Get to know the Double Glass Window. Suitable For Modern Residential!

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double glass window

For some people calm is something that is needed. One part of tranquility is being free from disturbing noises when we rest in our homes.

If we have a dwelling such as an apartment, one of the consequences is the noise that can be heard from the corridor, next door neighbors or the sound outside the apartment which sometimes disturbs us while resting.

To create a soundproof room but light still enters, a soundproof window is needed, one solution you can use is double glass. Double glass itself is glass that is formed or combined by 2 glass panels with the creation of a space between the panels that has a thickness of several millimeters.

The space between the panels is airtight and has low humidity, so the installation of double glazing glass in a room causes the room to be soundproof and the room temperature can be well and stable.

In several areas or big cities themselves, there are already many residences such as apartments and office buildings that choose Double Glass. The reason is the high noise level which can reduce the comfort of the occupants. In addition, it turns out, double glass glass can also reduce the use of electrical energy.

This type of glass can receive maximum sunlight from outside, so it can minimize the use of electric lights. Then, the airtight cavity is effective at reducing heat from outside, which affects the use of air conditioning. You will always feel cool and comfortable, without losing sight of the scenery.

The same applies to the Kingland Avenue apartment which is one of the apartment dwellings with a loft concept in the Alam Sutera area. The developer Hong Kong Kingland presents an attractive residential concept for consumers, one of which is by choosing windows with a double glass concept.

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Kingland Avenue itself carries the theme of smart loft and living which brings luxury and elegance to every apartment dwelling, so the use of double glass can strengthen the aura of the beauty of the apartment so that there is an artistic meaning that can be generated from the selection of the type and model of glass for the apartment.

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