Nice Bedrooms Ideas for Girl & 16 Pictures

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Want to decorate nice bedroom ideas for a girl? Read the full guide and inspiration through this article.

A bedroom is a place for girls to feel comfortable and safe as they grow and mature. Girls’ bedrooms can be decorated according to a feminine character or a sporty tomboy character.

Choosing a girl’s room decoration should not be done arbitrarily and must take into account the functionality of the room. So that it can be the best reference for you, this article will discuss in full nice bedroom ideas for girls, read to the end!

Nice Bedroom Ideas for Girls

nice bedroom ideas for girls

1. Simple Children’s Room with All Pink Decoration

nice bedroom ideas for girls

Pink is a color that is identical to the color of girls. For girls who are feminine, maybe a room with all-pink shades is the right choice.

Facilities that should be available in girls’ rooms include beds, mattresses, wardrobes, tables, chairs, or sofas where they can relax, and some other feminine accessories. In addition to pink, there are other matching colors such as light purple, white, or red that can be combined with pink in a girl’s room.

2. Aesthetic Girls Room

nice bedroom ideas for girls

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, aesthetic is something that prioritizes beauty. Anyone will feel at home in a room that is pleasing to the eye. Anesthetic girl’s room uses unique knick-knacks to decorate her room.

The use of small light bulbs to decorate the walls of the room at night will add a romantic and calming impression. Likewise with a unique painting with a message to increase confidence in girls to become better people.

3. Room Design for 2 Girls

nice bedroom ideas for girls

If there are two daughters in your house, but only one room is available as their room, there is nothing wrong with decorating the room into a comfortable room for two girls.

For rooms with relatively narrow sizes, using bunk beds is a good solution. If the room size is rather spacious and sufficient for two beds, then placing two twin beds can be the main choice.

To meet the tastes of the two girls, make sure you first communicate with them about their tastes as a determinant of the room design they want.

If possible, having the colors and motifs of twin sheets will bring out a feeling of compactness in them.

Doing decorations for girls’ room designs is one of the fun things. With the right decoration, a girl’s room will look more attractive and more comfortable to use.

So that you can decorate your nice bedroom for girls more freely, you need to live in your own home.

4. Simple Girls Room Design

nice bedroom ideas for girls

Simple but comfortable, is the safest concept for a girl’s room. This concept is a neutral concept that can be accepted by girls who tend to have varied tastes.

By not using too much furniture and knick-knacks, girls’ rooms can still look feminine by providing bed linen with floral motifs, dolls, or natural motifs.

The walls are given a neutral color such as beige, gray, white, or light yellow. The use of tables and chairs for accessories and beauty tools is placed in the corner of the room. And a wardrobe equipped with a mirror where the girl looks in the mirror after dressing.

5. Girls Room Design with Flower Decoration

nice bedroom ideas for girls

Flowers are synonymous with beauty. Therefore, making flowers as the main decoration of a girl’s room is the right thing.

By painting beautiful flowers on the walls, the atmosphere in the girl’s room will be full of beauty. Feminine impression can be seen in the soft colors of the flowers.

In addition to decorating with paintings, you can add decorations directly from dried flowers. Insert dried flowers into a frame to further enhance the appearance of the dried flowers.

6. Design a Girls Room with Colorful Furniture

nice bedroom ideas for girls

Color greatly affects our impression of something, as well as the feel of the room. The use of colorful furniture such as tables, chairs, dressing tables, wardrobes, and beds will add to the atmosphere of the room to be brighter.

Coupled with colorful paintings and knick-knacks, your daughter doesn’t get bored easily in her room.

7. Girls’ Room in Pastel Colors

nice bedroom ideas for girls

The pink color is probably a common choice used when decorating a girl’s bedroom. To sweeten the appearance of the room, add a little another color to the room.

By using soft pastel colors, for example, a soft and feminine impression radiates when entering the room. For example, a soft aqua color can give a fresh atmosphere. To give an additional touch, don’t forget to add decorations with contrasting colors to the room.

