Window Decoration Ideas for Bedrooms & Bathroom

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window decoration ideas for bedroom

Room window decoration ideas must meet several conditions. So, what kind of window model is suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, and children’s rooms?

There are many window models that you can choose to install when building a house. However, not all are suitable to be installed in the room. Room windows have their own criteria. Such as privacy and size adapted to the room.

The window is an important part of the room. Good air and light circulation is determined by the choice of the right window model. In addition, the model of the bathroom window and the children’s room also needs to be adjusted to the needs and the appropriate home design.

window decoration ideas for bedroom & bathroom pictures

So, what kind of windows are right for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, and children’s rooms? The following points will be discussed in this article:

1. Application of Room Window Functionally and Aesthetically

window decoration ideas for bedroom

The window must meet several conditions. Bedroom windows should be able to be opened and closed to control air circulation and save electricity usage from air conditioners or fans. The bathroom window functions more to enter light and sometimes for air circulation.

One thing that is important to consider when choosing and installing bathroom windows is privacy. So, make sure the bathroom window is opaque, small, and located high. How about a child’s room window? Similar to a bedroom window, but with the added security function.

Due to the above reasons, a picture window or a large glass window that cannot be opened and closed is not suitable to be placed in the room. After all, glass like this can’t be used to get out in an emergency situation. Picture windows are more suitable for use in the living room or family room.

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2. The Selection of Room Window The More Beautify Your Home

window decoration ideas for bedroom

Choosing the right bedroom window can beautify your home. The window is often the main focus of a room. To beautify the window, there are several things you can do by adding additional decorative features or ornaments. As reported by Real Homes, you can add ornaments such as venetian lights, shutters, or curtains with various designs.

In addition to beautifying the windows, the privacy level of the rooms is increasing. In setting it up, you must adjust the choice of models that do not conflict with the design of the house. Do not choose a model or ornament that is too flashy. Comfort and privacy are the main goals of proper window installation. Comfortable room occupancy will improve the quality of life for homeowners.

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3. 10 Window Decoration Ideas for Bedroom

window decoration ideas for bedroom

Window models that can be applied in the bedroom are very diverse. Are you looking for a suitable bedroom window model? Here are 10 bedroom window models that can be your reference.

1) Casement Window

window decoration ideas for bedroom

Casement windows are the most popular window models used in all parts of the house, including rooms. This type of window can open upwards or sideways. There are single pane casement windows as well as double pane casement windows.

Traditional style houses usually have double-pane casement windows with shutters made entirely of wood. The window of this model can be opened as wide as possible. Meanwhile, modern houses use casement windows with aluminum or wood frames. Usually the opening is limited by hinges.

Casement windows make it easy for you to control air circulation. The glass casement windows also provide an unobstructed view.

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2) Single Hung Room Window

window decoration ideas for bedroom

Single hung window consists of two parts, namely the top and bottom. Only the lower window can be shifted up to open and down to close, while the upper part cannot be moved. So, when the window is opened, the lower window will cover the upper window.

However, there is also a single hung window whose bottom is opened by not sliding it, but pushing it downwards.

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3) Tipping Room Window

window decoration ideas for bedroom

The awning window opens upward like a casement window. However, casement windows are vertical (height) while tipping windows are horizontal (wide). If I open it, the tipping window becomes like an awning that protects it from rain. So, you can inhale the smell of rain from your room without being afraid that rainwater will enter.

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4) Sliding Room Window

window decoration ideas for bedroom

If a single hung window consists of a top and a bottom and is shifted vertically, the sliding window has a right and a left side and is shifted horizontally. This window allows for good air circulation because it can be opened wide. However, make sure your bedroom walls are wide enough to fit two window panes. See other articles: pillar designs.

5) Minimalist Room Window

window decoration ideas for bedroom

In a minimalist room, the window shape is generally simple by using materials that seem light. The window area can usually also be used as a work area. To make the window attractive, place small plants around it to add a green feel. See other articles: village house design.

6) Room Window with Wood Accent

window decoration ideas for bedroom

Wood frame windows are very diverse, generally wood accents are associated with classic or conventional styles. The wooden accent window in the picture above is a wood accent window with the influence of modern Japanese style. Simple wood accents make the look warm. See other articles: boarding house design.

