6 Home Room Decor Ideas Using Nautical Style

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nautical room decor ideas

nautical room decor ideas – A dwelling certainly will not be complete with additional decorations. The decoration itself serves as a supporting element to make the room look better and pleasing to the eye. Well, still related to the previous reviews, this time gmboel.com will discuss decorating ideas for beach house style aka nautical style residences. Let’s see!

nautical room decoration ideas

1. Bedroom

nautical room decor ideas

Indeed, the bedroom is designed to meet the relaxation needs of the owner. Therefore, you have to really think about the design, color, furniture selection, to the decoration elements. Nautical design itself is very fitting to meet the need for comfort earlier. This can be seen from the characteristics of the famous soft color spectrum, namely light blue and white.

Nautical-style decorations in your bedroom can be poured on window curtains with a blend of white on the thin side and blue on the outside, bedcovers with mature motifs but with a gray base color with dark blue accents, as well as carpets. You can also add an anchor-shaped display with wood material on the wall above the bed.

2. Children’s Bedroom

nautical room decor ideas

In contrast to your private room, for your baby’s bedroom, use more playful nautical decor accents. You can place a rope that is formed into a knot, a miniature sailing ship, and glass bottles filled with beach sand. On the navy blue wall, add a shelf made of unpolished wood, then place an alphabet-shaped decoration of the child’s name.

To support the atmosphere, use furniture made from raw wood with a rustic concept. For example, on a minimalist outboard shelf to put diapers or children’s pants. Underneath it, hang your child’s sailor-style clothes to make the nautical look even more visible. You can also see our other articles : beautiful house design.

3. Family Room

nautical room decor ideas

The family room is designed in such a way with the aim of providing a warm atmosphere in the gathering moment. In addition, the relaxed and fresh atmosphere cannot be separated from this room. So choose decorations that can support this.

Using a cushion with the same color as the sofa cover will not create a monotonous impression. As long as there is an interesting and dynamic motif that adorns the cushion cover. You can add decorative accents in the form of a ship’s rudder and oars in the same color as other furniture. Also present tropical green plants in the corner of the room to make the atmosphere more fresh.

4. Living Room

nautical room decor ideas

In the living room, which has a more formal concept, you can combine the earth color spectrum on the furniture and decorations with a distinctive white color with a nautical concept on the walls. Adding a cushion with blue and white stripes is also suitable for this room. To add a stronger impression, use decorations in the form of paintings or vintage world maps that are pasted on the walls. You can also see our other articles : wooden house interior.

5. Kitchen

nautical room decor ideas

Although there are not many decorative accents, your home kitchen area can still appear with a nautical concept. This can be done by making a kitchen island in the shape of a boat with surface details similar to the real thing. Also complete the kitchen table with a high chair whose position is like a saddle.

The next step, choose a pale light blue color on the wall and combine it with a white kitchen set. Oh, also add a miniature sailing ship on the dish rack! Guaranteed the kitchen and dining area will look sweeter.

6. Bathroom

nautical room decor ideas

Just like the kitchen, the bathroom can look residential-style on the coast with the right color selection on the walls and the furniture in it. However, you can also place a shelf filled with horizontal striped towels or a starfish display on the wall above the toilet. You can also see our other articles : simple house interior design.

Hopefully the inspiration for these decorating ideas can be useful for you. Keep visiting the gmboel.com blog for more interesting information and tips about the world of property!

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