10 Beautiful House Designs At Low Costs From Various Parts Of The World.

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beautiful home designs with low cost

House design with low cost – You certainly want to have a place to live with a beautiful and pleasant design as a place to rest and settle. However, it is always imagined that building a beautiful dream house requires a large amount of money. It turns out that perception like that is no longer valid. You can have a beautiful home design at a low cost.

With the development and advancement of technology, it is very possible to build a dream residence at a low cost. Today’s modern home designs take advantage of sustainable and cost-efficient building architecture. Throw away the thought of a beautiful dream house that can only be owned with big financial sacrifices.

In this article, Lians will review 10 beautiful house designs at low costs from around the world that can be your inspiration to build a house!

Beautiful Home Designs With Low Cost

Beautiful House Design “Koda House” – Kodasema.

beautiful home designs with low cost

The micro-sized house with an area of ​​25 m² created by the Estonian designer association, Kodasema, is the answer to the economic crisis that hit the UK. The micro house called Koda House took less than a day to build.

With a simple and effective design for housing, this beautiful home design can be the best option for those of you who have a limited budget. Koda House consists of a bedroom with a capacity of 2 people with an area of ​​5.2 m², consists of a bathroom with an area of ​​3.1 m² and a living room with an area of ​​16 m² with a ceiling height of 3.5 m².

This beautiful house at a low cost has a kitchen connected to the living room. Koda House is equipped with solar panels mounted on the roof for electricity needs and this house applies smart home technology, where there are alarm features, adjustable LED lighting, and air temperature control.

With architectural technology developed by Kodasema, this beautiful house architecture made of concrete was built without a foundation. Even more unique, Koda House can be relocated to another place by using a large vehicle.

Beautiful House Design “Casa Prefabricada” – Casas Cube

beautiful home designs with low cost

Modular homes can be an alternative to beautiful home designs at low costs. For example, Spanish architectural firm Casas Cube designed a 75 m² modular house that looks elegant from the outside and inside. This house has 2 or 3 bedroom options. The materials used to build houses with this design are cheap and easy to find, such as stone, iron, and wood.

In terms of lighting, this beautiful house made by Spanish architect Casa Prefabricada has wide windows so that it gets enough sunlight during the day. This beautiful house is equipped with a minimalist interior like modern homes in general and the application of wooden floors that beautify this simple dwelling. Reporting from the official Casas Cube website, the price of the Casa Prefabricada type house is around US $ 8,000 excluding tax.

Beautiful House Design “Villa One” – EFFECT

beautiful home designs with low cost

Villa One, a minimalist home design made by design studio EFFECT, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. This minimalist house is intended for families with 1-2 children. Villa One has an area of ​​136 m² with a shape like a windmill, consisting of a family room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. This minimalist beautiful house does not have a corridor, maximizing the available space so that it can reduce development costs.

This minimalist house is also designed to reduce noise from the highway and has a terrace design that is wide enough to relax or just breathe fresh air. With wide windows and doors made of glass, the intensity of the incoming sunlight is well fulfilled.

Beautiful House Design “Lote 390” – Erb Santiago

beautiful home designs with low cost

Argentinean architectural firm, Erb Santiago, built a house with a beautiful yet simple concept that was very efficient in terms of construction time and cost. This beautiful, low-cost house has two floors, built using wood framing on a concrete slab foundation that extends to the walls of the house and garage. Garage with a canopy made of wood frame can be parked two cars.

The first floor consists of a family room, kitchen, garage, dining room, and two bathrooms. There are 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on the second floor. The beautiful minimalist house Lote 390 is also equipped with a backyard for relaxing with a wooden canopy roof, just like a garage.

The minimalist and modern interior concept makes this beautiful house design more comfortable to live in. Floors and furniture made of wood reinforce the elegant impression of this minimalist home.

