6 Best Music App For iPhone Offline Free

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best music app for iphone offline free

Are you looking for recommendations for the best music app for iPhone offline free with the best features? Well, if so, here you can find the best application recommendations.

As is known, the iPhone is a high-end smartphone with a myriad of advantages. One of them is a speaker with clear quality, as well as a default iPhone headset that will spoil you when listening to a variety of your favorite music.

It’s just that, to get a more pleasant impression, you can use a music application, especially the offline version, which doesn’t need data to the stream.

So, what are the iPhone offline music applications that can be used as an option to play your favorite music? Check out the reviews!

Selection of the Best Offline Music Applications for iPhone

Talking about offline music applications for the iPhone, there are quite a number of applications available in the App Store that can be used as an option. Here are some of the best iPhone offline music apps that you can choose from:

1. Music DL

best music app for iphone offline free: music dl

Music DL is one of the most popular music applications for the iPhone. Here, you can search for songs according to your wishes through the available search field. Not only that, the search will be even easier along with the category of music genres.

Now, with the category feature, of course, you can search for any type of music, even those that are currently trending. Also, DL music comes with a fairly simple interface that makes it very easy to operate.

Unfortunately, this application has advertisements that often appear and are sometimes quite annoying.

2. Music Cloud

best music app for iphone offline free: music cloud

Another iPhone music application option that is no less interesting is MUSIC CLOUD. This is an application that is quite fun to use. The reason is, MUSIC CLOUD has quite a lot of music databases and you can listen to your heart’s content. Not only that but MUSIC CLOUD can also be obtained for free.

When using this application, you can apply both offline and online options. Of course, to update the music database and add a collection of songs, you need to download the song first before listening to it offline.

However, you don’t need to worry while streaming on this app. The reason is, MUSIC CLOUD doesn’t drain too much internet data for each song to be downloaded. Also, this application provides songs legally so they won’t harm anyone.

3. Freegal Music

best music app for iphone offline free: freegal music

Freegal Music can also be an interesting offline music player application on iPhone devices. It can be said that this application is quite recommended because it has a large database of songs. Not only that, but by using this application, you can also listen to songs for free.

Another unique thing about this application is that there is a feature to find out which songs are trending. With this feature, you will later get information about the 10 most trending songs that are currently being listened to. So for sure, you won’t be left behind with new songs that are currently hit.

Also, when you play a song using the Freegal Music application, you will see a cover of the song on the screen. Indeed, this is quite trivial but quite impressive. Moreover, the interface of this application is also attractive.

4. SoundCloud

best music app for iphone offline free: soundcloud

Who is not familiar with this application?

It can be said that SoundCloud is one of the music player applications for the iPhone that is worth considering. The reason is, this application has a very impressive interface and will certainly provide satisfaction for everyone who uses it.

Not only that, but SoundCloud also has quite complete features. Apart from the song search feature, you will also find a category feature to group songs according to the genre so you can listen to them more easily.

Well, SoundCloud provides songs with special quality legally. Of course, with special quality, you will get clear songs every time you play them.


best music app for iphone offline free: joox

JOOX is also a highly recommended iPhone song player application. This application can be used online or offline. There’s a download option so you can listen to it offline later. Of course, this application is available on the iOS platform for free with a purchase option.

What’s interesting about JOOX is the songs that are always updated. In fact, many people say that JOOX is an application that constantly updates songs so that listeners don’t miss songs that are currently hit.

Besides that, JOOX is also very attractive with a screen display that tends to be fresh and attractive. Many features are available including the separation of songs between songs from within the country or abroad.

6. Spotify

best music app for iphone offline free: spotify

You are certainly familiar with Spotify? This versatile application can indeed be the right choice for listening to various songs via the iPhone. Indeed, Spotify provides a streaming option which means it is used online. However, when you download the song, you can listen to it offline.

One interesting thing about Spotify is its complete features. You will be spoiled with the ease of searching for songs, classification of songs, and more. Not only that, but this application also comes with a very impressive appearance so you will never get bored using it later.

Some of the applications above can be used as the right choice for listening to songs on the iPhone without the need for an internet network. Of course, there are many other similar applications available. However, the six applications above can be used as options that should be considered.

Interestingly, the six applications above also come with an online version that offers a more complete collection of songs, as well as more interesting features, and of course ad-free.

Can the song player application be used to listen to podcasts too?

Yes, several applications including Spotify provide podcast features that can be listened to. In general, these podcasts can listen to online mode. However, if you download the podcasts you want to listen to, you can later listen to them offline any time you want.

Does the application support playing songs using portable speakers?

In general, yes. You can listen to songs from these various applications by connecting the device to the desired portable speaker to get a louder and clearer sound effect. In this case, you can use a Bluetooth connection or use a cable.

Does the iPhone have a built-in music player?

Of course, they have. There is a built-in application that can be used to play songs offline, especially songs that are already stored on the device’s internal memory. It’s just that, in general, these players have limited features. For example, you cannot search for songs using the default application.

Is it safe to use a modified version of the song player application?

Depends. The modified version of the song player application does offer complete features, even without ads. It’s just that the mod version of the application cannot be updated. It could be that the application is still safe, but it is not a legal application.


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