10 Wooden House Designs, Suitable for Millennial Families

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Wooden house design

Wooden house design – Millennials who want to own a house tend to want a minimalist design, but still look elegant and modern. 

In order to be in accordance with your wishes, you can make your own house with natural materials and seem comfortable, like a wooden house.

Until now, wood is often used as a basis for making houses, one of which is a minimalist house .

Yes , a wooden house that is considered ‘old-fashioned’ has now evolved into a unique and attractive house design that can provide comfort.

In fact, wooden houses can present a modern minimalist home design that is suitable for millennial families.

So , have you thought about making a wooden house? 

Advantages of Wooden House Design

Wood material is one of the basic house materials that are often used today. 

The advantage of having a wooden house is that you can bring a natural feel. Moreover, wood is an environmentally friendly material and can actively help absorb and store carbon dioxide.

Wooden houses also have good durability. For example, teak wood, which is known for its strength.

Another advantage, a wooden house makes you free to be creative so that your dwelling has more aesthetic value. Examples of wooden house designs below.

Simple Wooden House Design

Simple Wooden House Design

A simple wooden house design can be a minimalist wooden house design recommendation for you. Built with a size of 45 to 66 square meters, suitable for those who like the concept of a country house . 

You can also use teak wood for the base of the wall so that the wooden house is more sturdy and strong. By making a simple wooden house, you should apply natural wood brown varnish for the walls and tiles. 

This will make a simple house seem more natural and beautiful. You can also read other articles: wooden house interior design.

Modern Wooden House Design

Modern Wooden House Design

If you want a modern home look, the wooden house above can be a reference. 

Its wide size and light wood color can give it a pleasant feel. A wooden house equipped with windows and doors with large frames can give the effect of a large and cool house. 

Not to mention, if you have a minimalist terrace behind the house. Add lounge chairs and flower pots for a characterful yet elegant home look. 

Classic Wooden House Design

Classic Wooden House Design

If you like classic house designs , the wooden house picture above can be a reference. The plan of the wooden house above depicts a house with an area of ​​​​about 120 square meters with a partition that is not too complicated.

The house above also offers an elegant classic style with natural white wood, matching the interior design. This wooden house is equipped with a garden behind the house decorated with various plants, equipped with lighting that gives a warm impression when night falls.

Minimalist classic house models like the one above will present a warm atmosphere for a dwelling. Especially if the house is used as a gathering place with extended family or closest relatives.

Well , in contrast to the classic wooden house design with white shades, the picture of the wooden house below gives the impression of a warm classic house. This one is suitable for a wooden house surrounded by trees in a mountainous or forest area.

Apply it with a green wooden house paint, so that it matches the color of the surrounding leaves. This classic house features a house facade that gives the impression of luxury.

The use of large and transparent glass can display elements of modern minimalism combined with classic concepts.

The design of this wooden house is very suitable and blends with nature. And it looks even more stunning with a minimalist wooden fence that matches the tree trunks. 

This wooden house will be ideal for those of you who want a warm and calm atmosphere.

Classic Wooden House Design

Interested in making a classic wooden house like this? 

Minimalist Wooden House Design

Minimalist Wooden House Design

If previously a wooden house had a warm and soothing impression, this one is a unique but still minimalist wooden house design. This wooden house has a unique design with brick red wood paint combined with natural stones as a chimney.

This unique wooden house surrounded by trees has transparent glass door and window designs. This makes this wooden house get maximum natural light. The design that is carried also resembles a box house with a flat roof shape . 

You can apply this house if you want a unique but still minimalist wooden house. Especially if you have a budget for making a house that is not too big. You can also read other articles: Wood house flooring.

Lembang Wooden House

Who doesn’t know the Lembang area? 

Lembang Wooden House

Being part of the West Bandung area, Lembang is 16 km from the center of Bandung City. This area with a myriad of tourist destinations has many wooden house designs that can be seen in restaurants, cafes, to inns such as villas.

Lembang itself is a mountainous and forest area which is certainly surrounded by many trees. So that a house or building with wood material will certainly be very suitable and blend with the natural environment around it.

The house in Lembang has a simple but beautiful house model with a strong wood base. Judging from the picture above, the wooden house has a simple rustic-style house model, dark brown in color with a traditional design.

This minimalist design can be an example of a simple minimalist home model for those who don’t have an excess budget. You can apply this house with a stilt house design concept with large windows, to make it look more modern and have maximum natural lighting.

Lembang Wooden House

In addition to using large windows, you can also use small, symmetrical windows for a more minimalist design. Then choose a table and wood that matches the wood tiles and walls. If you want a warmer atmosphere in the room, you can use a carpet. 

How, interesting right ? This Lembang wooden house can be a fun home reference for you and your family.

Small Wooden House Design

Small Wooden House Design

A wooden house is not only a residence, but can be used as a children’s play area, storage area, and even a relaxing area in the backyard. The design chosen is not too complicated and complex. 

In general, the small wooden house is designed in the form of a box like a minimalist plank house.

This small wooden house can use simple wood materials with lightweight roofing materials such as asbestos or zinc.

Best Wooden House Design

Best Wooden House Design

Looking at the design of a European house in the countryside, the luxury wooden dwelling below has a building area of ​​more than 120 square meters. This wooden house model has a natural brown blend with a wooden fence around it. 

This wooden house is very interesting, especially if it is decorated with leaves from fallen trees, it will give a beautiful impression. Glass ornaments with white frames in front of the house show the character of the house that is luxurious and firm, following the roof of the building.

A high roof will look more balanced with the shape of the house. In addition, with a slope as above, this roof will be easier to clean if it is exposed to dust or fallen leaves.

Interestingly, this luxury house can be a recommendation for a wooden house design with a large family, because it has a number of bedrooms and a family room.

Interesting, right ? Interested in using this wooden house design model? You can also read other articles: Best Wooden House.

Japanese Wooden House Design

Japanese Wooden House Design

For those of you who like oriental designs with simplicity, you can apply Japanese house architecture. Japanese style houses usually tend to have bulkheads and large windows. This is useful for providing comfort, with natural lighting that enters the house optimally. 

In addition, windows can make air circulation better so that the house is healthier. Japanese house designs are usually equipped with plants around the house area, including a terrace and even a garden behind the house.

Japanese Wooden House Design

Japanese culture is inseparable from nature. Likewise with the design of the house that can be seen from the grass in the garden area, rocky roads, to the soothing trees. Japanese houses also have many parts that you can apply in a wooden house.

Japanese Wooden House Design

For example, a large veranda in front of the house or engawa that connects each room and limits the indoor and outdoor spaces. This veranda is often used as a resting room which will certainly offer a comfortable and cool atmosphere.

Rustic Wooden House

Rustic Wooden House

Rustic designs are often considered to present a shabby and unsightly impression. However, now many rustic house models are presented and become interesting interior design trends. 

Emphasizing a natural impression, a rustic house design can be used as a recommendation for a wooden house model for you. The rustic wooden house has a facade finish in a traditional style. 

To give an eye-catching impression , you can complement the interior design with various vintage- style house ornaments or antiques.

Wood and Stone House Design

Wood and Stone House Design

Combining the concept of stone and wood, the house below can be a design that you apply. Usually a house with a combination of these two materials will produce an exotic and elegant appearance.

Wood and Stone House Design

Well, those are 10 wooden house designs for millennial families that can be your inspiration. Hopefully the information above can be useful!

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