Beautiful House Design “Mami House” – NOREQ

beautiful home designs with low cost

Mami House, a cube-shaped house design by Portuguese architect, José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira, is a beautiful home design that is intended for new couples with a very limited budget. This house with an area of ​​160 m² with two floors made of concrete material has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen and living room.

To reduce costs, this beautiful house utilizes resource efficiency instead of using various materials for finishing. Minimalist interior with wood material makes this residence more comfortable.

Interior design planning also ensures good air circulation and is important in a healthy home. The interior walls are not painted with some parts covered with wood material to soften the atmosphere and the floor is not covered with wood or ceramic material, only concrete. The outer walls are also painted in one color.

Designer Jose Carlos added a glass frame to enhance the luxurious feel of the house, including a large mirror on the top floor and a glass door that connects the family room to the garden in the backyard. This beautiful house at a low cost also has a basement as a storage space for goods.

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Beautiful House Design “MIMA House” – MIMA Architects

beautiful home designs with low cost

MIMA House is a modular house created by the Portuguese architect firm MIMA Architects. Carrying the tagline “High End Made Simple”, you can own this beautiful house with a rectangular shape of 36 m² by paying the price of a family car.

The interior of MIMA House is lined with wooden floors and interior wall panels made of wood material, which can be removed and installed according to the space needs of the homeowner. Home wall panels can also be used as window coverings if you need privacy or avoid the sun. This beautiful house is surrounded by glass which reinforces the impression of luxury and ensures the intensity of light that enters as well as good air circulation.

Beautiful House Design “Low Cost House” – JYA Architects

beautiful home designs with low cost

A beautiful house at a low cost made by an architect firm from South Korea, JYA Architects. This house was built with cheap materials including used containers and bubble wrap which is used as a roof for lighting during the day. The interior applies wooden floors to maintain room temperature.

The rooms are made with used container materials that are modified to have glass doors. The walls of the building use recycled plastic materials. The top of the container used for children’s rooms, can be used as a playroom for children.

Beautiful House Design “Happy Cheap House” – Tommy Carlsson

beautiful home designs with low cost

Happy Cheap House, from the name already indicates this house is not only cheap but also fun. Swedish architect Tommy Carlsson designed this beautiful house. Happy Cheap House is a prototype house with low cost and space efficient.

The 110 m² building has two floors, consisting of 2 bedrooms and a lounge on the top floor. The interior of the house is made of plywood which is dominated by geometric shapes, highlighting its uniqueness and high artistic value.

The walls and foundation are made of concrete with a touch of pale white paint. On the first floor there is a connected kitchen and living room. This beautiful house is equipped with a beautiful small house garden in the backyard.

Beautiful House Design “Casa Caja” – S-AR

beautiful home designs with low cost

The house made of adobe concrete is the work of architectural firm S-AR. Having a building area of ​​110 m², to reduce costs, the interior floor of the room is not covered with wood or ceramic materials, only concrete and concrete brick walls are left with a natural gray color.

Casa Caja consists of two floors. The first floor includes a kitchen and living room equipped with large glass for lighting and views as well as a bedroom. Upstairs there are two bedrooms and a family room.

Beautiful Home Design “Urban Housing” – General Design

beautiful home designs with low cost

Japanese design studio, General Design, built a simple beautiful house for a family with 2 children. The outside of the house looks like a warehouse with a monotonous square shape and the walls are not smoothed with paint, but the inside of the house is very comfortable to live in.

This beautiful house consists of two floors with wooden floors and interior walls in plaster and paint. There are no windows for the front of the house, but there is an atrium and an open courtyard in the interior of the house.

Natural light comes from the wide windows that serve as the roof. Downstairs is the kitchen and family room. Upstairs there is a living room and three bedrooms.

With a limited budget, it turns out that you can have a dream home that is comfortable and pleasant to live in. The 10 beautiful house designs at low costs from various parts of the world above can be used as references to build your dream home at low cost.

Beautiful Home Designs With Low Cost

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