7 Best Neutral Nursery Paint Colors

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There are already studies that show the relationship between color and human psychology. Not only adults, children and babies can be stimulated with color. One easy application is to choose the right paint color for the walls of your little one’s room.

Below are some recommendations for the best neutral nursery paint colors that you can try. What colors are there? Come on, let’s go straight to the review!

best neutral nursery paint colors pictures

1. Soft blue

best neutral nursery paint colors

Blue is often reminiscent of the beauty of the ocean or a cloudless sky. That’s why this color is often associated with calm which can have an effect on the body and mind.

Exposure to blue is known to help lower blood pressure and heart rate. In fact, blue can also reduce anxiety and aggression, which is perfect for a nursery or toddler.

You can choose blue with a soft and calming shade. Brighter shades will stimulate your little one to sleep more soundly. See other articles: study room decoration ideas.

2. Mild green

best neutral nursery paint colors

Always associated with nature, green has an effect that can make us feel calm and grow positively. Green is often associated with health, healing, and well-being. In addition to reducing anxiety, this color improves concentration.

For a baby’s room, green with light or medium shades can be the perfect choice. Some of the best muted greens that can soothe your little one are sage, moss, blue greens, and mint. See other articles: 2nd floor house front design ( simple).

3. Pale purple

best neutral nursery paint colors

Pale purple is a combination of soft blue and a feminine touch of pink. Purple is often associated with wisdom and spirituality. Lavender purple or lilac with a palette of shades, can provide a calm and soft atmosphere for a baby’s room.

Remember that purple almost always looks darker on the walls of a bedroom than it actually does! Therefore, choose a purple color that is one shade lighter than the color you originally wanted. See other articles: modern two storey house design.

4. Pastel pink

best neutral nursery paint colors

Pink often represents love and compassion. That is why it is one of the most appropriate colors for a nursery.

Pink can help your little one feel relaxed, especially because this color encourages feelings of warmth and comfort. For the shade itself, you can try applying pink with a paler shade like peach or pastel. See other articles: normal house front elevation designs.

5. Earthy neutral color (soft brown, beige)

best neutral nursery paint colors

Neutral colors here can create a warm and comfortable earthy effect in your little one’s room. Earthy neutral colors such as beige or soft brown, can help give your little one a break from contrasting colors that stimulate the brain.

Another thing that is not less important is that this color can make your baby fall asleep faster. See other articles: unusual floor lamps.

6. Soft white

best neutral nursery paint colors

If you want the nursery to exude an innocent, sweet, and peaceful aura, then soft white can be an option. So that the room does not feel ‘cold’, then choose a white color with a creamier shade.

Some examples that you can use are soft ivory white or antique white. You can also add some furniture that has a down-to-earth effect, such as wood or brown wicker. See other articles: wooden house plans.

7. Light gray

best neutral nursery paint colors

The color gray is usually associated with emotions and thoughts about yourself. Especially light gray, which is known to be calming and at the same time classified as a contemplative color.

To avoid a sad and gloomy impression in your little one’s room, choose gray with a lighter shade! You can try applying a light gray or blue-gray color. See other articles: small coffee shop design.

Those were the seven recommendations for the best neutral nursery paint colors that you can try. In your opinion, which color interests you the most?


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