10 Tiny Homes Design Of Various Models

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Tiny homes design

Tiny homes design – The trend of tiny houses is increasingly popular in the midst of limited land, especially if the tiny homes is well designed so that it can reduce costs, maintenance, and increase the comfort aspect. Let’s take a peek at various tiny homes design in this article.

Friends of Lians, if you plan to build a house with not too large land, then you can take advantage of the land by building a tiny house or micro house.

There are lots of designs and models of tiny homes that are very comfortable to live in, both modern and unique designs.

Although the house is tiny, but with a charming design, the tiny house looks more memorable.

One of the house concepts that are starting to be widely applied is the compact house.

Not a few houses with this design are found in the middle of the city with narrow land.

However, if you are smart in designing it, the dream house will be really special, you know.

Come on, take a look at 10 tiny homes design that can be used as your preferences in building your dream home.

10 Tiny Homes Design

1. Contemporary Tiny House Design

Tiny homes design

The design of this first tiny homes is synonymous with contemporary building styles.

The large glass doors and windows on each wall create a special impression, even though the house looks tiny.

This tiny house makes more use of the limited land by building vertically.

2. American Style Tiny Homes Design

Tiny homes design

Want to have a home in American style?

You can make this tiny house design a preference in building a dream home.

Even though it looks tiny, it still looks special if applied with the right concept and design.

A house with this design can be applied even though the land area is only 100 square meters.

3. Tiny Homes Design in Rustic-Modern Style

Tiny homes design

Narrow land is not a problem as long as it can be built vertically.

After all, the trend of vertical housing has recently continued to be loved in the midst of this narrow area.

The design of this tiny house, for example, is made in a two-story rectangular style so that it looks taller.

The combination of rustic and modern style in this house makes it look very special.

4. Cottage-style Tiny Homes Design

Tiny homes design

You have land in the countryside and are planning to build a house, but are confused about the style?

Don’t be confused, you can make a cottage-style house design like this.

This tiny 300 square foot house located in Chappaqua, New York, United States is very fitting if built on the outskirts of the city.

The wooden interior dominates the appearance of this house so that it seems more natural.

In addition, you can also apply a rustic style in it.

5. Tiny Minimalist Homes with Compact Style

Tiny homes design

Friends of Lians, the current trend of minimalist homes is increasingly popular.

This is because the style is very simple without complicated architecture.

For example, a compact house with a square-shaped building above.

The facade is only applied to several large windows to maximize lighting.

The design of this tiny house is more interesting because of the combination of two colors between white and gray so that it does not interfere with vision.

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6. Tiny Homes Modern-Classic Blend

Tiny homes design

Having limited land should really highlight the concept of a house vertically.

Like this house with a modern-classical blend.

The house has 3 floors so it can accommodate a lot of room in it even though the base land is not too wide.

Utilizing the vertical concept, the facade of this one house looks quite unique.

Part of the exterior is black exposed brick combined with white plus square-shaped glass doors and windows.

7. Tiny Tudor Homes

Tiny homes design

This Tudor architectural style house has an area of ​​300 square feet.

It looks unique, because the design of the house is like a fairy tale house.

Some of the walls are natural stone so that it gives a natural impression.

Building a house with this design is more suitable to be applied in a suburb with cool and beautiful air.

8. Tiny Semi-Tudor Homes

Tiny homes design

If earlier was a fully tudor style house, then this tiny house is a semi-tudor style house.

This 300-square-foot home built in Detroit, Michigan, is very interesting and unique.

9. Tiny Dome Style Homes

Tiny homes design

Dare to come up with a design that is different from the others?

You can build tiny dome-shaped houses called Binishells.

With concrete material, this tiny house is resistant to extreme conditions such as earthquakes, strong winds, and storms, you know.

10. Simple Tiny Homes with Technology

Tiny homes design

This last tiny house has a simple look.

This house was designed and built for the subtropical climate by The Tiny House Company in Brisbane, Australia.

The deck shown in the foreground is modular and was designed with the demolition method in less than 2 hours.

Even so, this house puts forward technology because certain parts of the house use a remote control. It’s really unique, yes.

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Hopefully the article 10 tiny homes design is useful. If you have difficulty designing a design, you can use the services of an architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to find the right design for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!


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