9 Small House Plans With Garage | Perfect For New Families!

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small house plans with garage

Small House Plans With Garage – In big cities and other urban areas, at this time a small house plans with garage is trending and popular because of its many advantages. Like what?

Almost every year, the trend of dream homes is always changing.

This year itself, what is popular is the small house plans with garage.

This trend emerged mainly from millennials who tend to prefer houses that are too large but functional.

The small home concept was chosen in line with the millennial lifestyle, which is more practical and more active outside the home.

Meanwhile, the existence of a garage is a vital feature because most people today have private vehicles.

Well, if you are looking for inspiration for a small house plans with garage, here are some examples that can be imitated.

Small House Plans With Garage

1. Modern Type 36 House

small house plans with garage

The first 2021 small house recommendation is a type 36 homes.

As is known, the type of house 36 is very popular and has a lot of mold in urban areas because in terms of price it is quite affordable.

A house without a fence, a garage enough for two cars, and a small front yard that is quite attractive.

2. House with a Mini Attic

small house plans with garage

Perhaps, not many type 36 houses are free to build their houses into terraces.

As a solution, you might be able to build a mini attic above a third of the house and can be used as an additional room.

As shown in the picture, at the bottom there is enough garage space to accommodate two small cars.

3. Small House Layered with Natural Stone

small house plans with garage

There are many ways to make your home look eccentric and different.

One of them is decorating the front of the house with a unique touch of natural stone.

The use of natural stone like this can actually strengthen the impression of a modern house with an eco-friendly nuance.

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4. Simple House with Outside Carport

small house plans with garage

For those of you who prefer to live in a small house but still with a garage, then the design above can be one of the inspirations.

The existence of a carport remains the main feature that makes the house feel more complete.

This carport model allows you to freely adjust it, either with an additional canopy or not.

5. Rice Field House Design with Canopy Garage

small house plans with garage

Having a residence right on the edge of a rice field or near a village is a blessing in itself.

You can imitate the design of this one house as one of the interesting inspirations.

The addition of a garage with a canopy in front of the house makes you no longer need to park your vehicle on the side of the road, right?

6. Small House 2021 in Monochrome Color

small house plans with garage

If you’re bored with standard house paint colors, there’s no harm in trying other, more exploratory colors, really !

For example, a monochrome house paint color with a dominance of black and gray like this.

In addition to changing the basic appearance of the house, the use of monochrome colors is also not easy to get dirty and not a hassle.

7. 2-storey Modern Small House

small house plans with garage

Although not the main one, the size of the residential area is an important factor that has many advantages.

Generally, houses that are not too big apply white to add a spacious impression to the dwelling.

However, for a house that is physically extensive, this is an optional choice.

Don’t forget the large glass windows as natural light ventilation!

8. Small House with Tropical Luxury 2 Floors

small house plans with garage

Tropical nuanced houses come with the main elements that greatly optimize nature.

The main example is the feature of optimal air ventilation and natural light ventilation.

The large windows and glass in the design of this house are proof of that!

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9. Small House 2021 Country Type

small house plans with garage

In Indonesia, maybe not many people choose a small house 2021 of the country type.

In fact, this type of house is very suitable in Indonesia.

A comfortable, warm atmosphere, as well as optimal residential functions are the main characteristics of a country type house .

Suitable for in the city or in the village!

Hopefully the article 9 small house plans with garage is useful. If you have difficulty designing a design, you can use the services of an architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can look for references to find the right design for your dream building. Congratulations on designing your dream home!


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