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Mini House Design Images

Today, with the help of modern building materials, as well as simple architectural techniques, you can build a small house that will be no less comfortable and convenient than an ordinary medium-sized cottage. In this article we will talk about what small private houses are like, how you can decorate their interior, according to what projects they are being built.

Mini House Design Images

Mini house for year-round use Source

Mini house design projects

Designing mini house design is a special area of ​​low-rise architecture. In order for all the necessary planning elements to fit in a small house, it is necessary to very competently distribute its internal space, to use every square meter with maximum benefit. It should be borne in mind that the house must have an attractive interior.

Mini House Design Images

Interior of a modern mini house design Source

In small houses, the premises are designed to be multifunctional. There are no corridors. This provides for the use of built-in wardrobes and minimalistic furniture. Often in such houses, console beds are equipped. No free corners or niches are left – pantries and storage racks are planned under the stairs, along the low slopes of the attic, as well as under the attic ridge.

Mini House Design Images

Storing things under the attic staircase Source

There are many ready-made projects of mini house design that are being developed by construction and architectural companies. They are quite diverse, and from them you can choose the most suitable option for construction. But if you wish, you can order the development of an individual project. It will cost more, but it will take into account all the wishes of the customer.

Mini House Design Images

mini house design on a relief plot Source

Who builds mini house design

Small cottages are becoming the ideal private home option in many cases. Here are just a few of them:

  • if you need an inexpensive country house;
  • if you need to build a house for year-round living with a minimum budget;
  • if a phased expansion of the living space is planned;
  • if it is necessary to build housing that will be extremely economical in construction;
  • if it is possible to build a separate guest house;
  • if there is a place on the site to build a house for rent.
Mini House Design Images

Small Guest House Source

In all these cases, mini house design are built, and it is very important that these are well-designed buildings. Planning errors here can lead to a significant decrease in the functionality of the building.

Most often, mini house design are erected as country houses, for the elderly or for young families without children. They are also relevant for construction within the city, where large plots for spacious cottages are too expensive.

Mini House Design Images

Compact country house Source

Small houses have their own advantages. They usually have a very convenient location of the premises. In order to move from one zone to another, you need to take only a few steps, while in other cottages for this you need to cross wide corridors and halls. In addition, the compact house does not require complex maintenance. It can be organized quickly and easily.

Mini house design for permanent residence

A compact house intended for permanent residence can be built from any materials. It can be brick, aerated concrete, porous blocks, etc. But usually such architectural structures are erected from light, economical wall materials – logs, beams, vulture panels.

Mini House Design Images

Mini house from vulture panels Source

Lightweight materials are not only economical in themselves, they, due to their low weight, allow you to build houses on inexpensive strip foundations. This is convenient in all respects, since strip foundations do not require the involvement of complex construction equipment during construction, and are erected quite quickly. In addition, a small country house built of light materials, if necessary, can be disassembled and erected elsewhere.

A house for permanent residence should have everything you need – a comfortable kitchen with space for a work area with a full set of household appliances, a dining area, a living room and cozy bedrooms. To save space, the open plan method is used. It involves the unification of all premises for a daytime stay into a single living space. Usually the living room, dining room and kitchen are combined. Often a hallway falls into this group, but when building in regions with a cold climate, it is better to make the hallway isolated.

Mini House Design Images

Guest area in the mini house Source

A mini house design for year-round use should be well insulated. It should have a modern heating system. But if the rooms are designed very small, you can get by with simple heating appliances.

Space saving secrets

The main rule of living in a small house is to always maintain order in the rooms. The less things and objects are in prominent places, the more spacious the room seems. Therefore, in such houses, built-in furniture is provided, where all unnecessary things can be removed.

Mini House Design Images

Built-in wardrobe in a small house Source

When decorating the interior, you should adhere to the principle of rational minimalism. The rooms should have only the most necessary furniture. Moreover, you need to select furniture in one light, very limited color scheme. It’s better to just choose one color for all interior items and for wall decoration.

Mini House Design Images

Mini house in light colors Source

The ideal option is transforming furniture that can be folded or stowed away in a special niche for a while until it is needed. The use of such furniture should be planned at the design stage. In general, when developing projects for mini house design, the interior should be thought out immediately. The architect must know how the furniture will be arranged, and in accordance with this, calculate the layout of all premises.

If there is very little space on the site, you need to build a two-story mini house design. But in this case, the design must be even more careful. Part of the space will be occupied by an interfloor staircase, and this must be taken into account. Correctly designed two-story mini cottages are more functional, they have more space for accommodating living quarters. In addition, they look more solid on the site.

Mini House Design Images

Two-storey mini house Source

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Interior of premises in a mini house

It is not easy to furnish the premises in a mini house design with everything you need. You need to carefully select the furniture, discarding unnecessary items. But at the same time, a comfortable and cozy interior should be obtained, which is difficult to create without additional decorative elements.

Bedroom interior

The most important item in the bedroom is the bed. It should be comfortable and large enough. Saving space in the bedroom due to the size of the bed is not worth it. There should be a minimum of other furniture in this room. If there is very little space, hanging cabinets can be used instead of a chest of drawers and bedside tables.

Mini House Design Images

Bedroom with hanging wardrobes Source

It is advisable to allocate a place in the bedroom for a closet in which personal belongings and linen will be stored. But items such as chairs and a dressing table will have to be discarded.

Mini House Design Images

Small bedroom with a picture above the bed Source

Kitchen interior

To get a fully functional kitchen in a mini house design, you need to order a kitchen set, which will be made to order, taking into account all sizes, including the size of the built-in appliances that will be installed.

