Tips for Traveling Easily and Concisely

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Not just for backpackers who carry their backpacks everywhere, packing for easy travel is highly recommended for all categories of travelers.

Not only meeting the maximum luggage quota for limited low-cost aircraft, compact luggage will save you from the possibility of “chaos” while traveling. Imagine having to catch a train schedule on time when stuck in traffic jams, a compact package will really help ease your footsteps.

Or when you have to share a place on a narrow bus with local people when going to remote areas, when traveling with children, light and compact is mandatory.

Some of the easy travel tips below, can help you:

1. Choose a travel bag made of lightweight

Travel bags made of synthetic fabric or ballistic nylon are usually lighter than those made of polycarbonate or hard cases. Choose a cabin or medium size and commit to yourself that all luggage will fit in the travel bag.

2. Roll not fold

By rolling your carry-on clothes, you save more space in your travel bag. Still try to keep the clothes you carry do not exceed one third of the contents of the suitcase.

Take advantage of the laundry facilities now available almost everywhere, both in hotels and local laundries. Bring clothes with materials that dry easily when washed and do not wrinkle easily. Clothes with dark colors will be easier to mix and match and are able to disguise stains.

3. Travel accessories

Take advantage of the pouch bag (small bag) to place items that are easily scattered. For example, small bags for electronic equipment such as cell phone chargers, cameras, and laptops. Also provide a small bag for toiletries and cosmetics.

Pouch bag will make your suitcase more neat and organized. Use a brightly colored passport holster, so it’s easily visible in your handbag to save time during immigration checks.

4. Sort

The last and hardest part of packing is sorting. This should be done when the list of luggage is still long, while the suitcase is full. The formula: prioritize function. Sarongs, for example, can function as a place to change clothes during an emergency, blankets, towels, and even skirts.

You can leave several items whose function can be replaced by one item. And when the sorting process has been done, but there are still items left, the last thing you can do is use a handbag or put it on.

For example, put sandals in a suitcase and put on your sports shoes. Remove the souvenir you would give someone on the trip from your suitcase and transfer it to your handbag.

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By getting used to being compact, you will save a lot of time when packing and make traveling easy. A lighter travel bag will also save your hands or back after a tiring journey.

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