8. Unique Bed for Girls Room

nice bedroom ideas for girls

Lying on a unique bed will give a distinct impression to the owner of the room. Mattresses don’t always have to be far above the floor. Placing the bed close to the floor can actually add comfort during sleep.

You don’t have to worry about your child getting injured if suddenly the child rolls over while sleeping. By adding wood that is shaped like the roof of a house to the design of the bed and decorating it in the form of small colorful pom balls on it, it will give a unique and fun impression for your beautiful little one.

9. Vintage Girls Room

nice bedroom ideas for girls

Choosing a vintage design for a nice bedroom for girls is suitable for those who are still children or have grown into teenagers. Vintage details can be brought up by adding old furniture from the 70s to the 90s.

Also add old decorations and knick-knacks such as old photo figures, old stickers, and unique vintage decorations. To beautify a vintage room, you can rely on wallpaper whose colors can be adjusted to the child’s wishes.

10. Monochromatic Girls Room Design

nice bedroom ideas for girls

Monochromatic colors are colors that can be used to design an attractive girl’s room. Monochromatic colors will create a very interesting contrasting atmosphere and can provide a good color balance in the room.


You can decorate the room by using patterned wallpaper in dark gray to make the atmosphere of the room look lively and not boring. Look for furniture that has monochromatic colors like black, white, and gray to create a beautiful monochromatic color combination.

11. Girls Room Decoration with Decorative Stickers

nice bedroom ideas for girls

Decorative stickers are an interesting form of decorating a girl’s bedroom design. Design your daughter’s room to have a plain color so that it can become a canvas for your child.

Invite your child to put their favorite sticker in the room so that the room can look attractive and match the personality of your child.

12. Ocean Themed Decoration for Girls Room

nice bedroom ideas for girls

Blue is one color that can create a calming psychological effect. You can use the blue color to become the main theme of the girls’ room.

To complement the blue color, you can add various marine-themed decorations. Starting from the use of bedcovers with pictures of the sea, stickers with pictures of water ripples and ships, to decorations of ships in bottles that look unique and attractive.

13. Gaming Rooms for Girls

nice bedroom ideas for girls

Playing games is a hobby that anyone can have. As a parent, you can channel your child’s desire and ability to play games by making the bedroom combined with a table for playing computer games.

Gaming rooms can be designed so that children can sleep and study well without anyone having to be sacrificed. Don’t forget to add a comfortable and multifunctional gaming chair so that children can sit down to play and learn comfortably.

14. Girls Room for Reading Book Lovers

nice bedroom ideas for girls

You can arouse children’s interest in reading by setting up an interesting reading bookshelf in your child’s room.

Design and position the bookshelf so that it looks attractive and does not create a danger of the shelf being easily shaken and collapsing. Buy interesting educational and knowledge books to keep your child interested in reading.

15. Decorative Lights for Girls’ Room

nice bedroom ideas for girls

The next girl’s room design decoration idea is that you can add decorative lights to the child’s room. Decorative lights that can be used are very diverse, ranging from lava lamps, hanging decorative lights, and LED lights that can be changed in color by using an application.

Decorative lights will make a girl’s room look more attractive and not look gloomy.

Nice Bedroom Decorating Tips for Girls

nice bedroom ideas for girls

How? Are you interested in decorating your own girl’s room? Before decorating, first, read the tips for decorating a nice bedroom for girls below:

  • Decide on a design based on the child’s personality. If you are not sure about what the child likes, ask first before deciding on the design of the room.
  • Choose bright colors so the room doesn’t look dark.
  • Install room decorations that are not permanent and easy to change.
  • To create a child’s bedroom that is not boring. You can leave a plain wall to be a canvas for children so they can channel their creativity easily.

Well, that’s a complete discussion of nice bedrooms for girls decorating ideas. Hopefully, this article can be useful and help you in determining the design and decoration for a child’s room.

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