Used Bottle Caps Can Also Be Home Decorations! Here’s an example

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bottle cap home decor

bottle cap home decor – Bottle caps are always considered as garbage that will be thrown away immediately after being opened from the bottle. In fact, if you look deeper, the garbage actually has interesting shapes and details, especially if it is converted into an item or home decoration that has value. Unfortunately there are still many people who do not realize this.

Are you one of those people who are aware of it and are interested in equipping your home with some of these decorations? Here we present inspiration for home decoration from interesting used bottle caps.

bottle cap home decor

Wind Chimes

bottle cap home decor

Wind chime hangers or better known as wind chime are usually made of bamboo or aluminum in a cylindrical shape. When the wind blows, the bells will sway and then make a melodious sound.

You can also use used metal bottle caps to replace the two materials. The result is very interesting. Put this wind chime decoration made from bottle caps on the back porch of the house, so the area will look more alive and beautiful. You can also see our other articles : simple houses.


bottle cap home decor

Simple, unique, and also environmentally friendly. That’s what people will think when they see this one glass base. This base made of bottle caps will certainly give a homemade feel to your dining table or corners of your dining room. Don’t like the picture on the surface of the bottle cap? Take it easy, just overwrite the part with acrylic paint that is strong and easy to dry. You can also see our other articles : nautical bed covers.

Candle holder

bottle cap home decor

When you open bottles of soda, soy sauce, sauces, etc., it’s a good idea to collect them in a container first. Who knows, sometimes you find a brilliant idea to turn it into an item or decoration that has a high use value. One of them is a small and cute candle holder like the picture above.

Those of you who like to do DIY activities can practice this at home. The method is very easy, just melt the wax and pour it on the bottle caps that you have collected. If you are happy with aromatherapy candles, you can simply drop the essential oil into the liquid wax. You can also see our other articles : well house design.

Fridge Magnets

bottle cap home decor

This one decoration is often sold in craft or knick-knacks shops. Usually the logos displayed are famous soda brands or bottle caps that are rarely found in Indonesia. Making this decoration is no less beautiful than making bottle cap candles. Simply clean the bottle caps that have been collected and then stick a small magnet behind the surface using super glue. You can also see our other articles : girly lamp shades.

Artificial Flowers

bottle cap home decor

In addition to real flowers and plants, there’s nothing wrong with decorating the yard with artificial flowers made from used goods. One of them is by utilizing waste bottle caps at home. This decoration is certainly very suitable for those of you who live in barren lands that are difficult to cultivate.

To make it, put them together and then glue seven bottle caps using hot glue. After drying, stick the flower-shaped bottle cap on a piece of bamboo, then plug it in the part of the garden you want. It’s easy isn’t it? You can also see our other articles : wall colors for black furniture.

Wall clock

bottle cap home decor

Want an attractive but also efficient decoration to decorate a minimalist home? The answer is a wall clock with a unique look. You can make this wall clock decoration with bottle cap accents yourself with a simple board and clock mechanics. It is so easy to make, this wall clock is also produced by many people with contemporary modifications. You can also see our other articles : kids carriage bed.

Mirror Decoration

bottle cap home decor

Often we are confused with items at home that look boring. One of them is a mirror whose frame is damaged or ugly. You can replace this part by using used bottle caps and attractive colors. Stick the bottle cap around the mirror and you will get a cheap new decoration. You can also see our other articles : modern pillars design.

Mosaic Table

bottle cap home decor

Quite a lot of people turned out to be enthusiastic about the decorations from these used bottle caps. There are even people who really intend to decorate a coffee table or other table with bottle caps that have been collected for several years. To make the decoration last longer, after the arrangement process according to the desired motif, they pour resin liquid on it. The results are amazing too! You can also see our other articles : rose gold wall paint.

Wall Display

bottle cap home decor

This wall display is formed by using flattened iron bottle cap material. The selection technique is not too difficult, you just need to open the edges that close with pliers and then tap with a steel hammer. The shape is interesting too. You can also see our other articles : cow pictures for kids.

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