7 Unique Window Designs That Make Your Home Look Beautiful

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unique window designs

Did you realize that a window can make a house look different? Well, you should apply a unique window design so that the house looks beautiful and different from the house in general. Here are some window designs that can be your inspiration:

unique window designs

1. Angled Window

unique window designs

This window model was very popular in the 1950s. The angled window design will be very suitable if applied to a modern and contemporary style house. Where is this window suitable to be applied? You can install it in the connected bedroom space. If you want to be seen from the outside, you can also install this window outdoors at an angle.

2. Low Hopper Window

unique window designs

You want to have a house with great air circulation? It seems that the low hopper model window is the solution. This is of course supported by the additional window at the bottom. This window design will be more suitable if applied to a traditional-style house or a bungalow concept. You can also see our other articles : pictures of beautiful houses.

3. Pivoting window

unique window designs

Ever heard of his name? Maybe you know the shape, but have never heard of the name. The pivoting window is known as the rotating window. The design itself has a pivot in the middle, so you have to push on one side when you want to open it. The pivoting window design is perfect for all types of homes, but these windows will take up a lot of space.

4. Bifold window

unique window designs

Well, this one window design will be perfect for those of you who want to have a wide window that can be opened and closed at any time. How to close it is also unique, you only need to fold the parts of this window. The simple shape makes the bifold window very suitable to be applied in various types of homes. You can also see our other articles : different room aesthetics.

5. Vertical Window

unique window designs

As the name implies, vertical windows have a very high panel design. The sides are also equipped with wood material. Looking at its size, this one window will be suitable for those of you who have a house with very high ceilings. Yes, vertical windows are very suitable when applied to contemporary, modern, rustic, and bungalow style homes.

6. French windows

unique window designs

Confused about applying the right window design? Maybe this french window design would be suitable if it was in your home. French windows have their own characteristics that can be seen from their high shape, almost the size of a door. This window can also be swung to the front and back. This is of course supported by its design which does not use a two-door window crank mechanism. You can also see our other articles : low budget modern 3 bedroom house design.

7. Window with Garden

unique window designs

Especially for those of you who like the feel of nature. What shape do you imagine? A window with a garden concept is usually equipped with an elongated box on the front. This box will later be filled with various types of flower plants that can enhance the appearance of the window. The house style that is suitable for applying this window design is a house with a contemporary, modern, and urban style.

Well, that’s a unique window design that can make your home look more beautiful and attractive. If you are, which window design will you apply?


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