood slabs.

Natural materials

The use of natural materials in a restrained range is one of the characteristic features of the Scandinavian style, which is equally well suited for the home and for outdoor space, be it a terrace in the country or a balcony. Comfortable and durable textiles, soft pillows and blankets in combination with northern species of wood – all this will serve you for more than one year, which is also important for the Scandinavian mentality, which prioritizes durability and “made for centuries”. You can also read other articles: 


Wooden or wicker furniture will help to embody the Scandinavian atmosphere in the interior of the balcony. Norwegian design does not require the installation of expensive furnishings. Budget elements in the form of folding chairs, glass tables, shelves and hanging shelves will perfectly fit into the atmosphere. White furniture will most successfully complement the style.

This design welcomes a variety of baskets, chests and containers that are easy to move from place to place and can also be used as an additional seat.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

The balcony space is sometimes equipped with a hammock for a comfortable and pleasant stay. This product is characterized by a fairly easy installation and, if necessary, can be easily removed, allowing you to use the area for another purpose. You can also read other articles: 

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

The photo shows the furnishing of the loggia in the Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

In the photo there is a balcony in the Scandinavian style, decorated with wicker chairs.

Furniture selection

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

The Scandinavian style is often chosen by lovers of minimalism and light colors. In order not to violate its principles, you need to use a limited amount of furniture:

  • small round or square table;
  • a few chairs;
  • a pair of soft poufs;
  • a pair of wooden boxes for growing indoor plants.

To save money, you can use old furniture, which is pre-sanded and painted in a light shade. Small iron buckets of bright colors will serve as original flower pots. You can also read other articles: 

Furniture fittings

When the balcony is small, when equipping it, you should give preference to compact or folding interior items. It’s not worth inventing anything superfluous. There should be a chair and a small table here. The one behind which you can sit with a cup of tea or coffee, the one that will allow you to work comfortably with your laptop.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

The table can replace a wide window sill Source

Even if a large loggia in the Scandinavian style is made out, there should not be anything superfluous on it either: there should not be any shelves, massive cabinets here. The space needs to be made light, free. If space permits, it is better to put a couple of light rattan armchairs or one large sofa on which it will be pleasant to relax, take a break from everyday affairs and think about your life. You can also read other articles: 

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Nothing superfluous, everything is simple and concise

The main element of the decor is light. For lighting, experts advise using devices of a strict geometric shape. It can be a small lamp or a floor lamp on a tall tripod.

It is easy to implement all this with minimal financial costs, while any, even the smallest balcony will invariably look stylish and expensive – the Scandinavian style is the best design direction for its design.


High-quality lighting will allow you to spend cozy evenings on the balcony. The light source will be a small table lamp or floor lamp. The ideal solution for a Scandinavian-style loggia will be dim ceiling lighting.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

It would be appropriate to decorate the railing on the balcony with an ordinary garland and complement the lighting design with the help of candles or hanging lanterns.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

The photo shows decorative lighting of a small open balcony in the Scandinavian style. You can also read other articles: 

Scandinavian style balcony lighting

The interior of balconies and loggias becomes cozy due to various accessories and other little things. When performing repairs, you need to take care of high-quality lighting of the room. The chosen style assumes compliance with the following features when organizing light:

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

  • you can put a small floor lamp near a small sofa;
  • a lamp with or without a lampshade is usually installed on the table;
  • if the technical capabilities allow, then it is better to make the overhead light dim;
  • the best for such a room are lamps, the shape of which imitates gas lamps;
  • often several ordinary lamps without a lampshade are hung on the ceiling, which have long and thick cords;
  • on a windowsill, table or shelves, you can put several candles of different thicknesses and heights.

Decor and plants

The loggia is decorated with a variety of soft pillows, capes and blankets, allowing you to warm up on cool evenings. To maintain the northern style, the furnishings are decorated with a small rug, natural or artificial skin.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

In the photo, a Scandinavian-style loggia, decorated with light blankets and a carpet with a geometric pattern.

Plants will help to bring positive energy and comfort to the design. Flowers in pots with simple geometric or floral patterns will harmoniously fit into the interior of the loggia.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

On the balcony, you can place or hang the same wooden boxes of different sizes on the wall and plant conifers in them. The room is also decorated with different types of cacti, flower panels and unusual phyto-shelves.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

The photo shows potted plants in the interior of the balcony in the Scandinavian style. You can also read other articles: 

More plants

Our short summer is an excuse to make the most of every sunny day. One way to do this is to organize a small green garden on the balcony, another characteristic element of the Scandinavian stylePlants can be grown in tubs, wooden boxes or indoor flowers in ceramic pots.

Recently, trees have also been very popular: why not plant a palm tree or lemon, which with the onset of cold weather can be brought into the house, where they will delight you with their exotic look during the long winter months.

