7 Smart Drawer Design For Kitchen To Keep Your Home Tidy

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drawer design for kitchen

drawer design for kitchen – Having a house with a small area of ​​course forces you to think about how to store things that are right and not messy. In addition to stacking it in a warehouse or on top of a cupboard, you can also hide it in a drawer that has been designed in such a way. Here is an pictures of the drawer design.

drawer design for kitchen

Pet Feeding Place

drawer design for pet

It must have never occurred to you to create a special place to store all your pet needs at home. This drawer is an example. So that the food bags and bowls are not messy and make the house look dirty, all the pet’s equipment is well organized and organized. If they want to eat, the owner just pulls out the drawer at the bottom.

Hair Styling

drawer design for bathroom

Do your hands often burn due to being hit by a hair straightener placed on the dressing table? It must be very frustrating if it happens over and over again. Just create and follow a slim drawer design like the image above. Inside the drawer has also been designed in such a way as to place a straightener, hair roll, hair dryer, to various vitamins for hair. You can also see our other articles : unusual floor lamps.

Cutting Boards & Trash

drawer design for kitchen

It is undeniable, when cooking and cutting food ingredients, the waste from these ingredients often falls to the floor or piles up on the kitchen island until the cooking process is complete. To keep the area clean, the drawer design in the picture above is certainly very suitable to be applied in the kitchen. Just pull out the drawer, cut the groceries on top, and the trash will fall right into the receptacle underneath.

Ironing place

drawer design for kitchen

Aside from being a storage area, it turns out that this drawer also functions as a room to hide the ironing board. This drawer design idea is perfect for those of you who live in a small house or apartment unit. Placing it can be anywhere, in the bedroom, relaxing room with family, even in the kitchen. You can also see our other articles : simple houses.

Knife Holder

drawer design for kitchen

Storing all sharp knives in a drawer in a mess has the potential to hurt your fingers. So, store all the knives in a kitchen drawer that is designed in such a way as the picture above. The cooking process will be faster and more convenient.

If you are interested in having a similar design, make sure that the drawer is equipped with a safety lock so that it is not easily accessible by children. You can also use the same design to store various kitchen spices.

Clothes basket

drawer design for kitchen

The bathroom or a special room used for washing is sure to be a very messy place. Then hide the whole pile of clothes in a drawer that has been equipped with a plastic basket. That way you don’t need to be afraid when guests want to use the bathroom. You can also see our other articles : bold brights color for bathroom.

Grocery Place

drawer design for kitchen

Did you know that potatoes and onions will rot easily if placed in the same container? Separate the two types of food in a far place. Since onions are more perishable, just place them in a drawer with a food basket. By using this type of drawer, there will be no more garbage from onion skins scattered on the floor.

It’s really inspiring! Hopefully this information can be useful for you.


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