Unique And Beautiful! Best Bathtub Design Ideas

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best bathtub design ideas

best bathtub design – Currently, there are many bathrooms that use bathtubs. Do you also use it at home? What does it look like? If the shape is still common, you must see the various forms of bathtubs in this article!

The development of the design was also felt in the bathtub. The shape of the bathtub that is designed to give the impression of a modern bath is also being developed, so that there are more and more unique shapes. Curious as to what? Come on, let’s see together!

best bathtub design ideas

1. Transparent Bathtub

best bathtub design ideas

Have you ever imagined bathing in a transparent bathtub? Wow, how do you feel? A bathtub with a transparent model will be very suitable if applied in a bathroom that has a classic modern design.

Its transparent shape can make your bathroom look more luxurious. The design of this bathtub also varies, some are fully transparent and some are partially transparent. You can also see our other articles : colour combination for house exterior painting.

2. Japanese Bathtub

best bathtub design ideas

As the name implies, this bathtub has a distinctive character from the land of Sakura. For those of you who want to get an atmosphere of soaking like in a Japanese bath, this bathtub design is very suitable to be applied.

Yes, the Japanese bathtub design is certainly equipped with wood material on the sides. To present a thick Japanese feel, you also have to balance it by applying Japanese decorations in various corners of the bathroom, such as storing some aromatherapy candles.

3. Stone Bathtub

best bathtub design ideas

If previously Japanese bathtubs were made of wood, now there are bathtubs made of stone. The stone used is of course natural stone that has been made in such a way, so that the shape looks beautiful and comfortable to use.

The supporting materials for this stone bathtub are stone and wood. These two materials will certainly be very suitable if applied around the bathroom. You don’t have to choose one, you can use both. You can also see our other articles : bathroom color design pictures.

4. Floating Bathtub

best bathtub design ideas

When you only hear the name, you may feel confused. Yes, according to the name and picture shown, this bathtub is designed to stick to the bathroom wall without touching the floor.

This bathtub design will be very suitable if applied to a minimalist concept bathroom that is not too broad. Your bathroom has these characteristics? Then, just apply this floating bathtub design!

5. Bathtub Shower

best bathtub design ideas

Have you seen the picture? Unique isn’t it? This bathtub design is indeed made to give the sensation of bathing in a bathtub, but you can feel the splash of water from the shower. You will feel like bathing in the rain.

You can adjust the shape of the bathtub itself to the design of the bathroom. Despite using the usual form, the shower on the ceiling makes the bathtub look more unique. Don’t forget to make the shower water controller close to the bathtub so that the water is easier to control without having to leave the tub. You can also see our other articles : scandinavian home exterior.

Unique right? Not only unique, the bathtub above will give a different sensation when you take a shower. If you are more interested in applying which bathtub design? Or maybe you have a more unique bathtub design?


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