7 Recommendations for Tile Coatings to Prevent House Leaks

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tile coatings to prevent house leaks

Appeared water seepage on the ceiling and even the walls in your house? Have checked the tile, but found no damage, no gaps, and neatly arranged. You need to know, there are many causes of leaks, one of the solutions you can do is use a waterproof tile coating. Check out the following recommendations!

Tile coatings are needed for alternative leak prevention in the new house that you will occupy, such as village house design and single floor house design in village, of course it is better to prevent than to cure, right! You can also apply the selection of tile coating recommendations when building a low budget simple two storey house design.

7 Recommendations for Tile Coatings So That the House Doesn’t Leak

The roof of the house is the most crucial component for the residence that GMB has. Without a roof, a residence cannot be said to be a house. The roof has a role to protect anyone inside the house from sunlight, rain, and pollution. The design of the roof of the house is made as functional as possible, therefore it has a slope with the aim that rainwater can flow down.

GMB need to know that we live in a country with a tropical climate. The tropical climate makes our country get high rainfall. When the rainfall soaks the roof, it will only then be discovered that our roof has flaws that cause leaks. Anyone will be inconvenienced when a leak occurs.

Leakage on the roof is a problem that homeowners always complain about, when rainfall is in a high state. Many things can cause your roof to leak, one of which is seepage that occurs can be caused by the entry of water into the pores of the tile or cracks in the tile. One solution that you can do is to coat the tile with a special tile coating so that it does not leak.

Here is a special tile coating so it doesn’t leak:

1. Waterproof Tile Coating

tile coatings to prevent house leaks

The first tile coating recommendation so as not to leak is waterproof. Coating the tile with waterproof can be one solution to overcome and prevent leaks in the roof tile of the house. This coating can hold water so that it does not seep and make water just pass by on your tile.

Waterproof coatings can help the tile from cracking by strengthening the texture of the tile using the waterproof layer. In addition, the use of waterproof will also protect your tile from the tile oxidation process caused by sunlight. When oxidation occurs, your tile will weaken and be prone to damage. Here is the function of waterproof coatings that will protect from sunlight.

You can apply waterproof coatings on roof tiles made of wood, asbestos, clay, and concrete.

2. Acrylic Resin Tile Coating

The next tile coating recommendation is the use of acrylic resin to coat your leaking tile. This resin will help hold the water content lowered by rain, so that the water does not penetrate the tile surface and cause leaks. Basically, this acrylic resin is made from rubber mixed with other chemical compounds which will form a strong roof coating resin that is resistant to weather changes in Indonesia.

The benefits that you will get besides preventing the roof from leaking from using acrylic resin are that the coating will be resistant to weathering and also resistant to mold growth. Your roof will be free from leaks caused by water seepage and puddles. You can use this coating on asbestos, clay, iron, and concrete tile materials.

3. Zinc Chromate Tile Coating Primer

tile coatings to prevent house leaks

The third recommendation to overcome your leaking tile is to use zinc chromate primer. Zinc chromate primer coatings are specialized for use on roof tiles made of metal or steel. By coating this type of leak prevention you can close the metal pores that cause leaks. Water will seep through these pores.

Utilization of zinc chromate primer in addition to helping keep the tile from leaking, this type of coating also maintains tile resistance from rust and corrosion. The coating is very good at dealing with tropical weather. Choose the color of the coating based on the recommended tile color match.

4. Solvent Based Tile Coating

The next recommendation in dealing with a leaking roof, it is recommended to use solvent based to coat the tile so that it is free from water seepage. As the name implies, solvent based, it means that to start the coating process, it must first be dissolved with a liquid. This aims to activate the tile protective compounds that are in this type of coating.

The liquid used to dissolve is thinner or kerosene. The results given when this layer is dry, your tile becomes shiny, very hard and sturdy, scratch resistant, and resistant to cold and hot weather changes.

5. Alkyd Synthetic Tile Coating

tile coatings to prevent house leaks

Recommendations for tile coatings so as not to leak in fifth place are alkyd synthetic. Alkyd synthetic coatings can coat roof tiles made of wood, iron, concrete, and clay from the possibility of leaking. This type of coating will produce a shiny color and has good resistance to weather changes in our country. In addition, by coating the tile with alkyd synthetic, it will maintain the durability of the original color of your tile.

In the preparation of roof tiles, calculations must be made of the exact roof tile needs of the house. This will maintain the density between tiles as much as possible.

6. Styrene Acrylic Tile Coating

The next recommendation to maintain the durability of your roof tile from leakage sources is the use of styrene acrylic coatings on the roof tile of the GMB house. The advantages of this coating are that it has good resistance to weather changes, is anti-mold, cannot be scratched, and has resistance from sunlight. GMB can apply this coating to asbestos and concrete roof tiles.

7. Tile Coating Waterproof Carpet

tile coatings to prevent house leaks

The last recommendation as a leak prevention tile coating is to apply a waterproof carpet to your home tile. This waterproof carpet will be installed at the bottom of your roof, so when there is water seepage through the tile, the seepage water does not directly hit the roof of the house. There are thicknesses on this carpet, the thicker the better the quality in preventing water, but the more expensive the price. Plus you need workers to install this waterproof carpet.

Those are some recommendations for tile coatings so that the house does not leak, pay attention to the cause of the leak and the tile material you use, GMB. Hopefully this article can be useful!


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