8 Minimalist Storage Furniture Ideas

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minimalist storage furniture ideas

Minimalist storage furniture – Minimalist and small houses certainly cannot provide a lot of land for you and your family. In order to live comfortably, you have to be smart in designing and arranging the dwelling. Shhh.. Gmboel has an interesting idea for you to do in your minimalist home. Want to know?

A small and narrow house is always synonymous with a messy impression. This is due to the lack of storage space so that many items are piled up or simply placed without a cover. Here we present some minimalist storage furniture design ideas that are right for your home. Let’s listen!

Minimalist Storage Furniture Ideas

Drawer Under Chair

minimalist storage furniture ideas

Instead of leaving the bottom of the dining chair empty, the area is better as a storage drawer. This drawer is very multifunctional and is very good as a place to store items such as cutlery or cooking utensils. In addition, the place is also easy to reach by you.

Sliding Workbench

minimalist storage furniture ideas

In a minimalist home with a small size, it is very difficult to create a special room for study or work. Instead of bothering yourself, it’s better if you imitate the sliding table design like the picture above. You can place it anywhere, including beside the dining table in the form of a bench.


By using this table, you also don’t have to get tired of carrying your laptop or books when working outside the room. Very interesting isn’t it? See other articles: how to decorate study table.

Minimalist Storage Bed

minimalist storage bed

What can you do in a 2×3 to 4×3 meter bedroom? This multifunctional headboard design is perfect for you to emulate. You will not be confused anymore to put various bedroom equipment, books, or your valuables

under the parquet

minimalist storage furniture ideas

Who would have thought that the parquet floor in your minimalist home could be used as a storage warehouse? Very interesting idea! If you want to imitate it, make sure that the floor of your house is clean, free of moisture, and free of small animals. This is done so that the items you place are not easily damaged. See other articles: kitchen equipment storage ideas.

Kitchen Bench

minimalist storage furniture ideas

It’s not just the bottom of the dining chair that you can conjure up as storage. It turns out that the backrest can too! Like the picture above, here is an example. For easy opening, apply sliding openings to the side or up.

Under the Bed

minimalist storage bed

Designing your bed in such a way and equipping it with springs, can create a large enough storage space, you know! Especially if your bed is king size. You can store household necessities such as tissues and suitcases in it. Not only that, you can also make the side of the bed into a versatile shelf. See other articles: 3 bedroom house plans.

Platform Floor

minimalist storage furniture ideas

The design of this one storage area is also efficient enough to make your small dwelling more spacious. You only need to create an additional floor in the form of a platform in the desired room. After that, make the side and top surfaces open like cabinets and drawers. Spacious and fit a lot of things right?

Short Stairs

minimalist storage furniture ideas

Using the empty area under the stairs as a storage area is something that many people have done these days. You can also practice it at home. You can imitate designs like the picture above or the form of sliding wardrobes if the size of the stairs is large enough.

Hopefully this minimalist storage furniture design idea for residence can inspire you all.


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