2 × 3 Bedroom Design Ideas

Can be applied in boarding rooms too!

Often, we cannot choose the ideal size of residence when looking for housing.

When location and price are the main considerations, we often have to force ourselves to live in a house or apartment with a 2×3 bedroom.

I don’t think it’s really good, it’s narrow.

Eits, hold on. Who said a narrow bedroom is always uncomfortable? If you can arrange the furniture in your room well, your room is guaranteed to still feel comfortable and pleasant to live in.

How do you do it?

Secrets of a Comfortable 2×3 Bedroom Design

2×3 bedroom design ideas

When you have a 2×3 bedroom design, you must be confused about what kind of room to decorate so that it doesn’t look cramped and still feels comfortable to live in.

Actually, the key to decorating a room with a 2×3 size bedroom design is to use a lot of multifunctional furniture and by arranging sufficient lighting.

If you still don’t have an idea how a 2×3 bedroom design can look comfortable, take a look at the design inspiration below.

1. Don’t use multiple colors

2×3 bedroom design ideas

So that your room doesn’t seem crowded and cramped, avoid using lots of colors or furniture that has contrasting colors. This will make the room seem full and uncomfortable.

Choose furniture with muted colors and make sure the color gradations between the furniture don’t have colors that are too different.

2. Proper bed placement

2×3 bedroom design ideas

Place the bed in the corner of the room, against the wall. When you have a 2×3 bedroom design, you have to make sure the bed doesn’t interfere with your movement in the room.

The bed should have the largest size of all the furniture. That is, do not install furniture that is larger than your bed. See other articles: paper wall decorations.

3. Add a mirror

2×3 bedroom design ideas

The addition of a full body size mirror will reflect the shadow from your room and give the illusion of a wider room.

In addition, you can also make sure your appearance is always perfect before going to the office or going to college.

4. Take advantage of the gap

2×3 bedroom design ideas

Is there any remaining space between the bed and under the bed? Don’t leave it unfilled. Use a special container for storage under the bed.

In addition to reducing furniture, a bed with a container under it has its own aesthetic value. See other articles: 3 bedroom house designs pictures.

5. Use a sticky table

2×3 bedroom design ideas

Ordinary tables seem large and take up space, but not with sticky tables. The patch table does not have four legs to support it, so it leaves a lot of room under the table which gives the impression of a spacious room.

6. Utilize the space above the room

2×3 bedroom design ideas

Remember, the key to having a comfortable 2×3 bedroom design is the use of space and multifunctional furniture.

Therefore, use a hanging cupboard on the upper bedroom wall, and store your knick-knacks there so that the room looks neat. Or, you can also use an outboard shelf to put room decorations there. See other articles: best bedroom colors for couples.

7. Choose a sofa bed instead of a bed

2×3 bedroom design ideas

Well, if you really want to have a room that gives you freedom of movement, maybe you should forget about sleeping with a sofa bed.

The sofa bed can be folded up when you’re not using it for sleeping, so you’ll get plenty of extra room to move around in the room. Plus, you don’t stagnate in bed when it’s morning.

So those are 7 suggestions for having a 2×3 bedroom design that is comfortable and still feels spacious. If your room is cramped, you really have to follow this advice so you can rest comfortably in the room.