Decorative Rope Ideas, Suitable For Any Home Design Concept

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decorative rope ideas

decorative rope ideas – The rope that is often seen on the pier or beach side can be an interesting accessory and decoration for the house! The unique texture and rustic impression make this mine-based decoration very suitable to be paired with any design concept. Here are some decorative rope ideas that can be used as an option to beautify your home.

decorative rope ideas

Towel hanger

decorative rope ideas

One of the interesting things about the decoration of this rope is that it can be placed anywhere, including the bathroom. Towel hangers or hand washcloths like the picture above look simple, attractive, and also beautiful. The decor is perfect for giving a nautical or beach house feel.

Hanging Mirror

decorative rope ideas

In addition to a towel hanger, you can also use a rope as a tool to hang a mirror in the bathroom. Only by using one decoration, you can create and strengthen two design concepts in your bathroom, vintage rustic and also colorful nautical. Very interesting!

Sitting Lamp

decorative rope ideas

If you have a sitting lamp that already looks ugly in the body, use a small rope to cover it. Roll the string all over the body of the lamp, starting at the very bottom. Do not forget to glue it with glue first.

Not only sitting lights, you can also bring lights that seem as if they are in a mine. At the same time, this lamp presents a simple yet very bold impression. You can also see our other articles : small coffee shop design.

Flower vase

decorative rope ideas

Another uniqueness of this material as a home decoration is that it is very easy to use. Use the rope you already have to rub up on used items like broken glass vases or milk tin containers. The method is very easy, just simply wrap the whole part with a rope and then glue it with glue. Once finished, use the object to place your favorite flowers and ornamental plants.

Stationery Case

decorative rope ideas

Similar to a DIY flower vase project with string, you can also make a container or basket for storing pencils. Use a white decorative rope that you can buy at a craft supply store.

Magazine Place

decorative rope ideas

The appearance of today’s magazines is very interesting. That’s why you can display it either on a shelf or hanging from a rope like this picture. This unique way of displaying magazines can also make it easier to find your favorite magazines. You can also see our other articles : finnish interior design.


decorative rope ideas

In addition to bottles, can containers, sitting lamp bodies, you can also use ropes to enhance the appearance of this type of stool. No need to go far and spend a lot of money to buy because you can make it yourself. You can complete this DIY project in just a matter of hours. Just look at the results, very cheerful and interesting.


decorative rope ideas

The appearance of your home will certainly look very unique and attractive with this rope room partition. You can see an example in the image above. It appears that the construction of this partition is very simple. You can place this rope partition anywhere, either between the dining room and the kitchen or between the bedroom and wardrobe space.

Terrace Chair

decorative rope ideas

Not only small objects, ropes can also be used to hang objects that are quite heavy like this one sofa. To bring a relaxed and comfortable feel on the back porch, applying this idea is very interesting! Guaranteed, you and your family will be more comfortable spending time together there. You can also see our other articles : minimalist house plans.

One more plus point for decorations made of rope, the appearance obtained is very timeless and not boring. Interested in having it? 

That’s the article on decorative rope ideas, hopefully it will be useful.

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