7 Pics of Big Houses & Luxury

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pics of big houses

Building a luxury house can be a dream that is hailed by most people, especially if the house is built according to their own tastes and ideas. Well, if you’re looking for inspiration, you can really check the collection pictures of big houses & luxury in this article!

Who doesn’t want to build a luxury house?

Of course you want it too, right?

If you have a big budget, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating your hard work by building a luxury house.

A luxury house not only serves as a place to live, but can also be an achievement and pride in itself.

In addition, luxury homes can also be used as long-term investments.

To realize the coveted luxury home, it is important to search for inspiration about luxury home designs.

The reason is, there are many popular designs that can be applied to fulfill your tastes and dreams.

Well, this time gmboel.com presents a collection pics of big houses & luxury that you can really use as a reference.

Come on, see the review below!

7 pics of big houses & luxury

1. Ibiza Modern Luxury House

pics of big houses

Carrying a minimalist model, this Ibiza-style luxury house has a swimming pool in its front yard.

Judging from the facade, the big house & luxury image above has a residential form in the form of a beam covered with dominant white paint, looking like a modern villa building.

The marble floor tiles used also give a refreshing impression.

2. Classic Luxury House

pics of big houses & luxury

This 2-storey big house & luxury design uses a more modern classic design so that it looks suitable if applied to today.

This can be seen from the use of square pillars on the facade of the house that looks so modern.

The use of the dominant cream color also adds to the classic, vintage, and warm atmosphere.

3. Luxury House with Horizontal Line Details

pics of big houses & luxury

This big house & luxurious one feels on point on the window that has a horizontal line.

In addition, on the 2nd floor, there is a glass window equipped with a door leaf in the form of transverse lines.

4. Modern Design Black and White Color Combination

pics of big houses & luxury

The impression of luxury is felt in the combination of black and white paint colors in this house.

If you are interested in the image of this luxury house, you can apply a dominant white color with black accents on the window frames and the edges of the second floor balcony.

Want to give a more luxurious impression? Just add a pool equipped with lights on the edges.

5. Luxury Homes with a Contemporary Touch

pics of big houses & luxury

The design of this 2-storey luxury house carries a contemporary style, so that the residence looks so contemporary.

The combination of white and brown house paint in this house exudes a modern minimalist atmosphere, without losing the impression of grandeur.

6. Medieval Style Luxury House

pics of big houses & luxury

The medieval-style house above will be very antique if applied to this modern era.

The feel of the house that was created is so warm and luxurious because this residence is dominated by natural stone on each wall.

Then, there is a rectangular swimming pool decorated with flower pots around it and a gazebo that is used to just relax.

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7. Luxury Houses with Flat Roofs

pics of big houses & luxury

The combination of wooden walls and black wall paint in this big house & luxury gives a beautiful residential appearance.

The flat roof that is carried also makes the house seem integrated with the surrounding environment.

This luxury house with a flat roof looks suitable in a hilly or highland area.

Hopefully the article pics of big houses & luxury is useful. If it is difficult to design an interior design, you can use the services of a home design architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to examples of the right house designs for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!


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