9 Childrens Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Children’s bedrooms are identical with colors that have a cheerful impression. Usually, parents will apply this color to the walls of their room. But of course there are other ways that are simpler, cheaper, and fun to do. Want to know?

You can use wallpapers for their toys! For more details, see reviews of children’s bedroom decorating ideas and children’s room wall design ideas with these simple items.

childrens bedroom decorating ideas

childrens bedroom decorating ideas

Color Book Collection

childrens bedroom decorating ideas

A child’s bedroom with plain white wall paint looks more alive with the presence of shelves filled with colorful books. The key to making books the focal point of the room is choosing an open shelf design.

In addition to making books look clear and well-organized, the shelf design also makes them easier to reach. When your child grows up, the shelf can switch functions to display other objects.


childrens bedroom decorating ideas

Use wallpaper decorations with diamond motifs like in the picture above to give color to your girl’s bedroom. Such neutral motifs can be used for a long time, even until the child grows up. See other articles: small house plans with pictures.

Scandinavian style

childrens bedroom decorating ideas

The triangular motifs attached to the walls give a child’s bedroom a simple yet sweet look. Even though it is dominated by a white, black color palette, and distinctive wooden shades with a Scandinavian style, this room still looks suitable for small children.

Next Children’s Bedroom Accessories

Next Children's Bedroom Accessories

This funky style bed frame shows a statement that the room is reserved for big children who are not too mature. Stickers, floral-themed pillows, and a touch of bright colors make this child’s bedroom look simple and sweet. See other articles: bedroom ideas for womens.

Perfect Pattern

childrens bedroom decorating ideas

The collection of children’s books on display as well as an interesting combination of patterns on the bed, gives a cool touch to the room. The impression shown slightly leads to a sophisticated but still young at heart.

Geometric Print

childrens bedroom decorating ideas

The mix of geometric lines prints, airplane pictures made of washi tape, plus a few knick-knacks makes this child’s bedroom a space to make big dreams come true. See other articles: paper wall decoration ideas.

All About Orange

childrens bedroom decorating ideas

The bright orange colored fox doll makes this room look very lovely. Wooden panels, teepee-style bookcases and a tent-style bed are very characteristic of a special room for children that smells of outdoors.

Simple Nautical

childrens bedroom decorating ideas

Blankets and pillows for sleeping can convey tropical colors that are very close to the impression of comfort. The colors and accents of all the equipment in this bedroom look like a nautical style but with a very simple touch. See other articles: nautical themed bedroom furniture.


childrens bedroom decorating ideas

A wall with a statement on the sun-shaped wall makes this child’s bedroom look very cheerful. No need for excessive effort to make the plain colored room look more stand-out.

So simple and also interesting? Let’s try to ask your children which decoration ideas they like from the choices above.


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