6 Most Comfortable Men’s Business Casual Shoes and Tips for Choosing Them

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most comfortable men's business casual shoes

Most Comfortable Men’s Business Casual Shoes – If you think only women have a large selection of business shoes. You’re wrong, in fact, there are also many choices for men’s business shoes. Starting from the formal style to the sporty.

Of course, these various types of shoes will support your appearance in the business. The right shoes will make you look more professional. If you need recommendations for the right shoes for doing business, take a look below!

Tips for Choosing Men’s Business Shoes

most comfortable men's business casual shoes

Currently, the choice of men’s business shoes is very large, both foreign and domestic brands. One of the important points that you need to pay attention to when choosing men’s business shoes is the material of these shoes. 

So that you don’t choose the wrong shoes, let’s take a look at some of the following tips on choosing men’s business shoes!

1. Adjust to the Business Environment

First, so you don’t choose the wrong one, it’s a good idea to first identify what your business environment is like. If you are a field or outdoor businessperson, loafer shoes or sneakers can be an option. 

However, if you do business indoors, you can wear loafers. These shoes will also be suitable for attending formal events, such as meetings or important gatherings. See Also: Most Comfortable Casual Shoes Brand For Men.

2. Make sure shoes are comfortable to use

No need to torture yourself with shoes that are too small just to make it look like they match your outfit. When you choose shoes, prioritize comfort.

Find shoes that are the right size to wear. So that you don’t make the wrong choice, try buying shoes during the day, because your feet are widened to the maximum so you can choose the most comfortable footwear.

3. Choose a Neutral Color

Since you are going to use it for business, try to choose shoes in neutral colors. Men’s formal shoes for business that you can choose black or brown. 

This neutral color can be used in formal or casual styles and can be combined with the outfit you are wearing. In addition, neutral color shoes can also make your appearance more elegant.

4. Materials Durable Materials

Make sure the shoe material is the best so it lasts longer when used. Usually, formal shoes for business are made of leather. So, last, make sure you buy shoes that use genuine leather.

5. Pay attention to shoe soles

Comfortable men’s shoes are those whose sole surface is flexible and non-slip. Avoid shoes with glued soles and uppers. This is because it will make you uncomfortable when using it and easily damaged.

6 Most Comfortable Men’s Business Casual Shoes

The right men’s business shoes will support you while doing business. In fact, for field businessmen, business shoes are a safety procedure that should not be neglected. Therefore, when you choose men’s business shoes to wear to the office, don’t be careless.

Here are some types of men’s business shoes that you can choose from.

1. Oxfords

most comfortable men's business casual shoes

This type is a casual men’s business shoe that has a classic shape. You can choose these formal shoes because they are very easy to match with various models of clothing.

2. Derby

most comfortable men's business casual shoes

This men’s business shoe model is very similar to the oxford, but derby shoes have a difference in the type of lacing. Where in derby shoes the type of bond used is open lacing.

With these types of ties, Derby can give off a flexible and relaxed vibe. So it’s no wonder that this is the best business shoe because it can be used in both formal and casual events.

3. Monk Straps

most comfortable men's business casual shoes

These shoes are perfect for use in formal meetings and smart casual. By wearing these shoes you will give a luxurious impression.

4. Loafers

most comfortable men's business casual shoes

This is a very practical type of business casual shoe because it has a slip-on model. Loafers business shoes have a plain and simple model, so they can support your formal or casual appearance.

5. Chukka Boots

most comfortable men's business casual shoes

You can use these best men’s business shoes for both formal and casual events. This shoe material is made of leather and has a height of about 2-3 cm. 

There are two types of Chukka Boots that you can choose from, the first is short and open.

6. Safety Shoes

most comfortable men's business casual shoes

Field business shoes are certainly different from ordinary business shoes because you have to pay attention to the type of business before choosing them. Why? Of course, every type of field business has a different level of risk. 

In general, field business shoes differ from casual shoes, with the following common components:

  • Toe cap.
  • shoe sole rubber (Rubber, PU).
  • Shoe protector.
  • Shoe leather.

By choosing the right field business shoes you can minimize business accidents.

Here are some types of field business shoes that you can choose from.

a. ACID Resistant Specifications

If you do business in a factory that contains chemicals, make sure you choose safety shoes that have ACID Resistant or Chemical Resistant specifications so that you stay safe when hit by a ride. 

These safety shoes have several models ranging from short, medium, and slip-on.

b. Booted

These field business shoes will be perfect for those of you who do business more often in heavy areas such as mining, oil, and others. Boots will allow you to move freely without fear of exposure to hazardous materials.

c. MidCut

This shoe model is the most widely used by field business people because it still makes them seem trendy.

There are several well-known brands that make mid-cut safety shoes, such as Kings Shoes, Krushers, Shoes Krushers, and many others.

That’s all you need to know about the most comfortable men’s business casual shoes. Make sure your shoes feel comfortable so you can do business well.


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