These 13 Multifunctional Furniture Ideas Are Perfect For Tiny Homes

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This multifunctional furniture can be your inspiration to complete your home decor.

The main problem if you have a small house is a very limited space. When you want to buy furniture, you must think, “Does this fit in the room?”

Even though the room is not too spacious, you can still have a collection of dream furniture. One way is to choose furniture that is multifunctional.

Multifunctional furniture can be turned into furniture with different functions. For example, there is a chair that can be converted into a ladder. By choosing multifunctional furniture, you can save space as well as costs.

Multifunctional Furniture Design Ideas Suitable for Small Rooms

What kind of multifunctional furniture, anyway, is suitable to be used as a complement to home decoration? For those of you who are looking for multifunctional furniture ideas, check out the article below!

1. Sofa as well as mattress

multifunctional furniture ideas

This multifunctional furniture is perfect for those of you who have limited space. In ‘normal’ circumstances this furniture looks like a sofa in the family room.

Once at night, you can turn the sofa into a bed. Unmitigated immediately became a bunk bed! So, you won’t be confused if suddenly friends or relatives come to stay.

2. Hidden drawers and table

multifunctional furniture ideas

Need a table but don’t have land? This problem can be solved if you have a drawer that can turn into a table. You just need to pull out the table hidden in the storage drawer.

In addition to storing things, this minimalist design drawer can also be a coffee table. Very practical!

3. Sofa or dining table? Just both!

multifunctional furniture ideas

This multifunctional furniture is the right choice for those of you who want to have a dining table but have limited space. Besides being used as a dining table, this furniture can also be transformed into a sofa to sit back and relax.

4. Versatile bench

multifunctional furniture ideas

This brown chair is not an ordinary chair. Besides being used as a seat, this versatile chair can also be converted into a ladder and a place to put displays. Very multipurpose isn’t it?

5. Glass as well as a secret storage area

multifunctional furniture ideas

Who doesn’t have a mirror at home? Definitely have it. How about you upgrade the mirror at home with a multifunctional mirror like the one above?

In addition to functioning as a mirror, this furniture can also be converted into a storage area. You can put a collection of accessories in the storage.

6. Tables and shelves

multifunctional furniture ideas

For a narrow house, you can choose multifunctional furniture such as the table above. This multipurpose table can be converted into a small staircase and also a storage area. This multifunctional table comes with a strong leg frame so you don’t have to worry about falling when climbing it.

7. A desk with many drawers

multifunctional furniture ideas

Have a lot of stuff, but no storage space? You can choose a table with many drawers like the picture above. Many drawers allow you to store various equipment.

You can use a large table surface as a work desk or study table. No need to be confused anymore, where to store things.

8. Hidden dining table

multifunctional furniture ideas
multifunctional furniture ideas

This wardrobe with a rustic design not only functions as a place to store cutlery but also has a hidden dining table. Very cool, right?

You only need to lower the folded part of the table and voila the dining table is immediately available.

9. Sofa as well as twin beds

multifunctional furniture ideas

multifunctional furniture ideas

This multifunctional furniture makes you have a double bed or twin bed in just 3 minutes. This sofa with a soft seat can be converted into a super comfortable bed.

The minimalist design is right for those of you who have a narrow room. If the mattress is not in use, just stack it.

10. Living room table with secret drawer

multifunctional furniture ideas

Surely you want to have multifunctional furniture? This table in the living room can be a choice for those of you who are looking for versatile furniture.

Not only used as an ordinary table, but this wooden table with a combination of glass also functions as storage.

Do you need an ergonomic work desk? Just lift one side of the table, and the laptop table is available to you in just seconds.

11. The bed as well as the work desk

multifunctional furniture ideas

Well, this multifunctional furniture can be a solution for a narrow room! This bunk bed is not an ordinary bed.

The upper part is used for sleeping while the lower part of the mattress serves as a place to study or work. In addition, you can also store a collection of books on the shelves provided.

The good thing is that the study table is made low so you can sit down. Learn to be more relaxed.

12. The desk drawer is combined with the work table

multifunctional furniture ideas

The white drawer above is not only used to store things. It looks simple, but you can turn it into a fancy workbench. How to change it is also not complicated. You have 2 in 1 aesthetic furniture.

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13. Dining table and billiard table

multifunctional furniture ideas

Do you like playing billiards, but don’t have a big enough room? Why not combine a dining table with a billiard table?

Besides being used as a dining table, multifunctional furniture like the picture above can also be converted into a billiard table. Cool, right? After finishing eating, you can immediately continue playing billiards.

Well, those are some multifunctional furniture ideas that you can choose as a complement to home decor. Not only has an aesthetic design, but can also be converted into other functions.


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