7) Room Window with Casement Window Sills

window decoration ideas for bedroom

The casement window frame can be combined and matched with a bedroom that seems cozy and soft. Generally, this model window will look more relaxed if it is white. See other articles: 2 storey house design.

8) Classic Style Room Window

window decoration ideas for bedroom

Classic style rooms usually have windows with wooden models with many partitions on the shutters. This window model will look more attractive when combined with red brick walls or other classic style walls. See other articles: low budget modern 3 bedroom house design.

9) Room Window with Venetian Blind Light

window decoration ideas for bedroom

For those of you who like a room with sunlight and views outside the room, venetian blinds are a must for windows. Even if it’s not very visible, you’ll still get enough privacy without sacrificing the light coming in from outside. See other articles: small coffee shop design.

10) Room Window for Deep Sleeper

window decoration ideas for bedroom

For deep sleepers or people who need adequate and uninterrupted sleep, windows with tight shutters are an important part of the room. Good sleep quality can be achieved with room conditions that when sleeping can block light from outside. See other articles: bedroom geometric wall paint.

4. 4 Window Decoration Ideas for Bathroom

window decoration ideas for bathroom

If the bathroom in your home overlooks a green garden or outdoor area and feels beautiful, the use of windows is an interesting consideration. The following is an example of the application of a window model in the bathroom that can be a reference.

1) Glass Block

window decoration ideas for bathroom

Glass blocks are used as accents and make the room brighter because of the light from outside. Glass blocks are usually opaque or patterned, thus providing privacy. These “windows” are suitable to be placed in bathrooms, basements, and other private rooms.

2) Hopper Window

window decoration ideas for bathroom

Similar to a tipping window in that it is wide, but the hopper window opens downwards instead of upwards like a tipping window. This model room window is space efficient making it suitable for narrow spaces such as bathrooms or basements. In addition, the hopper window can also close tightly to the frame allowing for air isolation. See other articles: bedroom chandelier ideas.

3) Skylight windows

window decoration ideas for bathroom

Skylight windows are glass that is installed on the roof so that it can add natural light into the house. Usually the skylight window is installed in the living room, but you can also use it in the bathroom. So, you don’t need to turn on the light again when using the bathroom during the day. Skylight windows also make the bathroom less cramped and feel closer to nature. See other articles: indoor ornamental plants.

4) Round Window

window decoration ideas for bathroom

For those of you who apply a classic or unique theme to your home, you can install a small round window on the upper bathroom wall. In addition to letting sunlight in, the round window is also a historical decoration in the Victorian era. The shape can be round, semicircle, or oval.

5. 4 Models of Children’s Room Window

window decoration ideas for children's room

Children’s bedroom windows need extra attention. Here are 4 models that can be applied to windows:

1) Double Hung window

window decoration ideas for children's room

If on a single hung window only the bottom window can be moved, on a double hung window, the top and bottom windows work the same. Both can be shifted and met in the middle or opened downwards like in a hopper window.

Double hung windows are one of the most commonly used window types in the United States. This bedroom window is suitable for a child’s room because it cannot be opened too wide, so it is safe. When opened, cool air will enter, while when closed, the insulation will make the room warm.

2) Bay Window

window decoration ideas for children's room

A distinctive feature of the bay window is that it protrudes from the outer wall. This model window is usually used in the living room or family room because it requires a large space. The wall must contain at least three sets of windows.

However, you can apply the bay window in a room or child’s room that has a wide outer wall and faces a beautiful view. The space inside the arch can be used as a window seat for reading, relaxing, putting children’s toys or plants, or even as a pet bed.

3) Storm window

window decoration ideas for children's room

A storm window is an exterior window that is installed just outside an existing window frame. Because the windows are double, storm windows are more effective against bad weather outside and keep the room temperature warm. This window model is popular in coastal areas that are often exposed to strong winds. It can also be installed in a child’s room to increase its safety.

4) Architectural Window

window decoration ideas for children's room

The window should be opened and closed to regulate air circulation. Well, this architectural window cannot be moved, but can be combined with windows that can be opened and closed. For example, a semicircular window is placed above a casement window. The function of architectural windows is to add light into the room and give it a unique look with its shape.

Windows can serve to improve the quality of the room. The room as a place to rest requires a good window so that the quality of life of the residents of the house can be maintained. For those of you who are building or renovating a house, don’t forget to choose the right window model. Hope this article can help you.


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