Drawing Room Paint Colors to Make it Look Spacious and Luxurious

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Confused about choosing the right drawing room paint colors? Just choose the recommendations below so that your living room looks more perfect and luxurious.

drawing room paint colors

Choosing a drawing room paint colors is one of the basic things that must be considered to get maximum beauty. Can’t be original. Especially if you want the residence to look more luxurious and wider, for those whose living room is narrow.

There are many color choices that you can use, not even just a lot, but a lot. Well, it is at this point that often makes someone confused about which color to choose.

Tips for Choosing Drawing Room Paint Colors

If you are still confused about choosing the right drawing room paint colors, then you are looking for inspiration here. Because we will provide paint color recommendations that will make your living room look more luxurious and also appear wider.

1. Peach Coral Paint Color

drawing room paint colors

It can be said that there is no color that is more beautiful than this peach coral color. Because the color is very soft and attractive. With this color, the living room will look more energetic and also fun.

It doesn’t stop there, this color will erase the simple concept in the living room and will keep it from getting old and tacky. The color is pretty cool which will make you feel more at home.

2. Pastel Pink Paint Color

drawing room paint colors

The choice of drawing room paint colors if you don’t want a theme that is too cheerful is this pastel pink color. The color is quite neutral, but still looks elegant and also looks luxurious. The effect may be almost the same as the beige color, only this one is softer.

3. Navy Blue Paint Color

drawing room paint colors

Want to bring a masculine impression to the living room? You can try navy blue. This color is not too dark and is able to reflect light more naturally.

This color will give a deep impression of courage and independence. In addition, this color also gives a three-dimensional effect on the living room.

If you have a collection of wall hangings with a slightly bright pattern, the combination with this color will make the wall decoration stand out more.

4. Gray Paint Color

drawing room paint colors

The living room paint color which is often the favorite color of designers is gray. This color will bring a minimalist impression to the living room but still looks luxurious and modern.

This color is quite neutral for those of you who don’t want to be too complicated to think about the various color combinations that exist. Because this color is enough to decorate the walls of the living room and make it look more elegant.

5. Paint Color Broken White

drawing room paint colors

Tired of white, but want to keep white in the living room? You can use this broken white paint color. Color brings a minimalist concept but is not boring. So that the living room will still look simple but luxurious.

These drawing-room paint colors have warm yellow undertones. This will make the living room more comfortable and relaxing. Another specialty of this color is that it can be used for all home designs, be it vintage, minimalist, industrial, and others.

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6. Light Blue Paint Color

drawing room paint colors

Want to bring a more fresh living room atmosphere? The light blue color is the right choice. This color will give a natural and cool impression to the living room. This color will also give the impression of being peaceful, comfortable, and more alive so that it can be a mood booster for its residents.

Well, now you don’t need to be confused anymore to determine the right drawing room paint colors. Choose wisely to get the ideal home atmosphere as you desire.


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