Modern Crochet Home Decor Ideas

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crochet home decor ideas

crochet home decor ideas – The rainy season and the cold air like now, definitely make you crave a warmer home atmosphere. No need to worry, because you can make it happen in an easy way, by adding fabric home decorations. One that you can make an option is decoration from knitting.

There are quite a few options! Want to know anything? Let’s see the modern crochet home decor ideas below.

Crochet Home Decor Ideas

Soft Small Carpet

crochet home decor ideas

The knitting process is quite complicated. But if you have mastered the technique, not only clothes that you can make, various home decorations can also be created easily. One of the warm knitted decorations that often appear at home is a small rug with a soft surface. It is suitable to be a floor mat so the feet become warm.

Wall Hanger

crochet home decor ideas

The uniqueness of decorating with this one material is that it can be shaped into anything and has many color choices. In addition, knitted decorations can be used for all ages.


For example, you can choose a wall hanging decoration in the form of a dreamcatcher, which is still a trend among young people. The color of the rope/thread to make this hanger can also be adjusted according to their wishes. See other articles: paper wall decoration ideas.

Knitted Wall Clock

crochet home decor ideas

You can reuse an outdated knitted tablecloth to create a new unique decoration. An example is the wall clock above. To make it, you can use other used items, such as embroiderers, patchwork, and clock mechanisms. Look how beautiful these creations are.

Chandelier Cover

crochet home decor ideas

The classic and warm impression radiates from the knitted lampshade decoration above. Usually, the rope/thread you choose has an ivory white color and not many colors. These colors can absorb light and warm light colors so that it looks more attractive. See other articles: unusual floor lamps.


crochet home decor ideas

Knitted foot pillows or foot supports will keep the bottom of the feet comfortable and of course also warm during the rainy season. To make it, you can use large knitting yarn that is shaped in such a way. Don’t forget to choose a yarn with very soft wool to get a foot pad like this.

Cute Elephant Pillow

crochet home decor ideas

Knitting material to cover the living room pillow aka cushion seems to have been done by many people. But if you make pillows with knitting techniques? I think it’s still rare, especially the funny ones like the one above.

Well, you can imitate this to decorate the playroom or bedroom of your young child. Try choosing / making pillows with animal shapes and also use knitted ropes with interesting colors. See other articles: red room decor ideas.

Warm Knitting Blanket

crochet home decor ideas

Hmm… being covered with thick cloth in the house when it’s raining sounds very comfortable, doesn’t it? You can also make a simple knitted blanket with an interesting motif and store it in the family room. While watching television or reading a book, the blanket must be very useful to warm the body.

Bed Accessories

crochet home decor ideas

The canopy bed that you have will look more attractive by adding simple accessories from knitted materials. It really looks sweet and also makes the bedroom atmosphere warmer. See other articles: living room decorating ideas with black leather furniture.

Chair Cover

crochet home decor ideas

A short chair that you make from used wood material can appear more colorful if it is covered with a knitted material. See the example image above. The combination of natural and sweet impressions gives the chair a very dynamic feel.

Bed Covers

crochet home decor ideas

You have pillows, blankets, your simple bed can also look more lively with a cover in the form of a knitted bed cover. Be careful when using it so that the bed cover is not tied and becomes loose and even torn.

How? Hopefully our review above is useful.


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