9 Inspirations for a Country and Modern Home Room Design Ideas

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modern country room ideas

modern country room ideas – Inspiration in designing a room at home usually comes from anywhere. For those of you who like to experiment and be creative, you will definitely enjoy mixing various design concepts in a room. It is not like that?

This time gmboel.com will provide an inspiration for the design of a mix of western country concepts with touches of modern styles that are becoming a trend. Want to know what it’s like? Check out the full review below.

modern country room ideas

Contemporary Warm

modern country room ideas

The concept of country is always thick with warm and simple nuances, be it colors, materials, or decoration elements used. It really emanates from the family room which looks very casual like the one above.

The texture of the walls, tables, and other equipment is very calm and natural, a reflection of the country concept. Meanwhile, in this room, there are contemporary strokes of sharp lines and monochromatic colors. You can also see our other articles : beautiful house images.

Young soul

modern country room ideas

If you want a room at home to feel spirited or youthful, the country concept can serve it too! The trick, just mix it with modern decor elements. For example, like the picture of the viewing room above.


White color on the walls as well as other furniture such as sofas and lampshades. Give it a modern décor such as paintings and colorful holstered pillows. Also add a synthetic carpet decoration that looks like cowhide with an abstract pattern to add a modern country impression. You can also see our other articles : scandinavian modern house.


modern country room ideas

This family room is very thick with country nuances and accents. Not only that, the impression of modern and minimalist was felt at the same time in it. Bright and full of light, but the texture of raw wood with neutral colors and the presence of leather table tops, bring comfort and warmth to the people who are in it. You can also see our other articles : 3 bedroom house designs pictures.

Beautiful and Clean

modern country room ideas

At first glance, you will definitely see and know that this elongated design kitchen area is very country nuanced. But if you look deeper, you can see that the scratches are chic and clean. The modern impression is also inseparable from this kitchen. This can be seen from the glittering objects contained in it such as a dishwasher sink faucet. You can also see our other articles : wooden house interior.

Big size

modern country room ideas

Do you have a large kitchen and dining area? The room will be very suitable to be applied to the concept and country style which usually has an open floor or open design room.

With a large room, you can also place large items or furniture. It is very often used in country concept houses in their home country, the United States. The presence of large furniture immediately brings a masculine impression in this room. You can also see our other articles : chalet house style.


modern country room ideas

The glass cabinet is often used as a complement and decoration in a country concept kitchen. When the cabinet is paired with futuristic-style furniture and other kitchen equipment, you will get a very stunning result. You can also see our other articles : pillar design for house.

Unique & Creative

modern country room ideas

For those of you who want a house that looks modern and has a high artistic taste, using wood elements that are thick with country nuances in the bathroom could be the answer. Add a large wooden sink. It can make a modern rustic-style bathroom look warmer. You can also see our other articles : small house plans with loft master bedroom.


modern country room ideas

This bedroom is an example of a combination of country and modern Scandinavian concepts that are very harmonious. It seems that this room is surrounded by natural objects and colors. While on the one hand, there is also a simple form with modern accents in it. You can also see our other articles : philippines house design pictures.

Modern Feminine

modern country room ideas

This bedroom design is very attractive with a blend of modern feminine look combined with a little country accent. In addition, the presence of a small pillow with a yellow cover makes this bedroom look brighter and fun. You can also see our other articles : remove mold from basement walls.

Interesting to imitate right? Come on, see the no less interesting room design inspiration on the gmboel.com blog.


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