13 Geometric Wall Paint Ideas for Bedroom

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geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

In this article, Gmboel will share geometric wall paint ideas for bedrooms, various color combinations, and various interesting patterns for geometric room designs.

Now is the time for houses (rooms) with unique designs – unique and diverse. One of them is Geometric design which we will discuss below.

In addition, Geometric motifs are also able to create a different and more special atmosphere.

Geometric Wall Paint Ideas for Bedroom

For those of you who are looking for ideas or inspiration about interesting geometric patterns on the walls of the room, here we recommend some examples of beautiful bedroom paints with geometric nuances.

And it’s not only walls that we can make geometric patterns for, there are also some geometric patterns that use other media besides paint!

Whatever it is, let’s check out the idea below.!

Photography Geometric Pattern

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

In addition to the classic geometric patterns that we commonly know, in fact, we can also turn photos into Aesthetic Geometric designs.

If you combine it with a black-and-white photo like the image above, the result will look very fitting when juxtaposed against a blue ceiling.

The addition of green plants will also add a fresh impression and aesthetic effect to the room, besides that, choose a gradient-colored carpet if the theme is the same as your room decor.

Aesthetic Room Paint Design

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

Green is a neutral color, this color is perfect for women or men, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the color of the room to the gender of the child.

For the ceiling, this color is also suitable, you can choose light green or pastel green as the wall color.

I think it will be more fun, especially for children if you can also add wallpaper or self-painted pictures.

With green paint, you can create a natural feel that gives a fresh and fresh effect in the room.

The use of this white and pastel light green room paint color design is really very aesthetic, especially for those of you who like minimalist or medium-sized rooms.

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Colorful Geometric Pattern

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

Confused about what color for the geometric pattern on the wall? Why not just use all the colors?

Geometric patterns with various colors will still look aesthetic and attractive if you can arrange them well.

The key, you only need to apply geometric patterns regularly like the image above.

The living room that was previously quiet, by adapting multi-colored geometric patterns will immediately look more cheerful!

Geometric Pattern That Matches Room Decoration

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

Sometimes someone who is planning construction is confused, wants to decorate a room with a girly or masculine theme? Are you included?

If so, the solution is actually simple. You just need to combine the two themes!

This will create a feminine and masculine side in the colors and geometric patterns of the bedroom walls.

It doesn’t have to be too complicated actually, just make a simple and interesting geometric pattern that’s enough.

Choosing neutral colors such as gray and girlish colors such as pink or purple, to make it look wider and cleaner, you can also add white to geometric decorations.

So, choose paint for furniture that matches the color of the geometric pattern wall paint, so that later your room will look more aesthetic.

3D Geometric Wall Paint Pictures

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

Sometimes we get bored with a room or wall paint design like that, so try to make a 3D Geometric paint design like the example picture above.

What is clear is that it looks better, not boring, and very interesting than most designs that are only 2D.

There are better results indeed worth the more effort to make them. But now there are a lot of technical assistance or paint products that make it easier to work as complex like anything.

So, never relax your artistic value, especially for your own home.

Simple and Bright Geometric Pattern Bedroom

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

Do you want a bedroom that doesn’t look lonely? just add a geometric pattern to the bedroom!

If you want to add a cool impression, choose cool colors such as blue and gray. You can also use several different color tiers.

Of course, to make it seem brighter, or you can also use vibrant colors such as yellow or orange. It can too.

If you want to make a Geometric pattern, don’t forget to set the room size first.


If you really want to make a room size that is not too big, you should avoid applying small and many geometric patterns.

Because if this goes wrong, it will affect your room which will later look cramped and too crowded.!

Cool Color Geometric Pattern In Workspace

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

We can indeed apply Geometric Patterns in all rooms, including the workspace.

The goal is that your workspace doesn’t seem stiff and boring, you can also add geometric patterns to the walls of the work area or study area.

We recommend adapting cool and neutral colors such as blue, gray, and black to paint a geometric pattern.

If you want to have a more soft look, just add white or beige, don’t forget to add wall decorations like the picture above, OK!

Get to know the Most Beautiful 2 Color Geometric Room Paint Patterns

Furthermore, it is also important to understand some suitable patterns and colors to be combined in this Geometric pattern.

Just take a look at some secret ideas about two-color geometric wall paint below!

Random Straight Line Pattern

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

This straight-line pattern when you look at it for a moment does look disheveled. But make no mistake, it is precisely this uniqueness that makes it look aesthetic.

The combination of random line patterns like the picture above shows that it forms several flat areas on the walls of the room, ranging from triangles, squares, to trapezoids.

In addition to combining two contrasting colors, a blend of two similar colors is also suitable for this pattern.

For example, the use of dark blue with light blue, red with pink, and several other colors.

Mountain Pattern

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

Apart from abstract images. Geometric patterns can also form mountains.

Look at the picture above, you can make or draw several triangles to form a mountain pattern with simple techniques.

If you want to form this pattern, you can choose several colors to combine, including white with gray, dark blue with white, and dark blue with yellow.

Large Geometric Cut

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

One of the best ways To make a two-color geometric wall paint like the example picture above, one of the best ways is to form a large flat area.

You can imitate the picture above, where it looks like the triangle and trapezoid are very large.

This technique actually makes it easier for us to paint it.

Wall patterns like this are better colored by applying two similar colors, such as orange with yellow or red with pink.

Zebra Pattern

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

The zebra pattern or black and white geometric room paint is also popularly used by lovers of a bright atmosphere.

But actually, this pattern is most suitable to be applied in the bathroom.

Why? because with a zebra pattern like this, it can make the appearance of a narrow bathroom no longer boring.

Especially if it is added with good light circulation, it is guaranteed that your bathroom will look more impressive.

Wave Pattern

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

Well, for those of you who like to vacation at the beach, you will definitely like the two-color geometric wall paint pattern like the example picture.

With a wave pattern like this, it will make the room feel like you are in the middle of the sea.

The effect is like a display of marine nuances, surely the appearance of your home interior decoration will be more stunning.

Actually, the technique or method of making a wave pattern is almost the same as making a mountain pattern, because it uses the same shape, namely a triangle.

The difference is only in the triangular shape which makes the wave image smaller, and the number may be more.

Thus, the appearance of the walls will mostly look like the sky is wide and the image of the waves can be more striking.

Fir Tree Pattern

geometric wall paint ideas for bedroom

The next idea is the fir tree pattern, geometric patterns are not always identical to the flat planes we learned in school.

You can also modify it into several out-of-the-box options like the image above.

The combination of straight lines that form like a pine tree can make a room look more attractive.

You’ll need to use a contrasting color if you want to adopt this pattern to make the spruce pattern stand out.

Final Words About Geometric Room Paint Design

Do not let the funds you spend are not optimal with what you want, in the construction and decoration of the house, everything must be planned as well as possible.

Here, what I can share about geometric wall paint ideas for bedrooms that you can imitate to beautify your home. Hope it is useful.

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