10 Best Wall Paint Colors for a Small Bedrooms

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best wall paint color for small bedroom

best wall paint color for small bedroom – Decorating a small room is difficult and easy. If you just decorate it, your room might look even more ‘stuffy’ and make you uncomfortable.

This must often be felt by those of you who live in boarding houses with small rooms. But, don’t worry! We can also ‘trick’ the visual room to make it look more spacious.

Best Wall Paint Color for Small Bedroom Pictures

There are several ways to give a wide effect in a small room, one of which is the selection of wall paint colors. A certain number of paint colors can create a spacious and comfortable impression in a small room!

Let’s not get confused, let’s find inspiration from the 5 choices of paint colors for the walls of the small room below!

1. The paint color for the walls of the washroom is slick white

best wall paint color for small bedroom

It is undeniable, white is one of the neutral colors that is really good for small rooms. Not only beautiful to look at, white is able to give a wider effect in a space.

The color of the paint on the walls of this room will reflect light, which is why the small room will be brighter and seem airy. White wall paint is also easy to combine with other colors or wall decorations so you don’t get bored.

2. The color of the washroom wall paint is bright yellow

best wall paint color for small bedroom

The color yellow is really good at giving the impression of being fresh, bright and cheerful. Just like white, yellow wall paint can reflect sunlight so that it gives a wide effect in small rooms.

Choose a light yellow or pale yellow wall paint. You can also combine it with white to add dimension to a small room. See other articles: girls bedrooms designs.

3. The paint color of the walls of the washroom is gray

best wall paint color for small bedroom

Gray paint is the right choice for small rooms if you don’t really like bright colors. In addition to giving a broad affect, gray wall paint can also create a cozy, relaxing, and modern impression.

To make the small room look slicker, choose decorations or furniture with matching colors or a monochrome theme.

4. Pastel bathroom wall paint colors

best wall paint color for small bedroom

Pastel wall paint is always successful in giving a spacious effect to a small room. Pastel colors are a mixture of primary or secondary colors with white.

Pastel colored wall paint can create a soft, cheerful, and relaxing impression. Not only can the room look spacious, pastel colors are also very comfortable to look at! See other articles: blue two colour combination for bedroom walls.

5. The color of the washroom wall paint is burgundy

best wall paint color for small bedroom

Well, this paint color does look more ‘extreme’ than before. But, who would have thought that burgundy wall paint can give the impression of a wider and elegant room at the same time.

So that it is not too dark, paint the ceiling of the room with a bright color. This can also give the effect of a high ceiling so that your room will appear wider.

You can also combine burgundy with other, more muted colors, such as white or pastels.

Other Decorating Tips to Make Rooms Look Spacious

Have you chosen the right wall paint color for your room? Now, it’s time for us to apply some decorating tricks to give your room a wider effect!

Let’s take an example of the following small room decorating tricks!

6. Mirror in the corner of the room

best wall paint color for small bedroom

Not only does it help you in your appearance, mirrors can also make your room look more spacious. Place a mirror in the corner of the room so that its reflection will create a spacious effect in the small room. Make sure to use a big glass!

7. Carpet that covers the entire surface of the floor

best wall paint color for small bedroom

The next trick in decorating a small room is choosing a carpet that can reach the entire open floor. In addition to being more cozy, this trick also gives a wide effect in a small room.

Carpets that are too small will sometimes make the room appear narrower. In addition, choose a neutral carpet color and a minimalist motif! See other articles: modern bedroom carpet ideas.

8. Smart select furniture

best wall paint color for small bedroom

Of course, we can’t just choose furniture for small rooms. Choose furniture that is multifunctional, such as a bed with storage drawers, detachable shelves, etc.

You can also really choose floating shelves like the picture above so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your room.

9. Make use of light

best wall paint color for small bedroom

Sunlight is an important element in creating a spacious effect in a small room. Take advantage of the sunlight during the day so that the room looks more spacious and bright.

If your room does not have a window, you can use decorative lights to give a bright effect. Not only does it look spacious, your room is also more aesthetic! See other articles: back porch images.

10. Furniture is close to the wall

best wall paint color for small bedroom

When decorating a small room, arrange the furniture close to the wall. This way, your room will look spacious with a free area in the middle. It also makes it easier for you to work.

That’s the best wall color article for a small bedroom, hopefully it’s useful.

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