Orange Colour Combination Living Room

Although the orange colour combination living room is still rarely used, if it is combined with the right composition, it will make the residence the center of attention.

orange colour combination living room

The orange color combination living room has not been widely used by most people, because it is considered too flashy and unusual.

However, along with the development of interior art, this orange accent color is getting more and more interested in the market.

This is because this color accent turns out to be after being combined with other colors, giving birth to a new design form that seems unique, trendy, and also contemporary.

So that in recent years, more and more people are choosing orange color combination living rooms for their homes.

Orange Colour Combination for Living Room

Orange is a color concept that can attract the attention of many people because this color creates fairly high contrast.

Usually, this color tends to be used by people who have extroverted characters and who have high courage.

Then, what happens if this orange color is used as a living room interior design? Here are some compilations of orange color combinations.

1. Combination of Orange and Gray

orange colour combination living room

These two colors have the same strong color texture, between dark and light concepts.

But if combined will produce a very fitting color composition.

You can combine dark orange with gray.

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2. Combination of Orange and Green

orange colour combination living room

An orange color combination for the living room combined with green will produce quite colorful color accents.

The living room will look more cheerful and make the mood happier.

Both of these colors have a soft texture, so they are perfect for mixing living room colors.

You can also use this orange color as the main color, and green as a secondary color or the color of home furniture.

With a combination of these two colors, your living room will feel more fun with a pretty slick color combination.

As a complement, you can also add other colors, for example, light brown for the table to make it look more perfect.

3. Combination of Orange and Blue

orange colour combination living room

This color combination will produce a color that is quite unique. With the combination of these two colors, you can produce 2 characters of masculine and feminine colors.

Depending on the composition of the color you want to highlight. 

To produce a feminine character, you can make orange the main theme of the living room, with a little addition of a touch of blue to the existing furniture, for example on a sofa or chair.

Meanwhile, to produce a masculine character, you can do the opposite, making blue the main color and a touch of orange access on some of the existing furniture.

4. Combination of Orange and Peach

orange colour combination living room

For those of you who don’t know, peach color is a color derived from orange combined with pink.

This color is perfect for presenting a feminine impression.

Orange color combination living room combined with peach color will produce an aesthetically feminine color.

The living room will seem softer, clean, and beautiful. Making peach color as a gradient color will also add to the beauty of the living room which will give a unique and beautiful impression.

5. Combination of Orange and Brown

orange colour combination living room

If you don’t want to be weird with various color combinations, then the safest thing is to play with orange and brown color combinations.

This color combination is quite simple, but the result can give a fairly elegant impression with a minimalist concept.

Those are some orange color combination living rooms that will make your home more aesthetic and cheerful. You can choose the color combination that best suits your taste.