11 designs of small bathrooms

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designs of small bathrooms

Designing a small bathroom to look beautiful and comfortable has its own challenges because of the limited space available. However, this is usually overcome by looking for the best preferences in this minimalist bathroom image that is not too broad.

Friends of Gmbl, it takes foresight and thoroughness in designing a narrow and small bathroom.

This is because the limited size of the bathroom often makes it confusing how to arrange it.

Generally, the size of the bathroom is small and limited to only 1 x 2, 2 x 3, 2 x 2, 2 x 1, up to 1.5 x 1.5.

Even though it’s small, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it look more slick and comfortable, lo.

You can experiment further on how to overcome the constraints of limited land.

However, the size of the room doesn’t matter as long as you have an idea to implement.

To add to your preferences, take a look at this variety of small bathroom pictures that look minimalist, beautiful, and modern.

small modern bathroom ideas

1. Minimalist Bathroom with Monstera Plant Decoration

designs of small bathrooms

Even though it is narrow in size, you can still make the bathroom atmosphere look more beautiful by placing monstera ornamental plants.

The presence of leaf ornamental plants in the bathroom makes it feel fresher and pleasing to the eye.

Not to mention, the bathroom has a monochrome theme with a selection of hexagonal-style ceramics that adds to its own uniqueness.

The narrow bathroom area feels wider because of the perfect bathroom paint color selection.

2. Minimalist Bathroom Without Bath

designs of small bathrooms

The best solution to overcome the size of a small bathroom is to avoid equipment that takes up a lot of space.

For example, without using the bathroom tub because it is guaranteed not to be efficient.

For that, you can use a shower alias shower because it has minimal space and saves water.

The showerhead can be placed at the end or on the front wall of the closet.

Don’t forget, also give a touch of decoration with wall shelves as a storage place for various decorations and others.

3. Minimalist Bathroom Under the Stairs

designs of small bathrooms

Want to take advantage of the narrow space under the stairs for a beautiful bathroom? You can imitate the image of this one bathroom.

Although small, the bathroom in the area under the stairs can look neat, especially with the selection of aesthetically pleasing ceramics.

In addition, the presence of a cactus diffuser makes this bathroom feel more fragrant and beautiful because of its shape.

So more interesting, right?

4. Minimalist Bathroom with a Touch of Natural Stone

designs of small bathrooms

The minimalist bathroom image above is one of the best preferences for those of you who have a bathroom with limited land.

Make the bathroom at home feel more natural with the use of natural stone and wood elements.

The placement of a unique Balinese-style bathtub is an added value for this one bathroom.

5. Minimalist Bathroom with Black Ceramic

designs of small bathrooms

Who said black bathroom wall tiles make the atmosphere feel very scary?

The proof, this minimalist bathroom image looks more elegant.

As long as it’s decorated properly, a limited-sized bathroom with black tiles can look more eye-catching, really.

6. Minimalist Bathroom with Luxury Style

designs of small bathrooms

Elegant, refined and charming.

That’s a picture of this one bathroom.

Although small and limited, this bathroom feels very luxurious.

The soft color on the walls is the right choice to be combined with a marble table with gold accents.

7. Minimalist Bathroom with Bathtub

designs of small bathrooms

Have a bathroom with an area of ​​1 x 2 or 1.5 x 2? You can really put a bathtub in it.

However, what you need to remember is the size of the bathtub.

Don’t let you choose the wrong size of the bathtub, making it difficult to get through the bathroom door.

Although the size of the bathroom is small, the bathtub can be an alternative to a conventional bathtub.

8. Minimalist Bathroom with Glass Partition

designs of small bathrooms

How about the placement of glass partitions in a minimalist bathroom?

Even though your bathroom only has a small space for a shower, you can still make it look more luxurious.

Take for example, this minimalist bathroom design designed by Romanek Design Studio places a shower area for a small bathroom.

With a size of 2×2, the bathroom area looks more modern even though it is limited.

9. Long Table for Powder Room

designs of small bathrooms

Make the powder room more special by choosing sharp ceramic colors, simple decorations, and natural wooden tables.

With a design like this in the powder room, it will make visiting guests more memorable.

10. All-White Minimalist Bathroom

designs of small bathrooms

This modern minimalist all-white bathroom has a special look.

Even though it is small and limited, it makes this one bathroom still modern.

Interested in making the bathroom all white?

11. Modern Minimalist Bathroom

11 designs of small bathrooms

Have a bathroom with a size of 2 x 3? You can copy the bathroom image above.

Place a blue cabinet, bathroom tiles with unique motifs, and gold access in the shower or shower.

That way, a minimalist and limited bathroom will feel very modern and contemporary.

Those are 11 designs of small bathroom, hopefully useful…

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