Blue Paint Colors for Living Room, Make it Fresh and Fun

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Here are some recommendations for a combination of blue paint colors for living rooms that can make the living room cooler and trendy. You have to try!

blue paint colors for living room

The color blue stands for calm and self-confidence. Many people like this color. So, don’t be surprised if many also choose blue paint colors for living rooms in their homes.

The color blue is also believed by some as a damper of emotions. So if you want to have a calmer home atmosphere, there’s nothing wrong with choosing blue as the main color.

The combination of blue with other colors will also give rise to several different impressions. Confused about which colors to match with blue?

Recommended Blend of Blue Paint Colors for Living Room

If you want to apply blue to your living room design, but are confused about choosing the right color combination, maybe we have the right solution for you. Here are some recommendations that are suitable for you to choose from.

1. Combination of Blue with Yellow

blue paint colors for living room

Want to have a living room with a more cheerful atmosphere? Maybe you can choose yellow as a combination with blue paint colors for the living room. This yellow color does not only have to be the color of the walls, but you can create furniture. and others.

2. Combination of Blue with Pink

blue paint colors for living room

Pink when combined with blue, will produce a color that brings a pleasant impression. The resulting color tends to be fresher and fresher. This color does not only apply to navy blue but also applies to other blue colors. Use this combination, then the living room will look more special.

3. Combination of Blue with Green

blue paint colors for living room

Blue and green are colors that are quite close together in the color chart. So that the combination of these two colors will produce a suitable and harmonious color. The gradation of these two colors makes the room look more cheerful and doesn’t seem boring.

4. Combination of Blue with White

blue paint colors for living room

Blue paint colors for living rooms combined with white are colors that we commonly encounter. This color combination is quite popular with people. The results are good, not complicated, and the room will also feel cleaner and more spacious.

If you don’t want to bother with color selection, then choosing this color is the right one. The combination is very fitting. Blue elements depict the beauty of the sky and seawater, while white gold depicts clouds moving quietly.

5. Combination of Blue with Red

blue paint colors for living room

Did blue combine with red? It may sound a little strange because these two colors are very contrasting. However, if you can combine it with the right composition, beautiful and charming results can be obtained.

The blue effect will give a calmer atmosphere, while the red effect will give a more upbeat atmosphere. This color combination will create a warmer atmosphere, so it is very suitable to be applied to the living room or family room.

6. Combination of Blue with Orange

blue paint colors for living room

You can create a bright and fresh atmosphere with a combination of blue and orange. This color combination will make the atmosphere of the room brighter and happier. In addition, the use of some orange furniture will give the impression of a wider room.

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7. Blue Gradation Combination

blue paint colors for living room

Confused about choosing a color combination? Just use a combination of blue gradations. With this combination of gradations, it will create a room that looks elegant and cool. The room looks prettier and doesn’t seem boring.

How? Have you found the right mix of blue paint colors for your living room? Choose a color that suits your taste, so that later the house can become a comfortable and pleasant residence.

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