10 Artificial Turf Design Ideas For Home Interiors

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artificial turf design ideas

Artificial turf design ideas – You can enjoy the beauty of green grass not only on the outside. The interior of the house is also beautified with synthetic grass carpet.

Yep, how many home interior decorations use artificial grass. Not only does it create a beautiful and unique feel, the use of synthetic grass carpet is also preferred because it is more practical.

Artificial Turf Design Ideas

For those of you who want to bring a natural and fresh impression to your home, let’s take a peek at 10 home decorating ideas with the following artificial grass designs.

1. Beautiful nuances in the family room

artificial turf design ideas

Tired of using ordinary carpets in the living room? You can apply a synthetic grass carpet like the picture above.

Synthetic grass carpet will make the family room feel beautiful. Especially if the decoration is complemented by the addition of other green plants. The fresher!

2. Synthetic grass for room wall decoration

artificial turf design ideas

Apart from being a carpet, synthetic grass can also be applied as wallpaper on the walls of the room. This artificial grass decoration can change the feel of the living room to be more unique and not boring. See other articles: paint colors for hallways and stairs.

3. Children’s rooms are more fun with synthetic grass carpets

artificial turf design ideas

Artificial grass carpet in the room? That’s right! Synthetic grass carpet will bring a playful feel in a children’s room like the example above.

Synthetic grass rugs in children’s rooms create the impression of an outdoor playground. With a combination of other bright colors, the children’s room will look really fun!

4. Make the terrace of the house more cool

artificial turf design ideas

Like to relax on the terrace with family or friends? Apply artificial grass carpet on the terrace of the house that makes it more beautiful.

The green color of the grass that blends with the outside also makes the facade of the house look more beautiful and grabs attention. See other articles: simple modern houses.

5. A touch of natural nuance in a minimalist room design

artificial turf design ideas

Not only children’s rooms, you can also apply artificial grass carpets in your bedroom. Fake grass carpets make a minimalist room look comfortable with a touch of natural green.

6. Artificial grass backyard ideas

artificial grass backyard ideas

Don’t have vacant land, but want a beautiful feel in your backyard? You can really use a synthetic grass carpet like this!

Not only does it create a natural feel, synthetic grass rugs also make the backyard really cozy for various events. See other articles: simple home design.

7. A natural touch on the balcony of the house

artificial turf design ideas

For those of you who live in apartments or terraced houses, you can try this artificial grass application idea!

Install a synthetic grass carpet on the balcony of your home. Don’t forget to equip it with a chair or pillow to relax. Looks comfortable and aesthetic, right?

8. Unique vertical garden with artificial grass

artificial turf design ideas

Tired of the same old wall decorations? Apply a synthetic grass rug and voila! You have a unique vertical garden at home.

In addition to bringing a natural atmosphere, this artificial grass decoration also makes the feel of your home more fresh and unique. See other articles: beautiful houses images interior and exterior.

9. Natural nuanced bathroom with artificial grass wallpaper

artificial turf design ideas

Instead of on the floor, you can apply a synthetic grass carpet as wallpaper on the bathroom wall.

Artificial grass decorations also create a clean and neat impression in your bathroom. Looks comfortable and pleasing to the eye?

10. Bring a natural feel to the kitchen

artificial turf design ideas

Artificial grass carpet will create a fresh impression on your kitchen design. Not only as a sweetener, this carpet can also be a comfortable base if you want to eat on the floor with your family. Practical!

Well, that’s 10 home design ideas with artificial grass. The beautiful and cool nuance feels really good, right?

Come on, try to apply it to your dream home!


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