Tips for Building a Small and Comfortable Modern Mountain House to Live in

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Building a small modern mountain house that is comfortable to live in is not easy. Use these tips to build a dream home that matches your dreams.

small modern mountain house

Building a house in a mountainous area can indeed be an attraction in itself. In addition to the cool air, the natural scenery is also beautiful.

Building a small modern mountain house can be a stress reliever alternative to the daily routine in a big city.

Small modern mountain house designs tend to be more in demand by many people.

This design makes the house look simpler but still comes with an elegant and modern impression.

In fact, there are lots of villas or houses that have become tourist destinations, often applying this minimalist design.

Small Modern Mountain House Pictures

If you want to actually build a house in a mountainous area, then you should pay attention to the following important points.

This is because soil and weather conditions can be very unstable when compared to conditions in urban areas. Well, some things you need to pay attention to are as follows;

1. Selecting a Possible Location

Before you decide on a small modern mountain house design model that you want to build, it would be better if you first confirm the land you want to use.

Make sure the location where you build the house is safe for the family. In addition, make sure also the source of the water, the condition of the cliffs, the condition of the soil is prone to landslides or not, as well as the factor of sufficient sunlight or not.

2. Increase Open Space

The concept of a mountain house that carries a minimalist theme does look quite interesting, and it will be even more interesting if the scenery around the house can be maximized.

You can also add a window with a larger size, so you can still enjoy the natural scenery even though you are indoors.

3. Utilize Sunlight

A house with lots of ventilation to make it easier for light to enter the house so that the lighting factor in the house will be maximized. It would be better if you also add solar panels.

4. Build a Retaining Wall

Building a small modern mountain house in an area with a sloping land contour would certainly not be safe. And indeed the conditions in the mountains are mostly like that.

Therefore, you need to build a retaining wall to minimize the risk of landslides, especially during the rainy season.

5. Natural Garden Design

When building a house, we often have to build an additional garden to beautify the appearance of the house.

However, it seems this is not so necessary when you build a house in a mountainous area. Because the natural gardens in the area have been spread around the house.

The thing to note is to arrange it in such a way, to make it look more beautiful and attractive.

Caring for a natural green garden that has spread in the yard can also be a good choice.

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6. Adding a Larger Window

Mountain areas naturally present beautiful and beautiful natural scenery.

So, when you are building a small modern mountain house, don’t forget to add a larger window size.

This will make it easier for you to enjoy the natural beauty of the scenery outside the house without having to leave the house.

That way, it’s as if the house that you are building is integrated with the natural scenery, which can also make the atmosphere of the residents of the house more calm and comfortable.

So, how are you interested in building a small modern mountain house that you can use as an alternative home? If so, hopefully, some of the tips above can be an additional useful inspiration.


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