9 Pictures of Bathroom Color Design

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bathroom color design pictures

bathroom color design pictures – A touch of neutral color is very popular for use in the bathroom, for example, white. Bright colors are still often avoided because they are said to give the room a narrow impression. Not really though!

To make the room more colorful and look fresh every day, just apply these 10 colored decorations. Guaranteed not to make the bathroom cramped and too crowded.

bathroom color design pictures

Wall paint

bathroom color design pictures

Painting walls is the simplest and most affordable way to add a touch of color to a room. It is highly recommended to choose the color shades you want in advance. After that you can develop a suitable paint color scheme for the rest.

For example, your base color of choice is dark blue. Apply the color to the wall and then combine it with a bright color like white. Use white on bathroom furniture such as your sink, cupboard, and toilet. The color combination will make the bathroom look more dynamic.


bathroom color design pictures

If you feel the idea of ​​daubing light colors on the entire bathroom wall is too much, do this. Give an accent to one part of the bathroom wall to be a focal point. You can see an example of a decorative accent design in the image above. You can choose a wall that is directly facing the door or a part that you often see. You can also see our other articles : black headboard.

Colored Ceramics

bathroom color design pictures

Bathroom walls are often lined with floor tiles so they don’t get wet easily. Instead of using plain patterns and colors that tend to be sad, it’s better to use light colors like the example picture above.

This ceramic does not always have to be square. You can buy or shape ceramics with different looks. For example, curved or triangular, depending on the shape you want.

Attractive Bathtub

bathroom color design pictures

Currently, there are more and more bathtub and shower designs with bright shapes and colors. These objects are modern options that can give a colorful impact to the room.

There are quite a number of bathtub and shower materials that you can choose from. Porcelain, copper, and others. Whatever material you choose, make sure that the pattern is something you really like. This is done so that the bath can last a long time. You can also see our other articles : low budget modern 3 bedroom house design.

Bathroom Cabinet

bathroom color design pictures

When choosing a color for a bathroom cabinet (vanity), there are two options that can be used as options: color the top or the bottom. Consider choosing just one piece and leaving the rest of the surface neutral for a good color balance.

A colorful vanity base can be done with a variety of DIY projects. While for the top, the most suitable choice is to use marble granite.


bathroom color design pictures

This way of decorating also includes inexpensive and attractive options for coloring the bathroom. How? Try hanging towels with cheerful motifs and colors in the bathroom. You can replace it at any time and with other motifs when you are tired of the previous towel. You can also see our other articles : willow trees diseases.


bathroom color design pictures

Not only towels, carpets and mats or floor coatings are also very useful in giving a bright touch to the bathroom. Of course this can be useful to reduce slippery in the room. Choose a carpet color that matches the accent and feel of the bathroom for a compact look.

Bright Painting

bathroom color design pictures

Wall art is like a painting that is well placed in the bathroom, can provide interesting strokes of color. But before choosing a painting that you like, remember to choose a painting material that is suitable for a humid room. Choose a painting with water resistant material or add a frame as additional protection for the painting. You can also see our other articles : designs of small bathrooms.

Green Touch

bathroom color design pictures

If all the options above do not interest you, try choosing a touch and feel of nature into the bathroom. You can include fresh live green plants, artificial plastic plants, or other green decorations. The bathroom space will not only feel natural but will also be colorful and very pleasant.

Hopefully the decorating ideas above can inspire you to give a different feel to your home.


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