7 Classic British-Style Sofa Designs That Are Very Characteristic

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classic sofa design for living room

classic sofa design for living room – Choosing a sofa for the house can not be done carelessly. In addition to determining the size, you also have to pay attention to the design, whether it fits the concept you want or not. The design of the sofa itself can give a certain character to the room of your house. Examples like these 7 designs.

classic sofa design for living room

English Roll Arm

classic sofa design for living room

This soft chair with a simple design like the one in the picture above is often the choice of many people. Often referred to as an English roll arm, this sofa can give the feel of a country English home.

Part of the design of this sofa is the very soft and large back cushion, as well as hidden hand pads. It is very fitting if you add it to a contemporary home. A warm and modern feel can be presented from the design of the sofa,

Camel Back

classic sofa design for living room

Furthermore, the design is referred to as camel back or camel back. So called because the back which has a shape sticking out in the middle as well as on both edges. This design dates back to the late 18th century and was designed by Thomas Chippendale.

In general, camel back sofas feature city-shaped or rolled hand cushions, soft seats, and are not equipped with back cushions. It is perfect for giving an informal yet inviting impression to the family room in your home. You can also see our other articles : bathroom decor pictures.


classic sofa design for living room

The tuxedo sofa was once the prima donna of home interior decoration in the 1920s. The hallmark of this seat is the armrest which is level with the backrest. It exudes a glamorous and elegant impression. For added comfort, some pillows can be added, especially on a sofa design with high armrests.


classic sofa design for living room

In the 17th century, soft-padded seats have not been found. People usually use wooden benches to sit in the same room. This sofa only appeared in the 1600s with a backrest design and adjustable armrests. The three bearings can be reconnected with a strap that completes them. You can also see our other articles : finnish interior design.

Mid-Century Modern

classic sofa design for living room

Mid-century furniture describes a significant design movement, especially from the 1930s to 1965. An example is a sofa with low line attributes and square legs. However, the variations of this sofa are very diverse.

You can recognize this sofa by its color and retro look. Strong geometric shapes are always visible in these seating designs. You can use this type to combine with a modern nuanced room.


classic sofa design for living room

Furniture that became a trend in the 18th century were those with cabriole-style legs, including sofas. This type of legs is also often associated with designs that are often used during the reign of Louis XV.

This design is very distinctive with various curved shapes such as the letter “S”, both at the top and bottom. In addition, exposed or carved wood frames are often used in cabriole designs. Meanwhile, it has a continuous frame line and does not have a back cushion. You can also see our other articles : living room colors for black leather furniture.


classic sofa design for living room

Still in the 18th century, the Chesterfield sofa was a specially ordered design so that the clothes of the male nobles who sat on it did not wrinkle. Since then, this seating design has become a symbol of nobility and modernity. Therefore, these designs often adorn the homes of the British rich from the past until today.

This sofa is often seen in expensive, classic-style houses. Genuine leather material is never used as a wrapper for this seat. The overall design that is presented is also very elegant.

How, interested in choosing one of these sofa designs? We hope this review can inspire you all.

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