Most Comfortable Casual Shoes Brand For Men, Perfect For Travelling

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most comfortable casual shoes for men

Most Comfortable Casual Shoes For Men – Shoes are not only used for footwear but are also used to support appearance. Not only women can be stylish, but men can also be stylish for those who want to look stylish. To support that appearance, of course, you have to be good at combining shoes with the clothes you will wear. These shoes make guys look more masculine, even if the guy has a simple look they will look cool thanks to the okay shoes.

Even though shoes are worn below, people will see the overall appearance from top to bottom. One of the shoe models that you can use is sneakers. A sneaker is a type of casual shoe that is comfortable to use, this type of shoe is very comfortable to use when traveling besides that the slip-on type is also suitable for walking. So, here are some of the most comfortable casual shoe brands for men that are suitable for traveling.

Most Comfortable Casual Shoes For Men

1. Vans

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Vans is an American shoe company. Vans is one of the most well-known brands and is one of the shoe brands for casual looks. Vans has many models ranging from slip-on, SK8-HI, Era, Authentic, Old Skool, and others. Each model has its own character so you can adapt it to your style. But you have to be careful when you want to buy Vans shoes because fake Vans shoes are starting to bloom.

2. Converse

most comfortable casual shoes for men

The converse is a shoe company from America, these shoes are very global and lots of products are sought after by people. This brand which has a star logo is very popular with young people and is said to be a casual shoe. With a design that looks classic and simple, Converse is always in demand by young people and is certainly suitable for those of you who want to look casual.

3. Airwalk

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Airwalk is a well-known skate shoe brand originally from La Costa, California. This Airwalk shoe model is perfect for those of you who want a casual style. Besides that, these shoes can be said to be relatively cheap, even though they are cheap, the quality is not cheap. Airwalk itself is quite popular and is bought by many young people because it has various advantages such as low price, comfortable to wear and the most important thing is that it is durable and long-lasting.

4. Nike

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Nike is a shoe, clothing, and sporting goods company from the United States. Nike is one of the biggest companies in the world. Nike has good quality and a variety of cool models that are up-to-date. Nike shoe models range from football shoes to running, basketball, and for style.

Nike always releases various models of shoe products with various designs. For the price problem, it can be said that Nike shoes have a fairly expensive price, but this is in accordance with the quality of the shoes themselves. An example is Nike shoes with the name Air Jordan.

5. Pumas

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Puma is an international company that manufactures sports shoes and other sports equipment. Puma is a brand that originated in Germany and was founded by Rudolf Dassler. For those of you who want a casual style with a sporty touch, you can choose shoes from Puma.

6. Varka

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Varka is a branded product from Indonesia that provides the latest quality trend products at affordable prices. Products that are being and will be produced are shoes, bags, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and children.

7. Adidas

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Adidas is a German shoe company founded by Adolf Dassler. Adidas provides the best products ranging from sports shoes and sneakers. Adidas provides a variety of shoes that are suitable for every moment and are comfortable to wear when exercising. One type of Adidas shoe that you can use for a walk is the Adidas Superstar or Adidas Stan Smith. Adidas is Nike’s toughest competitor in the sports industry.

8. New Balance

most comfortable casual shoes for men

New Balance is an American multinational corporation based in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. The quality of these New Balance shoes is not inferior to Puma, Adidas, and Nike. These shoes have super strong durability and are the mainstay of New Balance products. Another advantage is the up-to-date design with attractive colors and super lightweight which makes it easy to use to move agilely.

9. Gucci

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Gucci is an Italian company founded by Guccio Gucci. Gucci has succeeded in becoming one of the well-known fashion houses that has many fans. Gucci always presents collections that are very up-to-date and classy, ​​so many fashionistas are waiting for every Gucci product launch. Products produced by Gucci include clothes, jackets, shoes, glasses, silk scarves, cosmetic boxes, and others.

10. Reeboks

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Reebok is a shoe manufacturer from the United Kingdom. Reebok started going global in the 90s with classic and simple shoe designs. Apart from being used for daily activities, Reebok shoes can also be used for sports. Reebok is not only famous for its sports shoes, but Reebok also has attractive sneakers.

11. DC Shoes

most comfortable casual shoes for men

DC Shoes is an American company that manufactures shoes. Apart from shoes, this brand also produces clothing, bags, accessories, hats, shirts, and posters. This brand is growing with its participation as a sponsor of extreme sports activities.

12. Macbeth

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Macbeth is a footwear, apparel, and accessories brand from Southern California. One of its founders is Tom DeLonge, a former member of Blink 182. Apart from shoes, this brand also produces t-shirts, t-shirts, and sunglasses. Products from Macbeth are inspired by music.

13. Tomkins

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Tomkins is a shoe brand produced by PT. Primarindo Asia Infrastructure has the vision to become a leader in the shoe industry in Indonesia. The Tomkins brand is a favorite of all ages. Tomkins has the latest models and is suitable for children, teenagers, and adults.

14. Wakai

most comfortable casual shoes for men

This Wakai shoe model is known for its relaxed design and model made of canvas with flat soles or what are called espadrilles.

15. Ardiles

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Ardiles used to be a shoe brand that was mostly used by schoolchildren. Along with the ever-evolving shoe trends, Ardiles offers a variety of models that are suitable for all ages. Ardiles have a casual and sporty shape with a variety of color variations.

16. Carvil

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Carvil is produced by PT. Carvil Abadi is certainly well known by the people of Indonesia. These Carvil shoes are comfortable to wear and durable, besides that various models, colors and sizes can be found in all the shops nearby. Apart from being marketed in Indonesia, Carvil is also marketed in neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and others.

17. Homyped

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Homyped is produced by PT. Dwi Naga Sakti Abadi since 1980. Where Homyped is one of the leaders in the sandals and shoes industry in Indonesia. One of Homyped’s products is Homypro shoes which are available in a wide variety of models, sizes, and colors.

18. Kasogi

most comfortable casual shoes for men

Kasogi is an Indonesian shoe brand that has long been known and has various types and models. Kasogi is suitable for children, teenagers to adults.

19. Geoff Max

most comfortable casual shoes for men

If you are a fan of sneakers, you can make this domestic brand shoe an alternative. Apart from being cheaper than foreign-brand sneakers, the quality is also reliable. There are various models which are loved by young people.


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