Don’t Kill the Turtle! Just use the replica to decorate for house

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turtle decorations for home

turtle decorations for home – The population of turtles in the world is decreasing every year. This is very concerning, considering that the turtles are often hunted and then preserved as decorative purposes only. Don’t let us all join in on killing this cute animal just because we want to equip the house with a turtle-shaped display.

Still want to have turtle-shaped decorations at home? Can you do it! The trick, just use an imitation or room sweetener with a picture of a turtle that you can buy in the market. Here are some decoration ideas in the form of pictures of these adorable ancient animals.

turtle decorations for home

Wooden Pallets

turtle decorations for home

The turtle’s persistence to survive since it comes out of its egg shell often inspires many people. That is why, turtle decorations are in demand by many homeowners who are not only used as a reminder of this spirit, but also as a room sweetener.

Decorations that you can add to your home are images of turtles printed on reclaimed wood like the example above. You can also make these eco-friendly displays yourself with an easy-to-work decoupage technique. You can also see our other articles : remove mold from basement walls.

Coffee Table

turtle decorations for home

A coffee table equipped with a turtle replica as a support will make your living room or family room look different. The clear colored glass was purposely installed so that the turtle decorations combined with the marine elements below could be seen. The wood material used as the bottom base adds to the natural impression of this unique table. Very interesting to have. You can also see our other articles : pics of luxury homes.

Family Room Sweetener

turtle decorations for home

Even though they breathe with lungs, turtles are marine animals. That’s why elements of images or turtle motifs often appear in nautical concepts. For example, the picture of the family room above is dominated by marine elements. The image of the turtle comes in the form of a cushion cover with a very attractive color choice.

Wall displays in the form of turtle shells are often used for this concept. Watch out! Don’t buy the original shell! If so, that means you have contributed to reducing their population. You can also see our other articles : glass houses designs.

Swimming Turtle

turtle decorations for home

The walls with a calming light blue color match perfectly with the display of a group of turtles. If you have several, stick the decorations in the style of a group of turtles swimming together. It will definitely be a different attraction in your room.

You can certainly find these turtle-shaped wall decorations in shops or craft centers in marine tourism areas. Usually many craftsmen make miniatures or displays in the form of these ancient animals from shiny shells. You can also see our other articles : purple kitchen design.

Porcelain Shell

turtle decorations for home

Decorating the shell of a turtle or its sister animal, the turtle, is one of the things that many people are interested in. It’s better to use an artificial shell instead of using the original, for example, a porcelain shell. It still looks elegant, right, even if you wear an imitation? You can also see our other articles : simple houses.

Footsteps in the Garden

turtle decorations for home

This stone step with a picture of a turtle is guaranteed to give a different feel to your front yard and backyard. In addition, this footing can also last a long time because it is made of a mixture of cement and green stained glass material, the typical color of the turtles. You can also see our other articles : backsplash for white kitchen cabinets.

Bathroom Accents

turtle decorations for home

Beautifying the bathroom in your home by using mosaic decorations is a very attractive option. Choose the concept of an ocean feel for the bathroom, then complete it with motifs of marine animals in it, including turtles. Cool!

If you want to look simpler, just use a turtle-shaped wall sticker and paste it on the wall you want. Choose a wall sticker color that matches the color of the bathroom wall paint so that it looks right and attractive to the eye. You can also see our other articles : simple modern houses.

Remember, never use real turtle animal decorations! We must protect all animals, including those whose populations are already threatened like this animal.

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