Low Cost Coffee Shop Design for Small Space

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Want to have a minimalist cafe? Follow these 8 low-cost coffee shop design tips for small spaces.

low cost coffee shop design for small space

Over the past five years, there has been a global trend of the emergence of small coffee shops. A good trend, as small locally-owned coffee shops tend to have their own closeness to potential customers, as well as to those who want to support small local businesses. It doesn’t even dampen the enthusiasm of the easy people to start this business on a small scale by opening a small coffee shop.

Talking about coffee shops, today’s generation is an observer of detail and aesthetics who represents a thing. For example, interior and exterior, logo selection, to taste.

Before you start a business to build a cafe, it’s a good idea to read 8 tips on low-cost coffee shop design tips for small spaces, which you need to pay attention to. Listen, yes!

Low-cost coffee shop design tips for small spaces

1. Less is more

low cost coffee shop design for small space

This is a very general concept that should be applied to all aspects of design, especially if we are talking about small cafe designs. The interior of a small cafe is basically minimalist due to the lack of space availability. Therefore, you can’t put too many things in, but you have to make the best use of the space.

2. Minimalist outdoor signage

low cost coffee shop design for small space

If you see how modern signage or signage is minimalist, in cafes and small boutiques around the world, the same is true for small coffee shops.

In our opinion, even large cafes should apply design principles as if they were designing a small coffee shop and keep the signage very small and minimal. It denotes simplicity, cleanliness, and practicality.

3. Minimalist menu board

low cost coffee shop design for small space

Following a similar trend, this also applies to the display of the menu board in the room. This simple format display can also be achieved through the medium of a whiteboard or sticker.

The goal? So that visitors can feel calm and comfortable when reading the displayed menu, without any diffraction.

4. Extra window for takeaway orders.

low cost coffee shop design for small space

low cost coffee shop design for small space

Small coffee shop design deals with the best use of space, is to have a window in the wall next to the cashier, where people can order from outside. So consumers can order coffee through the window, then sit outside and wait.

According to George and Willy, this is related to psychological issues that have a kind of nostalgic value or impression for consumers when ordering coffee through the window.

5. All-white area

low cost coffee shop design for small space
low cost coffee shop design for small space

Although this all-white atmosphere depends on the type of chemistry you want for the interior or exterior of your small cafe, one thing you can try to do is make the space feel larger and less cramped.

This can be done by using shades of white, as it is known to make spaces appear larger, while black makes cafes and other interiors appear smaller.

6. Using mirror ornaments

low cost coffee shop design for small space

You can see this trick used in many small cafe interiors, small retail stores, or small spaces in general. Using a large mirror along one wall can give the illusion of making the space feel bigger. You should make this trick an option for the design of a small, low-cost coffee shop.

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7. Small details with big impact

low cost coffee shop design for small space

With a small cafe design, you will have fewer details to leave an impression on consumers. For example, you will only have a coffee menu and a food menu. So, you have to really make the taste of your serving coffee stand out, along with the appearance of your tiny cafe. 

This can be from access that only consists of one door, the name of the type of coffee, a homey atmosphere, or unique details on chairs, tables, menu boards, or as simple as a straw.

8. Second house

low cost coffee shop design for small space

Lastly, make the presence of the cafe and the dishes that you offer, make consumers feel comfortable, cool, and peaceful when they are in your cafe. Of course, this starts from the friendliness of the employees and cafe owners, but can’t be separated from the warm atmosphere of the cafe.

You can test this yourself when you are in a cafe. How do you feel when you sit and enjoy coffee there? Cold? rigid? or hot? It’s time to rearrange to make it cooler and warmer.

Those are 8 low-cost coffee shop design tips for a minimalist small space that are guaranteed to make your wares sell well. Good luck!


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