7 Minimalist Backyard Kitchen Design Ideas

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backyard kitchen design ideas

Making the kitchen an open concept room is an interesting idea.

Especially if in the open space, there is a backyard garden that is designed in such a way as to give a beautiful impression.

So, when you and your family do activities in the kitchen, you can still feel relieved and free thanks to the garden.

Interested in having an open concept kitchen? If so, check out some of the minimalist kitchen and backyard design ideas below!

Minimalist Kitchen and Backyard Garden Design with Swimming Pool

backyard kitchen design ideas

The minimalist element in this kitchen and garden can be seen from the simple shapes it carries, such as a rectangular table, a plain wall with a rectangular stripe motif, and chairs without backs.

The various shapes form a strong minimalist impression due to the selection of monochrome colors and designs that do not have many decorative elements.

Meanwhile, the swimming pool near the mini bar makes the kitchen area seem fresher.

Kitchen and Garden Design with Outdoor Table

backyard kitchen design ideas

This kitchen has an open garden space separated by sliding glass doors.

The kitchen counter is indoors and the dining table is outside, directly facing some trees and plants.

So, residents who want to have breakfast at the table can refresh their eyes and mind by looking at the green trees.

Kitchen Blends with Natural Minimalist Backyard Garden

backyard kitchen design ideas

The design of the kitchen and back garden of this minimalist house seems soothing because there are several natural elements, such as counters covered with natural stone and wood-patterned floors.

The colors chosen also tend to be simple and display a strong minimalist impression, namely gray and black.

Since the kitchen is actually located in the garden or outdoors, it means that residents can only use it when the weather is good.

This kitchen design example is the perfect space to enjoy tea and snacks with your beloved family.

Kitchen and Back Garden Design with Wooden Elements

backyard kitchen design ideas

Combining a minimalist design with wood-patterned materials is brilliant.

With this concept, the kitchen space and dining table will make anyone relax.

In the picture above, the kitchen is placed outside or in the garden.

The kitchen is suitable to be used as a place to have in-depth conversations with your partner or friends, while enjoying delicious dishes.

You can apply this kitchen design in Japanese concept housing, such as in Parkspring Gading.

Minimalist Backyard Garden and Kitchen Design with Long Table

backyard kitchen design ideas

If you have a large family of more than four people, placing a long table in the kitchen is a must.

That way, the backyard kitchen can be used as a place to hold events together.

To match the minimalist design, you can choose a light brown or beige table with wood motifs.

Then, don’t forget to make a wide sliding door as access to the garden.

Kitchen and Garden Design, Part of the Counter is Outside

backyard kitchen design ideas

The existence of a back garden near the kitchen can be an additional space that is multifunctional.

You can use the garden space to place a dining table, chairs, or part of the kitchen counter.

So, if you want to place kitchen equipment for BBQ purposes, you can place it in the back garden, as in the picture above.

That way, the smoke released from the BBQ process will not make the kitchen room stuffy.

Minimalist Kitchen and Back Garden Design with Gazebo

backyard kitchen design ideas

Although placed outdoors, some parts of the kitchen must still be protected from sunlight and rain.

The trick, you can place a gazebo or special roof to protect it.

As in the picture above, there is a kind of gazebo or special roof that is used to protect the dining table and some kitchen utensils.

That way, you can still relax while eating food even though the weather is raining.

From some examples of minimalist kitchen and backyard designs above, have you gotten inspiration?


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