10 Best Gaming Offline For iPhone, Many are Free!

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best gaming for iPhone

Are you out of range of a stable internet connection, but want to play a game? You can see the recommendations for the best free gaming for iPhone that you think are suitable for spending time.

Especially in times like now playing offline games can be an option for you to play on the recently launched iPhone.

Yup, you can play this iOS 2022 offline game very smoothly, because the specifications of the iPhone 12 are high enough to play even heavy iPhone offline games.

Currently, there are various genres of games that you can play on iPhone devices, such as the best FPS games, car racing games, or those who like to fight, you can try playing the best offline RPG games, and there are many other game genres that you can play.

Well, immediately the Gmboel.com team has prepared recommendations for the 10 best offline gaming for iPhone that you can play.

Best Gaming For iPhone

1. Dashero: Sword & Magic

best gaming for iPhone

The best offline iPhone game 2022 is Dashero: Sword & Magic. This game requires you to have an adventure using swords and magic to defeat the monsters and bosses. Not only that, you can get skills that you can get and combine them to get new skills.

Trefle & Co. The game has released this game on October 1, 2020. You can play this offline iPhone game for free. Dashero: Sword & Magic you can play anytime and anywhere.

2. Impossible Space Adventure

best gaming for iPhone

The next free iPhone offline game is Impossible Space Adventure which is an action shooter genre. You will adventure in space to become the strongest by completing stage by stage and getting new and more powerful weapons.

Impossible Space Adventure has been released on the App Store on September 29, 2020. This best free and offline iPhone game you can play while free at home or on the go.

3. Paladin’s Story: Fantasy RPG

best gaming for iPhone

As the best offline game for iOS, the rating for this game is quite high at 8.96 on Gamerscore. When playing Paladin’s Story: Fantasy RPG, you will be transported to the Middle Ages and must fight an army of monsters and complete the given missions.

This game made by Paul Buehler has a fairly clear tutorial for those of you who are still confused about this type of game plus gameplay that makes you not bored playing it.

4. Escape Zombies and Survive

best gaming for iPhone

Zombie apocalypse-themed games may be the favorite of many people. This simple free iPhone offline game requires you to survive the siege of zombies that have various shapes and sizes.

Escape Zombies and Survive has a look similar to Minecraft which makes this game familiar to you. Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard released this offline game for iPhone on August 18, 2020. See other articlesbest affordable gaming chairs for small person under $100.

5. Brawlhalla Mobile

best gaming for iPhone

The game that is being loved by mobile gamers is called Brawlhalla Mobile. You can play this game online or offline, for the offline mode you will fight against bots.

The best offline iOS 2022 game has graphics that are perfect for you to play on iPhone 12. For those of you who are new to this game, the tutorial really helps you understand what you should do next.

6. Oddmar

best gaming for iPhone

Still, lacking with the game above? Don’t worry, the next game is Oddmar, which is no less exciting than the other games. Usually, the Vikings are depicted as barbarian tribes but not in this game because you will play cute characters throughout this game.

Oddmar gives you many stages that you have to go through, in each stage you will find something new, starting with monsters and existing prizes. You can play this game on your iPhone or iPad.

7. Tiny Bubbles

best gaming for iPhone

Tiny Bubbles is suitable for those of you who are looking for an offline iPhone 2022 game with the puzzle genre. You have to make four or more colored bubbles to break them.

This game has stages with different levels of difficulty. You can play this game with friends or family to measure who is better among you.

8. Part Time UFO

best gaming for iPhone

This offline iOS game made by HAL Laboratory has fun gameplay and audio. You will become a UFO helping someone from a farmer, a cheerleader, to even making dessert at a restaurant.

Part-Time Ufo has a fairly high rating of 9.57 on Gamerscore and you can already play it because it’s been on the App Store since February 26, 2018. See other articlesJBL QUANTUM 50 review.

9. Stardew Valley

best gaming for iPhone

Harvest Moon game fans who want to reminisce can try the Stardew Valley game. Those of you who are bored with city life are required to become farmers in this free iPhone offline game.

You can be creative when you create your main character and farm name. You can play Stardew Valley offline or online with your friends or family.

10. Rush Rally 3

best gaming for iPhone

The last iPhone offline game is Rush Rally 3. This racing game has good graphics and a row of cool cars. You will start your racing career from the lowest level to the highest level.

Brownmonster.co.uk released the game on March 27, 2019, and it’s already available on the App Store. You can play this game on your iPhone 12 and iPad against bots to reach the highest level.

Well, that was the Best Offline Gaming For iPhone that we recommend for you to try playing. All of these games are fun, and you can try playing alone or with friends. Good luck!


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