10 Pictures of Interior House Design Japanese Style

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interior house design japanese style

Japanese style decor – Surely you are already familiar with Japanese-style house designs, right?

Japanese-style interior design is closely related to a peaceful and simple Zen feel. The Japanese house also depicts cleanliness and harmony with nature.

This is what makes Japanese-style interior design often in demand, both traditional and upgraded with modern versions.

Interior House Design Japanese Style Pictures

You can also apply Japanese home designs to your dream home. Interested? Read the following 10 Japanese-style interior design tips from Gmboel!

1. The veranda of the house is spacious

interior house design japanese style

The first Japanese-style interior design tip is the existence of a large veranda or terrace. This veranda, known as engawa, is usually a multipurpose area.

Not only to welcome guests, engawa is also a comfortable place to chat. Like the terrace of a local house, engawa is also a liaison between the inside and outside of the house.

2. Home transition area or genkan

interior house design japanese style

After engawa, we will enter the transition area in and out of the house or called genkan. Genkan is one of the iconic spaces in traditional Japanese home design.

This area is a place to take off footwear and exchange it for house slippers. The small genkan design is usually also equipped with getabako, which is a wooden shoe rack. See other articles: philippines house designs.

3. Typical wood elements

interior house design japanese style

As you know, the use of wood is identical in Japanese-style houses. The wood element is able to create a good harmony between your home and nature.

In addition to the interior, wood elements are also used in the exterior finishing of Japanese houses. Usually, the wood material used is pine wood. The reason is that it tends to be brighter and has fine fibers.

As an alternative, you can also use bamboo.

4. Sliding door or fusuma

interior house design japanese style

A Japanese-style house feels incomplete without a fusuma aka sliding door. Fusuma are usually made of wood, plywood, and special paper decorated with beautiful paintings.

There is also a fusuma made of a wooden frame and glass tube. The function of this fusuma is to warm the house and make it easier for sunlight to enter. See other articles: korean style room decoration ideas.

5. Open space for natural lighting

interior house design japanese style

The concept of an open room is also identical in Japanese home design to maximize lighting. You can choose a wide window to imitate this design.

It doesn’t matter if you want to add curtains for the night. However, so that the Japanese feel is more pronounced, choose neutral colored thin curtains or a simple bamboo screen.

6. Minimalist furniture

interior house design japanese style

The use of simple furniture is a hallmark of Japanese home design. Usually, traditional Japanese houses don’t have a lot of furniture and look good.

We can imitate it through the use of minimalist items. For example, choosing a small coffee table like the picture above.

You can also apply the concept of lesehan without a sofa in the living room. Don’t forget to choose neutral or woody colors so that the nuances are more pronounced. See other articles: simple house interior design.

7. Furniture is flexible and multifunctional

interior house design japanese style

In addition to the use of minimalist furniture, Japanese houses also carry the effectiveness of the use of the room. These tips are also very useful for small houses.

Use multifunctional furniture such as the use of stairs that also become a bookshelf. Your home will look more spacious and unique.

8. Choice of house paint color palette

interior house design japanese style

A typical Japanese house with its natural beauty. Use neutral, natural colors, such as woody browns or plant greens.

To make it look bright, the selection of pastel colors on the walls is a good choice. You can combine it with black to make it look more modern. See other articles: red room decor ideas.

9. Garden

interior house design japanese style

The principle of the Japanese house is to maintain the connection between humans and nature. You can also apply this concept to your home!

Make a small green garden in front of the terrace of the house. You can add a concrete walkway to the garden to cross.

Talking on the veranda while enjoying tea will be more fun while gazing at the beauty of the garden.

10. A typical Japanese partition or shoji

interior house design japanese style

Traditional Japanese houses are inseparable from their distinctive partitions called shoji. This shoji is different from fusuma! The main function of the shoji is to separate the inner room and the terrace.

Shoji is a panel consisting of a wooden frame and transparent paper. Typically, these doors reach six feet high and are divided into four frames.

Those are 10 Japanese-style home interior design tips that you can imitate. Hopefully these tips can inspire you, yes!


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