9 Rustic Farmhouse Style Home Decoration Tips

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rustic farmhouse style home decor

In the midst of a minimalist home design trend, the rustic decor style is still no less popular. The rustic-style decor focuses on a natural and natural impression inspired by the countryside.

The key to the rustic style is the decoration, which is completely natural and unfinished. The prima donnas in rustic decorations themselves are natural materials such as wood, natural stone, bricks, and others.

Although simple, rustic-style home decoration has its own aesthetic and unique impression.

Magic up rustic farmhouse style home decor with these tips!

You can also create rustic-style decorations in the interior of your home. So that you don’t get confused, Gmboel has tips for rustic-style home decorating below!

1. Alloy wood and natural stone

rustic farmhouse style home decor

The first rustic style home decor tips is of course the use of a combination of wood and natural stone. Wood and natural stone reinforce the ‘raw’ impression which is the core of the rustic theme appearance.

Warm and exotic nuances will be radiated by the presence of wood and natural stone designs. To add a modern impression, you can also combine it with neutral colors such as white and black.

2. Combination of bricks

rustic farmhouse style home decor

In addition to natural stone and wood, the use of bricks in the interior of the house is also very rustic! Apply a wall design that exposes the bricks to accentuate the unfinished impression.

You can combine red bricks with painted walls. Or apply the whole brick on one side of the wall.

3. Plant decoration

rustic farmhouse style home decor

Plant or floral decorations are also the key to sweeten the rustic-style decor. You can place indoor or artificial ornamental plants to add a fresh impression between unfinished designs.

In addition to ornamental plants, you can also combine floral-themed furniture or displays. The right arrangement will make your home look modern.

4. Use natural colors

rustic farmhouse style home decor

Rustic style home decor is certainly not far from a touch of natural color. Usually, rustic house designs are dominated by colors inspired by natural elements, such as brown from soil or wood, and gray from iron.

To make it look more varied and modern, you can also give a touch of other colors. For example, golden yellow, cream, white, black, terracotta, to green.

5. Organic displays

rustic farmhouse style home decor

The rustic style is very close to various elements of nature. To make the rustic style stand out even more, you can add organic ornaments or objects.

Not only does it look natural, the interior of your home will also reflect a unique ethnic impression. You can beautify your home interior with decorations such as wooden wall hangings.

6. Unfinished cement wall

rustic farmhouse style home decor

Who would have thought that a cement wall that had not been completely painted could have aesthetic value? Especially if it is in harmony with rustic-style decorations in the interior of the house.

You can apply this cement wall on one side of the house. Not only strengthening the rustic style, these tips also imply an industrial impression.

7. Unique model lamp

rustic farmhouse style home decor

Lighting is no less important in rustic style home decorating tips! Choose a wall lamp or hang it with a unique artistic model.

Lamp designs that tend to be minimalist are able to bring a rustic and modern impression to the interior of your home. You can also choose a rustic-style lamp design like the picture above!

8. All-wood furniture

rustic farmhouse style home decor

Using all-wood furniture is also the key in decorating a rustic-style home. Instead of using standard style furniture, choose wooden furniture.

The ancient impression emitted will make the feel of your home look aesthetic and vintage. For example, the wooden chairs and table above, very Instagramable.

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9. Soft touch of the fabric material

rustic farmhouse style home decor

The last rustic style home decor tip is to add a soft touch of fabric material. You can create a homey impression with fabric materials that make you comfortable.

Apply these tips to sofa cushion covers, carpets, to minimalist blankets that can be placed on the sofa. Not only does it give a warm impression, it also makes your home space more cozy!

Thus 9 rustic farmhouse style home decorations that you can apply. With rustic-style decorations, your home will look unique, aesthetic, and stay homey!


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