Office Table for Small Space

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office table for small space – Information technology is increasingly being adapted, making today’s definition of an office unclear. The reason is, the application of technology “allows” employees not to have to work in the office. Houses or apartments can now be used as a place to work.

Creating a workspace if the house is large enough isn’t a problem. So what if the house or apartment is small with limited space?

The desk is the key! The form of a multifunctional work desk and its placement in a narrow room can make your work comfortable.

Here are some forms of work desks that you can use as inspiration:

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Wheeled Workbench

office table for small space

This workbench has several “layers” like a matrioska, where a small table can be inserted into a larger table. Thus, when not in use, this workbench does not take up much space. See other articles: 2bhk flat design.

Workbench from the Drawer

office table for small space

This legless workbench is actually a wall-mounted drawer. When not used for work, this table can be used like a credenza or a display case. See other articles: orange two colour combination for bedroom walls.

Shelf Used as a Workbench

office table for small space

Shelves can also be transformed into a work desk. In addition to working using a laptop, this table functions as a shelf to store displays, books, or photos. See other articles: 2nd floor house front design.

Workbench from the Stairs

office table for small space

The ladder can also be used as a small work table. Just add a board as a table and chair base, you can work quite comfortably. See other articles: beautiful house images.

Folding Workbench

office table for small space

This workbench is affixed to the wall. Before use, this workbench looks like a storage cabinet. However, when opened, the cupboard door can be used as a work desk. See other articles: outside colour of indian house.

Standing Desk

office table for small space

If you are someone who can work while standing, there is nothing wrong with choosing a standing desk. Its compact form makes a small room not feel cramped. See other articles: small office furniture ideas.

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