40+ House Front Design Pictures Ground Floor and How to Make It

house front design pictures ground floor

A sketch of a house is a difficult thing to make, especially for some ordinary people who do not have a background in architectural knowledge. However, how to make a simple house plan can be learned and practiced easily.

Everyone is different in achieving his desire to have a dream home. Hiring the services of a professional architect is the easiest way even though it will cost a lot of money.

Even if you don’t sketch your own house, it’s still important for you to know the basics of how to make a simple house plan. This is so that there is no miscommunication between you and the architect in terms of house planning.

The following is an example of a simple house sketch and how to make it for your reference to build a dream house. Happy listening!

Example of house front design pictures ground floor

We will discuss a minimalist house that is becoming a trend today as an example of a house sketch. Previously, you need to know, the concept of a minimalist house puts forward a simple, functional home design.

Minimal or little decoration is the hallmark of this house design. However, the minimalist home design is still beautiful because it looks simple and neat.

In the 3 bedroom minimalist house sketch image below, you can notice that the front of the house looks both in shape and in simple paint colors. Black and white, with glass windows all around the house to provide natural lighting and good air circulation.

house front design pictures ground floor

As you can see, this beautiful modern minimalist house comes from a simple house sketch. There is a minimalist house plan which is divided into two floors where the second floor is a private area containing three bedrooms.

With such a house plan, people who are not interested do not need to go up to the second floor and just be on the first floor which is a common room. There is a living room, kitchen, dining room, as well as a toilet that can be used by anyone who comes.

An example of the next ground floor house front design image can be seen in the photo of the house below. In terms of size, this minimalist house has a much larger size. But the minimalist concept is still neatly applied to this luxury house.

IMG 20210804 003341

The use of super large glass windows on the front view of this minimalist house makes the whole house get natural lighting. So that the use of electricity for lighting can be greatly minimized.

Judging from the floor plan of the house, this minimalist luxury house still uses the same formula. That is separating the private area on the 2nd floor from the public area on the 1st floor. The difference is, the concept of the master bedroom or master bedroom is applied.

The master bedroom in this minimalist house sketch is made magnificently with a large private bathroom. If your dream house requires a larger number of bedrooms, this 2-storey minimalist house plan can be made into 4 bedrooms by splitting the master bedroom.

Example of a simple house sketch

Now it’s time to discuss examples of simple house sketches. If the examples previously discussed were luxury homes, the next is a simple house that is suitable for those of you who are single or newly married.

IMG 20210804 003707

The front view of this simple minimalist house is filled with glass windows that make the house get natural lighting. The minimalist home design used is not complicated. You can see a sketch of this house in the photo of the house below.

IMG 20210804 003838

This simple minimalist house design belonging to Robinson Residential can be used as inspiration for you to build a dwelling. Its small and simple but beautiful shape is perfect for urban dwellings that have narrow land.

IMG 20210804 004029

As you can see in this minimalist house plan, the concept of open space is used to make a small room feel spacious. Open space means using as few partitions as possible between rooms.

The family room area which also doubles as the living room, kitchen, and dining room does not use a partition. While the rest is just a separate bedroom and bathroom as a private area.

IMG 20210804 004140

Need an even smaller example of a simple house sketch? You can see the following house plans. From the front view, the small and beautiful house is a minimalist 2-storey house. But if you look at the floor plan of the house, you can notice that the second floor of this tiny house is just a bedroom.

IMG 20210804 004258

By placing the bedroom on the 2nd floor, the 1st floor of a simple house can be maximized as a common area containing a living room, kitchen and dining room. The area under the stairs of a minimalist home can also be used as a planting rack or a place for certain activities.

How to Draw a House Sketch for Beginners

IMG 20210804 004633

After seeing some examples of house sketches, it’s time for us to discuss how to make house plans for those of you who are unfamiliar with the world of architecture. Read step by step, yes!

1. Determine how much space is needed

IMG 20210804 004745

The first thing to do to make a minimalist house plan is to determine how much room you need in the house. How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, and other rooms in total. Of course this varies according to the needs of each family.

The need for space for a family with 1 child is certainly different from the needs of a family with 3 children. The same goes for activities that will be done at home. For those of you who have a hobby of music, for example, you might want a special room at home for you to play music.

You can also take into account which rooms can be combined so that they can save land at home.

2. Research the needs and sizes of each room in the house

IMG 20210804 004852

How to make the next house plan is to study the rooms you want to make. Starting from the standard size of each room, to the various basic needs of the room such as whether the room needs openings or not.

How to make a house plan is important to ensure that every placement of space on the plan does not interfere and is in accordance with these standards.

3. Set the zoning or placement of each room

IMG 20210804 005040

Next, how to make a house plan is to arrange the zoning or placement of each room. For example, the bathroom should be close to the bedroom and the dining room should be close to the kitchen.

In this section, you will determine which private areas of the house and which public areas can be reached by outsiders. Of course you don’t want guests who come to have to pass through your private room to go to the bathroom.

In making this house plan, make sure each zone does not interfere with each other.

4. Combine each room into one basic house plan

IMG 20210804 005201

After you have determined the zones, the next step in how to make a house plan is to combine each room into one basic house plan. The components of the floor plan may just be simple lines to describe what the dream house plan will look like.

5. Look for the best alternative house sketches

IMG 20210804 005352

The next way to make a house plan is to look for the best alternative sketches from the basic house plans. The basic plan that you have previously made needs to be tampered with in order to present the possibility of other house plans.