Decor and accessories

For the decor of the premises, for the arrangement of which the Scandinavian style was chosen, you need to choose textiles in a limited amount. To make the atmosphere look harmonious, a couple of small pillows and a blanket are placed on chairs or a small sofa for spending time in the evening or in cool weather.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Design wallpapers serve as a decoration in many cases. They, like other materials, should have neutral shades. They can be solid or in several colors. However, it must be remembered that the wallpaper should not stand out against the general background.

If the balcony is closed, then the designers do not recommend hanging curtains on the windows. They can be replaced with blinds or fabric roller blinds. If desired, use tulle, which makes the atmosphere more comfortable. You can also read other articles: How to plan home interiors using visual effects

Despite the fact that neutral shades are characteristic of the Scandinavian style, be sure to take care of the presence of several bright accents. Otherwise, the room will look boring and monotonous. Such items should have a simple and elegant shape:

  • one or more variegated paintings;
  • pillows decorated with a bright print with an interesting plot;
  • bright tea set;
  • decorated pots with indoor plants;
  • original vase;
  • plastic watering can of saturated color for watering plants.

Closed balconies furnished in the Scandinavian style look equally beautiful in small and large apartments. The walls, painted in light colors, make the room bright and spacious. Carefully selected decorative elements and bright accents will make the environment functional and at the same time cozy. Therefore, before repairing the loggia, you need to carefully study the features of the Scandinavian style in order to harmoniously combine them with the wishes of the homeowner and get a good result. You can also read other articles: Where to start preparation

Textiles in the interior

Do not cover windows with heavy curtains. Light curtains made of translucent fabric or roller blinds are what you need.

Important: the curtains should be of a simple cut, without flounces and frills, made of plain fabric: muslin, thin linen, muslin. The artificial material looks good too. The main thing is that the texture and weave resemble natural fabric. If you want to visually “raise” the ceiling, use long curtains.

Curtain rods are not attached to the ceiling, but to the walls. Simple tubular structures in black – an additional color accent in the interior design

Use small, brightly colored rugs to add coziness. One or more with different textures. For example, woven with a pattern and solid color with a long pile, reminiscent of animal skins. You can also read other articles: The best layouts of one-story houses

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

If wool carpets are suitable for decorating a room, then it is better to choose artificial fiber textiles for a loggia. It is much easier to look after him.

Blankets and pillows are also necessary little things to create a comfortable and homely environment. Smooth fabrics and laconic, simple patterns – stripes, rhombuses, ethnicity.

If you are fond of knitting, great. Knitted pillowcases with large buttons, a cozy blanket with a three-dimensional pattern is what you need. You can also read other articles: Tricks of the designers

Textiles and details

A large or small Scandinavian-style balcony is not complete without cute details and quality fabrics. The latter can be used in curtains, capes, plaid rugs, pillows, carpets. Suitable materials:

  • Cotton;
  • Natural fur and skins (especially for carpet);
  • Linen;
  • Wool;
  • Satin.

Details as color accents

Ethnic ornaments and motifs and, of course, light shades of white, beige and gray are considered the ideal color scheme. Often, pillows or blankets become small bright details, as do plants in reds, greens, blues, and purples. You can also read other articles: Features of zoning

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Using ornaments in furniture

Scandinavian motives in textiles

First of all, it is important to remember about the quality of textiles. The following materials are best suited:

  • natural fur and skins;
  • cotton;
  • linen;
  • satin;
  • wool.

Curtains, floor mats, skins and furs draped over the seats of folding chairs or on the sofa are all integral elements of the Scandinavian interior. It is important to consider the colors. Ethnic motives and ornaments are a great solution. Plaid blankets and soft pillows can not only give warmth, but also become bright color accents of the interior.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

It is extremely important to consider that the Scandinavian style is built on color contrasts. Therefore, textiles play a key role in color nuances. Against the background of cold walls, textiles should have warm or hot colors. This is how it will be possible to achieve the necessary atmosphere of Scandinavia. You can also read other articles: One-storey house plan up to 100 sq.m

Design ideas

Norwegian style provides the ability to apply a wide variety of light shades such as pearl, cream, milk, linen or snow. Due to the harmonious combination of colors, you can achieve decoration in warm or cold colors.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

The photo shows a Scandinavian-style balcony with bright accents in the form of decorative pillows.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

In order to diversify the setting, accents in natural blues, greens, terracotta or yellows are used. Pillows, vases, paintings or small pieces of furniture in this color will look especially good against a snow-white background. You can also read other articles: Examples of designs for the attic

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

Beautiful examples of the interior

  • It is important to take a closer look at this solution. The spacious and bright room is very well received. The contrasting, rather dark floor will be a chic addition to the whole composition. A bluish rug with white inclusions is also quite appropriate. There are few people who would fundamentally reject such a composition.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

  • An alternative option is shown in this photo. Partly white, partly dark floor looks very elegant. A very large amount of light was deliberately added to the room, however, a dark brick wall in a niche is quite appropriate here.

Scandinavian style balcony: scandi loggia decoration

The abundance of decorative elements fits perfectly into the whole environment and does not create a feeling of visual overload. In general, it turned out to be a bright and elegant room.

scandinavian style balcony


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