estimate the cost of lumber to build a house & the cost of making a wooden house

cost of lumber to build a house

cost of lumber to build a house - Interested in building a wooden house? It was not expensive. Here's the estimated cost of making a simple wooden house!

Wooden houses are synonymous with highlands because the material can provide warmth for the occupants.

In addition to the highlands, wooden houses are also often used as additional houses or pavilions next to the main house.

In order for the construction to be more efficient and directed, the most appropriate step is to consult with a trusted architect.

That way you can minimize errors, unnecessary expenses, and unexpected costs in the middle of the development process later.

It's not enough to just rely on professional help, you yourself also have to know the ins and outs of a wooden house to the cost of making it.

Check out the explanation and cost of making a simple wooden house, come on!

The cost of making a simple wooden house & the cost of lumber to build a house

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1. Estimated Material Costs

The first thing you should know about the cost of making a simple wooden house is what and how much material is needed.

This cost is influenced by two factors, namely the quality of the material and the quantity required.

Here are the costs you need to know:

Materials & Price Estimation

  • Timber $7.00/m.
  • Foundation construction $560.17.
  • Tile $0.21/pc.
  • Wooden windows $70.02/unit.
  • Wooden door $70.02/unit.
  • Paint $7.00/kg.
  • Nails $2.80/kg.
  • Ceiling 4.90/sheet.
  • Electrical Installation $140.04.

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2. Estimating the Cost of Worker Services

The cost that also needs to be calculated in making a wooden house is the cost of the services of a handyman because the construction process definitely requires the services of a handyman.

Later you also need to consider what handyman services you need and how much.

For the processing time, later you can discuss it first with the foreman or architect.

Here are the costs you need to know:

Service & Price Estimation

  • Foreman $11.20/day.
  • Assistant handyman $7.00/day.
  • Diggers $6.30/day.
  • Carpenter $8.40/day.
  • Painter $8.40/day.
  • Electrician $8.40/day.

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3. Wholesale Cost of Wooden Houses

If you want to make a wooden house at a cheaper price, you should use the wholesale system.

By using the wholesale system, you can reduce development costs and the construction time is also faster.

However, this wholesale system has its own drawbacks, namely that the results are not very optimal.

This is because there is a time limit, so the process is more rushed.

If you use the calculated cost per m2, you can make an analogy as follows: 

The house you want to build is type 36/75 with a land price of around $217.07, so the land price is 75 m2 x $217.07 = $16279.98.

Then, the estimation of building a house calculated per m2 is $175.05, so the cost of building a house is 36 x $175.05 = $6301.93.

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Advantages of Wooden House

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1. Save Time and Cost

The first advantage you can get is that it saves time and the cost of making a simple wooden house, when compared to other types of houses in general.

Usually, the contractor provides a knock down construction system or disassembly.

So, the material for the wooden house is prepared at the factory and then all you have to do is install it on site.

2. Gives a Natural Impression

Wooden houses are the right choice to build in the highlands or at least the suburbs.

The natural impression emitted by a wooden house can blend with the surrounding nature, making it a very comfortable residence.

In addition, you don't have to worry about adjusting the temperature when the air is cold, because wood is a heat-absorbing material.

3. Sturdy and Strong

Despite the lighter weight, the wooden house turns out to have a very strong durability.

Especially if the wood chosen is of high quality wood.

Wooden houses also do not require a lot of maintenance, but still need to be checked regularly.

Hopefully this article is useful.