8 Wooden Door Models That Are Suitable for Any House Design

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Wooden Door Models

Unique and Modern Wooden Door Inspiration for All Residentials

The door is an important element that every dwelling needs. Its function is to increase security and add aesthetic value. Doors made of wood have always been the people’s choice. The reason is, wood materials are easy to find and affordable, for example wood from agarwood or pine trees.

Wooden doors that are synonymous with warm shades are also suitable for all home designs. Well, in the following, Lians has prepared various inspirations for unique and modern wooden door models. For your home, which wooden door model is the most suitable, from all the designs below?

Wooden Door with Horizontal Accent

Wooden Door Models

The first wooden door model has a rectangular shape, like a door in general. However, it looks quite stunning because of the application of the door handle from a large pole. On the right side, there are accents in the form of wooden trim arranged horizontally. The natural color of the wood that is not uniform makes it look unique and dynamic. You can also add various ornamental plants around the wooden door to strengthen its natural touch.

Rustic Sliding Door

Wooden Door Models

Opening and closing the door in a small house often feels inconvenient. However, you will not feel this if you use a sliding wooden door like this. The model is a rustic style with a characteristic uneven shape. This wooden door is made in light brown color. Not only suitable for all home designs, but also for various wall colors.

Maroon Color, Stay Aesthetic

Wooden Door Models

The use of wooden doors does not always have to display the original color, such as this wooden door model which is painted in maroon color. The appearance is still aesthetic and the warm feel of the wood material is still present. This door also appears in contrast to the surrounding walls. On the side of the door there is an accent in the form of a small window of milk glass. This wooden door model is suitable for all home designs, but is best suited for classic and Mediterranean style homes.

Door Model with Minimalist Carving

Wooden Door Models

One of the most common accents used on wooden doors is carving. This accent is very diverse in shape, including a minimalist like this. The carvings form vertically arranged blocks. If this wooden door stands alone, it looks minimalist. However, when juxtaposed with glass material, it looks more modern. Very unique, huh?

Symmetrical Wooden Door

Wooden Door Models

A large house must have a large door too so that it looks balanced. Usually, this symmetrical wooden door model with two openings is the main choice. The model is curved at the top and the handle on the door leaf is large. Don’t forget to combine it with glass material to make it look luxurious.

Traditional Materials with Modern Systems

Wooden Door Models

Wood material is synonymous with a traditional impression. But in fact, wooden doors are still used today. In fact, it’s fine if you want to combine a wooden door with a modern system, namely a key in the form of a PIN or fingerprint. For example, this simple design door model. The decoration accents are four square holes above the door which serve as natural lighting pathways. The wood material itself is allowed to appear with its natural motif.

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Unique Herringbone Motif

Wooden Door Models

Tired of wooden door models that are too plain? If so, try using a wooden door that has a herringbone motif, aka fish bone, like the inspiration above. The pieces of wood are arranged with a 45 degree slope on the right and left sides. Because the pieces of wood are small, it looks more unique. You can present this door model for minimalist, modern, classic, contemporary, to rustic home designs.

Bold Nuanced Stripes Motif

Wooden Door Models

This last wooden door model is combined with iron material. The wood material is made with a pattern of stripes. The color of the wood material itself is very beautiful, which is brownish yellow with an older fiber color. The iron is black and serves as a door frame. This iron material makes the appearance of the wooden door more bold, aka firm.

Of the eight wooden door models, which one do you like the most? In addition to the model, also make sure you choose the best wood material for your door.

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