Tiny! 15 Simple and Unique 2 Storey House Designs that Give a Modern Impression

simple and unique 2 storey house designs that give a modern impression
simple and unique 2 storey house designs that give a modern impression

Gmboel.com Simple and unique, perhaps the 2 storey house design you want. Not only does it look simple, your home can also be made comfortable when gathering with family and friends. Don’t forget, you can also give it a modern touch to keep it giving a contemporary impression.

When applying a 2-story house design, you need to consider all aspects. By using the right design, you are guaranteed to feel more at home when you live in it. Apart from that, designing a house must be done carefully so as not to waste available space.

With the presence of a 2-story house design, you will get extra space so that your family’s needs can be met. So, if you are interested in building a 2-story house, it is very important that you determine the right floor plan, both according to your needs and style.

1. 2-story house measuring 6×12

2-story house measuring 6×12

Design of a 2-story house measuring 6×12 with a building area of ​​around 72 m2 per floor. A 6×12 size house is also known as home miniaturization. This house design is here to meet the needs of modern families who want a practical and efficient place to live.

Therefore, 2-story houses usually have a simple and functional design. This simple impression can be seen from the model which is quite simple with an efficient and straightforward layout. The simple roof is also one of the characteristics of this 2-story 6 x 12 house.

2. Simple Modern 2 Floor House Model

simple modern 2-story house model

This 2-story house model carries a simple but modern concept which will continue to be a favorite model forever. The exterior design of this 2-story modern minimalist house is accented with bold lines combined with wood and brick materials in several parts.

Even though it carries the concept of simplicity, the front of this 2-story house is still beautiful and has its own aesthetic value. A touch of neutral color is also present from the combination of black and white which makes it look even more minimalist.

3. Industrial Style 2 Storey House Design

industrial style 2-story house design

For those of you who love aesthetics, this house is suitable for inspiration. Dominated by iron and wood materials, the feel of the house seems warm and modern but still not excessive.

Adding transparent glass walls also makes this house even more classy. Make sure your house remains tidy.

4. Small 2 Storey House Design

small 2-story house design

Even though it has a small size, this 2-story house is still comfortable to live in. The combination of wood and exposed iron makes this small house industrial in style but not too eccentric.

This house design can be said to be very unique and should be one of your inspirations for building a residence later.

5. Asymmetrical 2-story minimalist house

asymmetrical 2-story minimalist house

Want to have a house that is different from the others? Try applying this asymmetrical 2-story house design. Stack the houses diagonally or crosswise, and you will produce something truly amazing. You can use the non-sided area as a balcony to relax.

6. Beautiful 2 Storey House Design

beautiful 2 storey house design

This 2-story house looks quite beautiful. With its elegant design and the right choice of colors, it makes the atmosphere of this house even more beautiful and comfortable to live in. This design is a contemporary house model that is much sought after.

Lighting with yellow lights gives the impression of warmth in the house, remember to create a house without forgetting a harmonious family so that the atmosphere inside is full of comfort.

7. 2-storey house with cottage design

2-storey house with cottage design

When you first saw it, the design of the 2-story house was like a cottage on the beach. You can create an atmosphere by providing coconut trees in your yard and relaxing chairs in front of the house. By using large windows, the intensity of light entering the house can be sufficient.

8. Floating 2 Storey House Design

floating 2 storey house design

The design of this house looks unique because the floor seems to float. The facade of the house is decorated with large glass windows which make it easier to see the surrounding views.

Don’t forget, these large glass windows also make the facade of the house look more attractive and pleasant.

9. Korean-style 2-story house

korean style 2-story house

Wow, for those of you who like watching Korean dramas, you must be familiar with this typical Korean wooden house model. The wooden material on each side of the building makes this house seem warmer.

The shape of the residence also gives a simple but very charming feel. Don’t forget the yellow lighting.

10. Minimalist and stylish 2-story house

minimalist and stylish 2-story house

Minimalist and stylish, that is the concept proposed for this 2-story house. A stylish impression is given by the architectural design which looks unusual. Dominated by neutral colors, this house is very suitable for those of you who like a practical lifestyle.

Your yard can be decorated with ornamental plants that you like. The goal is to look more at one with nature and beautiful.

11. 2-storey house with classic wooden design

2-storey house with classic wooden design

The entire building of this 2-story house is made of wood. The impression is very warm and comfortable to live in or stay with family. Not only is it homey, this 2-story wooden house also looks classic but fun.

12. 2-storey house design with minimalist garden

2-story house design with minimalist garden

This house design looks shady. Due to the choice of soft paint colors, there are wooden accents on every front corner of the house. Don’t forget to provide plants that hang down.

This design utilizes the remaining space to create a mini garden in front of the house. Even though it’s just a mini garden, it’s enough to make the house fresher and fresher.

13. Unique Shaped 2 Storey House Design

unique shape 2 storey house design

A house design like this would have never been thought of before. The irregular concept actually makes the house look unique and is able to attract the attention of many people.

If you like something different, you can try this design. Just be brave.

14. 2-story house with cool architecture

2 storey house with cool architecture

This house has amazing architecture and is very cool. The sloping shape of the building looks very unique and striking compared to the others. Special skills are needed for this house design. For those of you who want to have a house that is different from others, this design is a must try. The use of wood material also makes it very comfortable to live in.

15. 2-story minimalist house with hanging garden

minimalist 2-story house with hanging garden

This 2-story house design is suitable for those of you who have a hobby of planting. No need to worry about land, you can plant in a hanging model. Don’t forget to always take good care of it. For this house design, you have to be extra diligent in cleaning the plants. Don’t let it give the impression that your house is not good enough. Not only does it refresh the atmosphere, the hanging garden concept can also support the aesthetics of your home.

So, those are the 2-story house design ideas that you can use as a reference. Do you want something simple or a unique shape? Keep up the spirit of saving and decide on your dream home!