How to make a house plan with these various alternatives will help you get the best house plan so that the steps in how to make this house plan should not be underestimated.

6. Give details on the sketch of the house

IMG 20210804 005511

After you find the best house sketch alternative, you just need to add details to the house plan in the form of notation, size, and other architectural details.

In addition to sizes such as room dimensions and floor heights, how to make a house plan for this one includes affixing notations that are in accordance with architectural language such as wall thickness, material symbols, symbols of door and window openings, and the like.

Well, from here we can know that a sketch of a house building can be made in such a way. In fact, the shape of the house is often surprising because it is unexpected from the front of the house. Check out an example of a front-facing house sketch below for inspiration!

house front design pictures ground floor

IMG 20210804 005645

Similar to the saying that says not to judge people by their outward appearance, a sketch of a house on the front is also often “deceptive”, you know!

These days, modern houses are often made with simple facades, but on the inside they turn out to be magnificent and luxurious. This proves that there are lots of front floor house front design ideas that you can apply to your dream home.

It’s not only limited to luxury houses and simple houses, look at some examples of this unique front view house sketch, yes!

IMG 20210804 005813

What is certainly not foreign is the sketch of this minimalist front-facing house. The front view of a minimalist house that we often encounter refers to the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian Swedish Design, as it is popularly called, has begun to develop in the world, including in Indonesia in recent years. The principle of life of the Scandinavian people itself is Lagom. Lagom is the art of living a balanced and contented life.

IMG 20210804 005936

So that the residential concept used is simple, minimalist, and multifunctional without compromising aesthetics. In fact, it is precisely the simple, uncomplicated impression that becomes the aesthetic element of the minimalist front-looking house sketch image.

IMG 20210804 010520

As you can see, the front view is very simple with basic geometric shapes. Unlike the sketch of the Victorian-style house below, which has intricate decorations and ornaments.

IMG 20210804 010624

Victorian architecture itself is an architectural style that emerged from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century. The Victorian Era is indeed famous for its magnificent architecture. So don’t be surprised if this style is more commonly found in hotel buildings now.

Although some of the buildings are indeed old buildings, some are also new buildings that were deliberately made with a sketch of the house that looks like a house in the Victorian era.

IMG 20210804 010725

Indeed, examples of Victorian house sketches are admired because they are considered to have uniqueness and high artistic value.

The Victorian style itself evolved from the Gothic style, so don’t be surprised if most Western horror films use a Victorian-style house as a backdrop.

IMG 20210804 010822

Still similar to the previous sketch of the front view of the house, this European-style house has indeed become an architectural mecca in many parts of the world, including in Indonesia itself.

The picture of a luxury house that some people believe is a house with large pillars, like this example of a sketch of a house in front of you.

IMG 20210804 010922

Large pillars are the hallmark of European-style houses. Usually, there are 2 pillars on the right and left of the entrance to the house. In addition, European-style houses usually have sloping and high roofs.

Medium windows in European style houses basically have a large size. The shape can resemble a rectangle with sharp corners or a rectangle with a curved part at the top.

IMG 20210804 011026

In contrast to the Victorian style, this example of a sketch of a house in front of a classic American style looks much simpler. A house that looks like this one must also be familiar in your mind.

The classic American-style house with a flag in the yard often appears in films to describe the atmosphere of a peaceful and nationalist environment.

This style house is usually made using wood. However, the front view of the house can be applied well by using other materials without compromising its beauty and aesthetic value.

IMG 20210804 011126

No less unique, Dutch-style houses can always be recognized easily. You can use a sketch of a Dutch-style house if you want to build a house with a predominantly white color and stone, brick, or wood materials.

IMG 20210804 011224

In Indonesia itself, it is not difficult to find the remaining colonial-style houses. In fact, some have received special attention from the government to maintain the uniqueness of the building.

IMG 20210804 011329

The Japanese minimalist home style is also a model house style in the world. Because Japan is one of the countries with the highest number of earthquakes, the architecture of the house chosen is also stronger against shocks.

The front view of a Japanese minimalist house is very simple. One of them you can see in the photo above. The roof is only straight and the house looks like a stacked beam.

IMG 20210804 011433

The Japanese minimalist style is starting to be widely used in houses in Indonesia, in contrast to the style of houses in Indonesia which generally have a triangular roof. Japanese minimalist house is also a solution to the problem of limited land.

Well, after discussing some examples of house sketches from various parts of the world, what about Indonesian architecture?

No less interesting, you can apply a sketch of the front view of the house in an ethnic or traditional style like the example below.

IMG 20210804 011541

Who doesn’t know home Joglo from Central Java? The architecture of this traditional house has been worldwide because of its uniqueness. The very unique shape of the roof of the Joglo House makes it widely applied to modern houses as in the example of this front view of the house.

IMG 20210804 011658

The roof of the Joglo house that resembles a mountain does have a grand impression. However, it is still beautiful to be applied to the concept of a minimalist home. This Javanese ethnic-style house sketch image will look unique when applied to a modern minimalist house.

IMG 20210804 011800

Not only Javanese architecture, which is no less worldwide is the architecture of Balinese houses. In addition to modern homes, this style is applied to buildings such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, spa salons, yoga facilities, and others.

IMG 20210804 011911

The most widely used concepts of Balinese architecture are Balinese carvings, statues in the yard, and a small pavilion where you can relax. These things will make a sketch of the front of the house very interesting to build.

That’s a review of house sketches and how to make them that can help you build your dream home. A variety of facades can be used and the interior of the house can be designed as needed.

Congratulations on building your dream house!