Mini House Design Images

Comfortable kitchen in a small house Source

In small houses, kitchens are usually designed as part of the guest space. To preserve its space, it is advisable to arrange the kitchen and guest area in a single color palette and in the same style.

Mini House Design Images

Kitchen-dining room in the living room Source

Dining room interior

The dining room in the mini house design is planned as part of the kitchen. In houses with a large area, the kitchen is often decorated with a bar counter, and next to it there is a dining table with chairs. In a small house, this option is not always acceptable. Here it is better to just put a small table directly in the kitchen area.

Mini House Design Images

Dining area in the kitchen area Source

If the home is so compact that there is no room for a separate dining table, you can combine the guest and dining area. To do this, it is advisable to have a folding dining table where you can eat while sitting on the living room sofa. In many cases, the interior of a mini house presupposes the presence of a space that serves as a dining room and a living room at the same time.

Living room interior

The living room is the main room in the house, which is given maximum attention when decorating the interior. When it is designed against a background of light shades, you can apply some contrasting color accents.

Mini House Design Images

Living room design in a small house Source

It is very important that the living room has large windows, as well-lit rooms seem to be more spacious. Do not cover them up. For protection from direct sunlight, it is better to install light-colored roller blinds or blinds.

The centerpiece of the living room is the sofa. The ideal option would be a folding sofa, which, if necessary, will function as a berth for guests.

Mini House Design Images

Large pull-out sofa in the living room Source

If you have sufficiently high ceilings, you can make a second level in the living room – a console. This architectural element is most often used to accommodate a bed. But depending on the specifics of the project, the console can be equipped as an office, workshop or just a cozy place to relax.

Nursery interior

To furnish a small children’s room, it is best to purchase a set of modular furniture with a second tier. If the child’s bed is on the second tier, you can put a desk under it or arrange a place for games.

Mini House Design Images

Interior of a small children’s room Source

Project options

Mini house projects are very diverse in architecture, layout and design. Let’s consider some of them.

Mini house project with a terrace

The most compact cottages are one-room apartments. So, a small house, the project of which is presented below, has in the plan one living room, a kitchen, an entrance hall and a bathroom. It is favorably distinguished from an ordinary small apartment by the size of the kitchen-dining room, wide glazing and the presence of a comfortable spacious terrace.

The layout of this house is quite rational. The terrace serves as a porch. If desired, it can be glazed and equipped with a heated veranda. The kitchen here is a walk-through, but the passage from the hallway to the bedroom takes up a minimum of space. A niche in the bedroom can become a modest home office or dressing room.

Mini House Design Images

Country house project Source

In the next mini house, the layout includes all the elements of an ordinary cottage. There is a kitchen with a dining room, a living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms separated from each other as much as possible. There are even two terraces. But all of this is designed to be minimal. In addition, all rooms are well thought out. Thanks to this, the building turned out to be completely miniature.

It should be noted that this project does not provide for an entrance hall. Entrance from both terraces leads directly to the guest room. This means that such a house is ideal for a summer vacation. If used for year-round use, the rooms will be too cold, and this will lead to too high heating costs.

Mini House Design Images

Project of a mini house from a container Source

For the construction of compact houses, metal containers are often used. A separate direction in the construction of mini houses is the construction of residential buildings from sea containers. They are insulated, connected to communication systems, revetted from the outside and from the inside (sometimes only from the inside). The result is quite stylish and comfortable buildings.

The project presented below is the development of a miniature house. It can serve as a dacha with two living rooms or a mini-hotel for two rooms with shared amenities. Such a building can also be equipped for the permanent residence of a small family. In this case, one of the bedrooms is equipped as a nursery.

Mini House Design Images

House project from 3 containers Source

A mini house can be built from several containers by combining them into a single building. For example, in this project, three containers were connected. The result is a dwelling with a living room, a kitchen-dining room, a small bedroom and an office. The cabinet can be turned into a nursery.

This version of the container house is more spacious and comfortable. It is quite comparable to an ordinary two-room apartment. The layout is quite rational. There is no separate hallway. But the walls of the containers are airtight, and if such a house is properly insulated, it can be easily heated in winter.

Mini House Design Images

Small square house project Source

If you build a small house with two floors, there will be much more space in it. The next project is the development of a compact, square-shaped dwelling with a small bay window. The second floor is complete, not attic, so its area is not reduced by the low slopes of the attic. It is traditionally reserved for the sleeping area.

The advantages of this house are the presence of a buffer zone in the form of a closing vestibule, two large bathrooms, a glazed bay window to accommodate the dining room, access to the backyard through the living room. The right and left facades of the first floor are designed without windows, which means that a garage or carport can be attached to the house from either side.

Mini House Design Images

Small attic house project Source

A miniature loft that looks like a classic country cottage, only small in size is a great option for economical construction. Such a house will perfectly fit into the suburban architecture and the natural landscape.

On the ground floor there is a guest area and one bedroom. Another bedroom occupies the entire attic floor. A mini house, the project of which includes an attic, with a competent interior design, will be a very comfortable home, especially if sloped windows are installed in the attic roof.

Mini House Design Images

House project with a high attic Source

The next version of the project is another attic house. But in this case, the attic is designed high so that the area of ​​the upper rooms is not lost. The small kitchen is planned to be separate. The living room is combined with the dining room. On the second floor, in addition to two bedrooms, there is a fairly spacious hall. The designers suggest using it as a billiard room. But instead, you can equip a second living room, a home theater, a place for children to study, or something else depending on the needs of the family.

Mini House Design Images

Small house for year-round living Source

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Hopefully the article Mini House Design Images – Interior & Projects is useful. If you have difficulty designing a design, you can use the services of an architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to find the right design for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!


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