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Scandinavian houses projects – One of the first questions that arises when you think about building a house – what will it be? After all, I want the house to be not only beautiful, but also cozy, comfortable for living. You can also read other articles: Scandinavian Balcony Ideas.

Most likely, you will first try to draw your “ideal layout” yourself. But I am more than sure that you will very quickly face a number of difficulties – how to “shove in something that is not crammed in”, how to arrange windows, doors … to do everything so that it is both comfortable and beautiful, and nothing superfluous.

It is no coincidence that people learn to be architects and designers. Everything is not as simple as it seems. Therefore, in my opinion, the best way is to search for a “donor”, ​​a ready-made house project that will best suit your desires and requirements. You can also read other articles: scandinavian barn house plans.

You will type in Yandex or Google something like “ready-made projects” or “standard projects” and you will consider many domestic projects. Perhaps you will find something, or perhaps you will be disappointed.

Why are Scandinavian projects better than Russian ones?

In short, Scandinavian houses are much more thought out, rational and comfortable to live in than the vast majority of domestic ones.

Russian projects are very specific. We do not have much experience in designing private houses. Country houses have always been built “with their own mind”, without “amenities” and other bourgeois excesses, and professional designers and architects were taught to build large buildings and apartment buildings. You can also read other articles: Scandinavian Style Balcony.

Hence the specificity of domestic projects – the bet on a catchy appearance, despite the fact that the internal layouts are often not thought out and are made according to the “apartment” model, which does not take into account the specifics of a country house and living in it.

The space is not used efficiently, there are no extremely useful (and often necessary) utility rooms, etc. But there are many useless halls and corridors. That gobble up the space that you will pay for when building. You can also read other articles: scandinavian homes exterior.

But behind spectacular facades, this is often not noticeable. Understanding comes later, when the house is built, the money is spent, and you understand what should have been done differently.

Once I came across a project of a house of 250 sq m, of which, upon closer examination, about 100m2 were halls and corridors. That is, in fact, wasted space. But if a more rational approach to the use of space, then instead of a house of 250 m2, it was quite possible to build a house of 180 m2 – with the same set and area of ​​premises that carry some kind of useful function. But in order to make the layout rational, you need to strain your brain very much. It is much easier to increase the area and stick in a couple of corridors. After all, it is not the designer who will pay for these square meters during construction. You can also read other articles: Scandinavian style in the interior of a country house.

Therefore, in my opinion, it is more correct to turn to foreign experience. And first of all to the experience of northern Europe and Scandinavia.

Why exactly are they?

Because in these countries they know how to count money, they love comfort, but at the same time they do not like to spend too much. The layouts of Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish houses are extremely well thought out. And the climate and the associated features of the houses are closer to ours than, say, Spanish or Polish houses.

The whole space is used very rationally. Appearance, layouts – everything is balanced. You can also read other articles: Types of risks in construction projects.

Can I make my own changes to the Scandinavian project?

You can, but very carefully. Again, most of the Scandinavian projects are already thought out to the smallest detail. Therefore, an attempt to self-“redevelop” or change one to another, can lead to the fact that you end up with a completely different house. And it’s not a fact that it will be as comfortable and beautiful as in the original picture.

Therefore, ideally, you need to look for a project that suits you with minimal changes. Or it is very good to be aware of what you are doing and how it will look in reality. You can also read other articles:  How to Soundproof Your House.

Let me give you a small example. Below in the photo is the “donor” and its implementation with some facade changes.

Scandinavian houses projects
Initial appearance
Scandinavian houses projects
We removed wide white decorative elements, decorative glazing, and replaced the board with siding.

It would seem nothing at all. The windows without “glass-covered” facade boarding were replaced with siding, wide white decorative elements were removed, the porch was slightly reduced. Like little things. But in the end it turned out to be a different house. Not bad – but just that different. Not the same as in the picture. You can also read other articles: Shelving ideas DIY.

Where can I find a Finnish or Scandinavian house project?

There are only two options

Option one – found in Scandinavia

In Finland and Scandinavia, standard construction is very common, which is carried out by both small firms and large concerns. Such firms usually have catalogs of manufactured houses.

Actually, your task is to study the sites of these companies, see what they offer and choose a Scandinavian or Finnish house project for subsequent implementation. Although, to be honest, it cannot be called a project. Rather, it is the appearance and layout from which you can push off. Since it is quite problematic to buy a ready-made project with all the documentation abroad. But having in hand sketches – the layout and appearance of the house, it is already possible to make a “replica” of this house. You can also read other articles: Indoor ornamental plants.

Not all sites have Russian or English versions. Moreover, such a version may be “shortened”, therefore, for completeness of information, it is better to look at the original site.

To make it easier to navigate the sites, you can use Google’s automatic translator ( – just type the site address into the translation field.

Or use the tips below.

Option two – look at the Finnish house

We went to this for a long time and finally made  our catalog of Scandinavian and Finnish house projects. Faced with the fact that we were looking for a suitable project on several dozen foreign sites, which, moreover, are constantly changing, we gradually began to drag projects from Scandinavian sites to our place. And now there are more than 2500 Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish houses on the Finnish house, with a convenient search according to the main criteria. By the way, when viewing a project in our catalog – pay attention to the “description” tab, there is useful information and a link to the original project. You can also read other articles: Small Garden Inspirations.

Here are quick links to samples of the most popular queries.

  • Finnish frame house projects
  • Norwegian frame house projects
  • Swedish frame house projects
  • Finnish house projects with a sauna – what is a Finnish house without a sauna?
  • projects of Finnish houses with a garage – after creating a catalog, I was surprised to find that Finns have a lot of such projects
  • projects of Finnish houses up to 100m2 – small houses have their own charm, except for one, they are expensive to build
  • projects of Finnish houses made of laminated veneer lumber – by the way, such a house can always be made in a frame version 😉 

Didn’t find your option – try searching in the catalog itself using the search form in the sidebar. 

If you like to work with primary sources, then you will find links to Finnish and Scandinavian sites that served as a source of projects for our catalog. You can also read other articles: intricacies of building structures

Finnish house projects

Scandinavian houses projects

Everything related to houses in Finnish has the root talo – which is noticeable even from the names of the companies. For example Omatalo is one of the largest concerns in Finland and Scandinavia.

Accordingly, on sites look for sections in one way or another related to talo – usually the directory is hidden under the word talot (houses), talomallistomme, talopaketit, etc. as well as mallistot (collections). Hints: kerros – number of storeys, Huoneistoala – living area, Kerrosala – total area.

I specifically give links not only to the pages directly with the catalog, but also to the “main” pages of the companies, since over time, the site may be redone, and the address of the page with the catalog will change. You can also read other articles: Interior design trends.

And it doesn’t matter whether the company builds houses from laminated veneer lumber or frame houses, any project can be adapted to frame technology.

Source: https://xn--d1ahabdeeoeo2a7a.xn--p1ai/skandinavskie-doma-finskie-shvedskie-norvezhskie-proekty/

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